Serious injuries in shooting at Barcelona tourist hotspot La Rambla

The shooting took place outside the Hotel Silken Ramblas on Pintor Fortuny street at around 3PM on Tuesday afternoon.

At least one person has sustained serious injuries from gunfire, and at least one other has been less seriously injured, according to local newspaper La Vanguardia.

Police are currently hunting for the culprit, believed to be a single man – however, some eywitness accounts suggest there was another man involved in the crime.

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According to La Vanguardia, the suggestion that the incident was a terror attack has been completely ruled out by police.

Since the incident, traffic in the street has been re-opened.

Barcelona is the 10th most-visited city in the world by tourists, many of whom visit the famous area where the shooting took place.

In 2012, almost 600,000 Britons visited the city as tourists, and the number has grown since.

No Britons are known to have been involved in the shooting.


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