Whatever on Vacation Until March 1 – Whatever

Whatever On Vacation Until March 1 – Whatever

Because I m gettin on a big ol boat down the Caribbean, that s why, and I plan not to visit the Internet at all while I m down there. Because that s the point of a vacation, is it not? To get away from it all?

Please note that while I m away all comment threads will be turned off (in fact, as soon as I m done writing this, I m turning all of them off except for this one, which will turn off on Saturday morning). They ll come back up when I get back. For those entirely desperate to eke every last possible bit of Scalzi out of the Internet, I ll likely be on Twitter until the ship cruises out of cell range. After that, you re on your own.

Now, now, don t panic. You ll all gotten along without me before. It ll be fine. For all of us.

Really. Have a great rest of your February. See you on the other side.

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