15 most annoying habits shown by cyclists

Readers nominated the most annoying habits show by their fellow riders

15 Most Annoying Habits Shown By Cyclists

Cycling with others can be great fun, the shared experience of riding along some fresh tarmac, enjoying the fresh air and stimulating conversation. It can also be quite irritating. Some riders have annoying habits that can build in their irritation during a long stint in the saddle. We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers to nominate the most annoying habit shown by a fellow cyclist and were inundated with replies, proving that there s quite a lot out there to annoy you.

Do any of your cycling friends have an annoying habit when they are riding not listed here? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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The Snot Rocket

The most repulsive thing ever, and some cycling publications even publish instructions on how to do it properly! What is wrong with people that they think it s a skill worth practising? Disgusting, revolting and stomach-churning.
Declan McGlone

2. Moaning

Not getting out on their bike for months at a time then whinging the whole way up a climb, puking at the top and then smoking. If he wasn t my brother, I d drop him.
David Burns

3. Pothole pointer

I cycle alone. No thanks to riding in groups, waiting around for others because they are running bad tyres, getting flats. I also cycle where I want to, for how long I want, at my pace, stop where I want, listen to music, without having to make bloody hand signs at every pothole or drain.
Marc Carter

15 Most Annoying Habits Shown By Cyclists

Mind the, er, dangerous leaves there

4. Not pointing out potholes

Riders in front not calling out the pot holes and riders behind bombing past you without warning on a flat when your are supposed to be going at a steady group pace.
Simon Brooke



The one who is always trying to tell you how to do everything. You should change down now , Are you on the small cog for this hill? , Pace it slowly , etc. Then he goes on to tell you about how good a climber he is and when he went to XX Mountain they did blah blah, then you drop him on the next climb.
Jacqui Stone

6. No turn at the front

We have an annoying mate who never takes a turn on the front. Sits on the wheel all day in nasty headwinds for 60-70 mile rides. Then when you re knackered, he says what s up with you, you ain t going very well today .
Mark Towers

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7. Cheery fit person

This guy cycles up along side you in what is clearly a tough group spin and greets you with a casual evening or nice day for a spin to show you how fresh he feels, when it s obvious I m hardly fit to talk as my tongue is hanging out of my arse!
Peter Hughes

8. The lazy sprinter

We have a club member that sits in all ride because they are working to a training zone, or are on a recovery ride. But will somehow always manage to win the sprint at the end of the ride.
Jake Snell

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Confession addict

The Catholic rider: they have to confess their last ride. Man, I m sooo tired today, I did an 80 miler yesterday solo or I haven t been on my bike in a month .
Jim McKee

10. Drink nicker

One of my training mates never brings any drink. I may have subbed him a bottle dozens of times and I ve still to get a single bottle back.
Mark Griffin

11. KOM hero

People going hard for Strava sections in a social group ride.
Charlie Mac

15 Most Annoying Habits Shown By Cyclists

All day at the back, then sprint as hard as you can in the final 10 metres

12. Put the phone away

Selfies when cycling.
Stephen Louch

13. Route bore

Going over and over and over the route and which way to go and every conceivable variation all through the ride.
Douglas Jaram

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14. Wheelsucking

Those that get dropped on every hill only to come flying past on the downhill and expecting you to brake as they cut the corner. The worst is when they ve wheelsucked the whole way and then come flying past 20 metres before the end of the ride looking smug having finished first .
Duane Bridger


And we re not really sure what this is

If bored, I grab handfuls of long grass and stuff them in riding partners jerseys.

I do other stuff, but this involves my finger and probably won t get published.
Graham Crow


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