Tourist bus carrying 75 passengers including schoolchildren is blasted by gunfire in south-eastern France

  • The bus carrying Czech tourists was travelling through France from Spain
  • It came under fire from a gun as it drove down the A7 motorway in Valence
  • Six people on the bus was injured including a woman whose eyes were seriously damaged




A tourist bus carrying 75 tourists including young children has come under gunfire while travelling through south eastern France. Six people were injured when the passengers, who all came from the Czech Republic, were making their way home from Spain last night. Alex Perrin, the prosecutor of Valence said the bus was travelling along the A7 motorway when it was blasted by gunfire.

A tourist bus carrying passengers from the Czech Republic came under fire as it made its way along the A7 motorway in France, pictured

He also decribed the incident as an isolated act. Mr Perrin explained: ‘An initial shot smashed the front windscreen and a second exploded the rear window of the vehicle a few seconds later.’

Six passengers were hurt by broken glass, including a woman whose eye was seriously damaged, and a child. Mr Perrin said initial investigations had revealed the shooter used a hunting rifle.

One of the bullets was found inside the bus. He added: ‘We don’t have any reason to believe this bus was targeted instead of any other. The motorway in the south eastern town of Valence.

Six passengers were hurt by broken glass, including a woman whose eye was seriously damaged, and a child

‘Five people suffered light injuries, while the sixth was more serious.’

All the passengers who were not hospitalised have returned to their home country. Local newspaper Dauphin Libere reported that police officers had been stationed on bridges over the road, in case the attacker strikes agai. Polie say they have not made any arrests in the case so far.

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