TripAdvisor reviews impact Blackpool hotel despite being meant for B&B with same name

TripAdvisor Reviews Impact Blackpool Hotel Despite Being Meant For B&B With Same Name

Adrian Smirthwaite believes people are wrongly posting reviews about his hotel on TripAdvisor which are meant for another hotel in the town

A hotel owner has claimed his business has been tarnished after guests posted poor reviews on TripAdvisor about another hotel with the same name. Adrian Smirthwaite had built up a five out of five star rating on the Discount Holidays © holiday review website but said a mix-up with a different hotel nearby ended up driving customers away. Mr Smirthwaite, who owns the Albany Hotel in Blackpool, Lancashire, thinks reviewers are mixing up with his establishment and a different Albany Hotel in the resort.

He said: ‘People are getting mixed up and they are putting their bad reviews of the other Albany hotel onto my site. It happened last year and is happening again this year.

‘But when I have raised it with Trip Advisor it can take them five weeks to take the reviews down.

‘It affects my business because if people see a bad review they won’t book and every booking can be worth 200 or 300.

‘We are thinking of changing the name of the hotel but that would cost about 5,000 changing all the signs and our literature.’

Dr Adnan Fultan, whose family owns the other Albany Hotel, insists guests at his hotel are happy and is surprised anyone would confuse the two establishments. He said: ‘The hotels are in quite different locations and have different websites.

‘Trip Advisor is an unregulated site and anyone can write on it. People who have had a positive experience tend not to comment.

‘The people who put reviews on our site reflect the minority. I would say they are less than 0.1 per cent of the people we have accommodated.

‘We have a number of hotels in Blackpool, and take 5,000 to 10,000 reservations a year, so we are bringing a lot of footfall to Blackpool.’

TripAdvisor Reviews Impact Blackpool Hotel Despite Being Meant For B&B With Same Name

Mr Smirthwaite says the reviews related to another Albany Hotel in Blackpool (pictured)

TripAdvisor has agreed to remove seven disputed reviews from Mr Smirthwaite’s Albany Hotel page on its site. A spokeswoman for Trip Advisor said: ‘While such an occurrence is rare, if an owner believes a review posted on their property was intended for a different establishment they can report it to us and our content team will investigate.

‘As part of that investigation, we will contact the reviewer in question and ask them to confirm that their review was submitted to the correct property.

‘If no confirmation is received from the reviewer, we take action to remove the review. This process has led to the removal of a number of reviews from the property page of The Albany.’

Mr Smirthwaite’s Albany Hotel now has a five out of five rating, with 267 out of the 294 reviewers rating it as ‘excellent’.

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