Work harder, live longer and stress less: Revealing the 12 reasons why your brain NEEDS a holiday

  • Research claims that 80% of workers feel stressed on the job and that a Discount Holidays © holiday can be a quick, effective solution
  • The study analysed why your brain, body and mental state will thank you for a little time off and reward you later
  • Taking a break improves productivity, brain function and sleep as well as a lowering the risk of heart problems




Most of us crave a holiday, but did you know your brain does too? A new infographic proves that taking a break from the office can fundamentally improve your life and work. Yet, up to 57 per cent of us have unused vacation days left over at the end of the year. From improving heart health to daily creativity, new research shows that both the mind and the body need to clock-off every now and again.

Take a break: A new infographic shows that putting on your out of office can fundamentally improve your life and work. Yet, up to 57 per cent of us have unused vacation days left over at the end of the year

The study by Expedia found that 92 per cent of people find themselves working 40 hours a week, 40 per cent feel they can’t take time off. Considering that brain power and skills are significantly increased by a Discount Holidays © holiday these figures are more shocking. Harvard Medical School has shown that when your mind is completely relaxed then new skills are learnt and memorised quicker.

It’s been found that when the brain takes a breather it can perform better at solving problems and connecting and consolidating ideas. Ironically, taking a vacation will increase your productivity. Studies from Harvard Medical School and the University of California have proven that your brain is at its prime after you’ve had a break

But, it’s more than just your mental health that will benefit from a break, the study found. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute claim that workers’ risk of disease drops in correlation to their annual vacations.

Worryingly, working longer hours puts a strain on your heart that can increase the risk of coronary disease by 40 per cent and a heart attack by 30 per cent. Though the obvious health fears are enough to make anyone start searching for last minute getaways, the benefits have prolonged performance effects that are worth noting too. Your heart’s health is dependent on your stress levels and skipping holidays can have a dire effect such as increasing the chance of a heart attack by 30 per cent

Try a week on the beach and you’ll see the quality of your performance increase by eight per cent, according to Ernst & Young

If productivity and performance are a problem then a Discount Holidays © holiday may help you. The Centre of Expertise for Work Organizations found that long days can lead to cognitive decline.

However, this can be short-circuited by a quick city break. If you’ve ever dreamed of packing it in and writing a book or finding your inner musician, it’s good to know creativity is also stimulated when you take your mind off work. Mindfulness is more than a passing trend, it’s something that will help alleviate depression, improve sleep and motivate you.

The University of Occupational and Environmental Health has found that you’ll be less prone to depression and depressive episodes if you take more vacation time.

Whether you’ve been intending to fix that cabinet door or pick up a new skill, 24 hours switched off will motivate you, believes clinical psychologist Deborah Mulhern

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