Michael Matthews hoping to become third Australian to win Milan-San Remo

Orica-GreenEdge sprinter Michael Matthews hopes to emulate fellow Australians Matthew Goss and Simon Gerrans by winning Milan-San Remo on Saturday

Michael Matthews Hoping To Become Third Australian To Win Milan-San Remo

Michael Matthews wins stage four of the 2015 Tour de Suisse

Having finished third in 20151, Michael Matthews (Orica-GreenEdge) hopes to go two better at Milan-San Remo2 on Saturday, aiming to emulate countrymen Matthew Goss and Simon Gerrans3 by winning La Primavera. The Australian started his season with a bang, claiming the Paris-Nice4 prologue on his first day of racing this year and holding the yellow jersey until stage six. The tactic of only racing eight days before the first Monument of the season worked well for Matthews last season, as he reached the podium, but the prestige of winning the race is what s driving him on.

There are only two Australians who managed to win his to La Primavera, Matthew Goss (2011) and Simon Gerrans (2012). When I saw them win, it inspired me to ever achieve the same, he said, quoted on Het Nieuwsblad5. It s a classic that suits me and that I enjoy a classic that is greater for me than the Tour of Flanders or Paris-Roubaix.

Michael Matthews wins stage two of Paris-Nice in controversial circumstances

Aged 25, Matthews has three Milan-San Remo finishes under his belt. His first appearance in 2011 saw him finish 107th, in his second in 2014 he was 78th and last year he improved all the way to third. With reigning champion John Degenkolb absent with injury6, Alexander Kristoff goes into the race as the favourite. Matthews will be confident of trumping his Norwegian rival on the Via Roma this year.

I had the legs to win, but the others surprised me in the sprint. I became trapped and my chance of victory was over.

I m a year older, have already driven the final and I will start now with more confidence.

It s a long race, but a race that I know very well because I often train in the area.

Moreover, the climbs are not too difficult for me, I can survive, then I can count on my sprint.


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Podbox Blog – The best integration for your marketing.

E-commerce is growing fast. Seventy-one percent of shoppers are convinced that they can buy products cheaper online1 than in stores. Eighty percent of all Internet users have bought something online, with about half doing so regularly. That s a lot of users and earning potential! So, choosing the right e-commerce software is critical for tapping into those earnings. Here s how to choose the right platform for your growing business.

Going for the Lowest Price Can Hurt Your Business

Podbox Blog - The Best Integration For Your Marketing.Instead of looking for the cheapest price, look for an e-commerce solution that provides good value for the money. In the long run, a cheap platform can hurt your business ability to grow and to offer new product lines and other website features.

It s tempting for startups to go for cheap, but this can hurt you in the long run. Remember that it s hard to swap platforms once you re invested, and changing can mean a complete site redesign, and could come with some expensive downtime. Look for good value, not just a cheap price.

Look for a Platform That s Easy to Customize

If you aren t careful, you can end up with an online store that looks just like thousands of other online stores out there. Find software that will give you lots of flexibility and maneuverability so that you can build a unique site that stands out.

Consider Your Business Future Needs

The functionality you need now2 may change as your business grows. Look for software that allows you to add more complex features as you add to your product lines, content marketing (such as a blog and landing pages), and other developments. Read up on what other e-commerce vendors have experienced and what they are up against with their own software. Find out what they re doing that you might want to do in the future, and pick a solution that will allow you to add and grow.

Don t Overlook Your Mobile Shoppers

Podbox Blog - The Best Integration For Your Marketing.The number of customers who access online stores via mobile devices grows every year. If your e-commerce software doesn t allow for a good mobile user experience, you re going to lose a lot of sales.

Mobile commerce is up 35 percent each year, meaning that you could lose a lot of potential customers if you don t have a smart mobile platform. Most of the software available makes it quite easy to develop a responsive website that will sense what device the user is on and offer a user experience that represents that screen size and interface. Check to make sure your e-commerce software allows you to do this without a lot of custom coding, which is expensive and takes time, as well as lots of tech savvy.

Look for a Product That Integrates Well With Other Back-End Systems

Will the product integrate with your other business systems, such as your finance software, CRM solution, or email marketing tool? Some do and others don t, but you can often integrate systems without these built-in capabilities using a data integration tool3. Just make sure your products are compatible before investing. Get started right by integrating your backend systems today.

Once you select your ideal e-commerce platform, integrate it with your other software solutions for a complete picture of your business and ultimate customer management. Try Podbox for free now. Podbox Blog - The Best Integration For Your Marketing.4

Posted on 26 February 20165Author Podbox team6Categories Ecommerce7

Podbox Blog - The Best Integration For Your Marketing.

Thanks to modern technology, we now have the ability to gather invaluable data within a matter of moments, or receive immediate customer feedback to make our marketing campaigns even more effective, engaging, and profitable. However, knowing what data you should collect is key. This will give you the opportunity to ask only for the information you need to create the perfect marketing plan, rather than having to sift through an abundance of irrelevant information after the fact. Here are some data collection tips to keep in mind when creating a targeted marketing strategy.
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Podbox Blog - The Best Integration For Your Marketing.

Seasonal marketing is a double-edge sword for many marketers and business owners. It offers you the opportunity to create relevant and timely marketing campaigns that capitalize on seasonal trends, such as the ever-popular Discount Holidays © holiday gift buying frenzy that comes every December. However, it can also limit the shelf life of your marketing campaign. Rather than getting the most out of your marketing dollars, seasonality places a time limit on your online and printed promotional materials. It can also prove to be problematic for businesses who want to boost their seasonal merchandise out-of-season.
Continue reading 5 Keys to Minimizing Seasonality13

Posted on 22 February 201624 February 201614Author Digital Aptitude15Categories Business, Ecommerce1617

Magento is a popular e-commerce platform that powers both business-to-business and business-to-consumer digital commerce sites. One of the most powerful things about Magento is that it can be used to drive both digital and physical commerce in a single, unified platform.

Taleo Enterprise is an Oracle product designed to track, manage, and report on the hiring and employment process. This HR database allows businesses to have greater control over their employee lifecycles, hence, a better outcome for the business as a whole. Magento and Taleo are ideal candidates for cloud integration, since both are cloud-based products. Podbox is an easy solution to get those applications synced up18 for a more productive, lucrative, rewarding 2016.

Keep Apps Synced With Continual Cloud Integration

Podbox Blog - The Best Integration For Your Marketing.The data from many or all of your cloud-based apps can be integrated for a holistic view of your business, customers, employees, and more.

Continue reading Coming Soon: Cloud Integration to Integrate Magento and Taleo Enterprise19

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Opening of 50 Slots for custom development of Your SAP Business ByDesign integration In:

Posted on 10 February 201612 February 201623Author Francois24Categories CRM, Integration2526

Data Integration Platforms as a Necessity

You ve most likely heard about data integration and data integration platforms for a while now. And you might also have been deeply convinced that it can be powerfully helpful around the office.

Podbox Blog - The Best Integration For Your Marketing.Data Integration Platforms is a bridge between all your devices

Indeed, integration allows you to enjoy all of the data and information you enter and collect with one system in the other back end systems you use to get various tasks done. For example, many businesses use data integration platforms to integrate their sales and marketing27 tools so that these two departments can work better together.

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Posted on 10 February 201610 February 201629Author Francois30Categories Business, Cloud Insiders3132

Podbox Blog - The Best Integration For Your Marketing.

Email marketing consultant Tim Watson has always been on early adopter of everything tech-related. He was exploring the web even before the Yahoo! search engine existed (and Google wasn t even an idea).

In 2002, he channeled his passion for technology by launching a software application that put an email mailer together.

Continue reading Expert Interview Series: Tim Watson with Zettasphere About Using Data to Improve Email Marketing33

Posted on 9 February 201610 February 201634Author Podbox team35Categories Email Marketing36

As software applications and data are becoming more important to companies, data silos are being created as businesses add new systems to collect, store, and process the data they need to survive and compete in the digital age. These silos make it harder for departments to work together, harder for the business to achieve a complete view of their operations, and more difficult to keep data and systems working in concert with up-to-date information. The best solution to data silos that separate the data and knowledge stored in disparate systems like Volusion and QuickBooks is data integration. Businesses are just beginning to realize the potential for data integration. Here s what your company needs to know about integrating Volusion and QuickBooks.

Benefits of Integrating Volusion and QuickBooks

Podbox Blog - The Best Integration For Your Marketing.When customers are shopping and ordering on your e-commerce site, you need to keep your bookkeeping system up to date with all those new accounts, as well as your inventory, invoicing, shipping, and more.

Continue reading Ready to Integrate Volusion and QuickBooks? Try This Powerful Data Integration Now!37

Posted on 5 February 20165 February 201638Author Podbox team39Categories Integration40

Have you heard about the power of data integration? Using integration tools, you can connect various applications and systems that you use for everyday business and stream the data back and forth between those systems. For example, you can feed the data from your CRM into your ERP, and vice versa.

Or, you can connect your financial system to your marketing automation tool, or even connect your email marketing software to your help desk application. One such powerful integration is Vtiger and Gmail. As you will see, there are lots of reasons to get these two together to share valuable data!

The Power of Vtiger

Podbox Blog - The Best Integration For Your Marketing.Email marketing is just one of the many features of Vtiger.

Vtiger includes CRM capabilities, sales management functionality, a help desk offering, and more.

Continue reading Getting Started with a Powerful Data Integration Between Vtiger and Gmail41

Posted on 5 February 20165 February 201642Author Podbox team43Categories Integration44Tags 45

Podbox Blog - The Best Integration For Your Marketing.

Since his days promoting live music acts in college more than two decades ago, Tommy P. Landry has been working in marketing. He received an MBA in Marketing and Information Management, and eventually found himself neck deep in a one-to-one marketing initiative that encompassed a massive technology and strategy upgrade for his employer, Advanced Micro Devices.

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Posted on 3 February 20163 February 201647Author Podbox team48Categories Business49Tags 50

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