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Nairo Quintana: ‘This Tour de France is a dogfight – and I’m stronger than ever’

Movistar leader Nairo Quintana says that he’s in a strong position after the first week of racing in the Tour de France, and he’s ready to take on Chris Froome

Nairo Quintana: ‘This Tour De France Is A Dogfight – And I’m Stronger Than Ever’

Nairo Quintana1 (Movistar) says that he is stronger than ever for the dogfight to come in the Tour de France over the next two weeks.

The Colombian, who has held back his attacks so far, trails leader Chris Froome2 (Sky) by 23 seconds on the first of two rest days.

The Tour is long and there are many more mountains to come, Quintana said on Monday in Andorra. We can t pin it on a single day, I have to go day by day and see a possibility of attack.

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This year, Froome said that he had delayed his preparation to be stronger in the last week. We are surprised, so we do not know what to expect. I am also prepared. Surely we ll find ourselves in a dogfight and the legs will decide. The Tour restarts from the small principality of Andorra on Tuesday and heads back into France. The next mountain day comes on Thursday, when the race finishes on Mont Ventoux4.

Nairo Quintana: ‘This Tour De France Is A Dogfight – And I’m Stronger Than Ever’

Nairo Quintana on stage five of the 2016 Tour de France

Quintana has followed, not attacked, so far in the mountains. Froome rode away from all of his rivals5 on the descent to Bagn res-de-Luchon to take the yellow jersey and on Sunday, he and Quintana followed while Adam Yates (Orica-BikeExchange), Daniel Martin (Etixx QuickStep) and Richie Porte (BMC Racing) attacked to form the final select group up Arcal s.

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There s either two possibilities, he either didn t want to or he couldn t attack, Sky boss David Brailsford said earlier on Monday.

When you get into a situation where Dan Martin attacks, Richie Porte attacks. There s a flurry of attacks. Normally if you are feeling pretty good, Nairo is not shy of putting his nose into the wind. It was strange, but equally, he could be riding a super conservative race and picking his moments. The moment could come and it could be a true dogfight.

The top ten is closer than ever with only 61 seconds separating first and 10th place. Quintana trailed by 1-59 minutes at this point last year. In 2013, it was 2-02.

Sky s strength is not demotivating. We also have our team with great riders. We can work differently. If I was not motivated, I d be further back in the standings, added Quintana.

On previous occasions, I d lost much more. Now, it s at 23 seconds and much remains to cover in this Tour to try to take time.

Froome is quite strong and his team is very powerful, but I am better than other years.


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ABTA warns against UK exit from EU in new report

ABTA has launched its first major report into the potential impacts of a UK exit from the EU on the country s travel industry. With economic analysis from Deloitte, What Brexit might mean for UK Travel assesses how the existing relationship between the UK and the EU has affected UK travellers and the travel industry, and looks at what the likely impact would be of a leave vote on consumer confidence, expectation and behaviour, as well as on the industry. Over 29 million foreign holidays each year are made by UK holidaymakers to EU countries, equating to 76% of all holidays taken.

Additionally, 68% of all business trips from the UK are to EU countries (4.6 million business visits). There are currently many EU regulations that have been designed to benefit holidaymakers and business travellers. Although these regulations would not change immediately, Brexit could have a significant impact in the future. Current regulations include:

  • financial protection for package holidays
  • compensation for flight delays
  • access to free health cover through the European Health Insurance Card
  • caps on mobile phone charges
  • open skies across the EU, resulting in more routes, more airlines, and lower fares

Of immediate concern is the impact that a period of prolonged uncertainty will have on the strength of the Pound versus other currencies. A weaker Pound has a direct impact on spending power overseas, making the cost of holidaying or visiting abroad more expensive, as well as adding costs for UK businesses to buy abroad. Mark Tanzer, ABTA CEO, said: Our assessment of the report s findings is that a vote to leave will lead to uncertainties and may lead to increased costs for travel businesses and the travelling public. We recognise that people will approach this referendum by considering many factors personal, professional, and economic before casting their vote. ABTA has considered what a vote to leave the EU might mean purely from a travel perspective. Our view is that the potential risks and downsides are not matched by an equal upside for the traveller.

The study surveyed various industry stakeholders, including Andrew Swaffield, CEO of Monarch Group. Swaffield predicted an exit from Europe would have negatively impact the UK travel industry. The free movement of people across the EU has contributed to frequent travel between Member States and the decision by many UK citizens to take up property in countries such as France, Spain and Portugal, either as their main or second home, he said.

The emergence of low cost airlines has increased competition and helped to cut prices for consumers in the airline industry. As the cost of travel has reduced, consumers have been able to take more frequent trips and in some cases even commute between two different European countries. The low cost airlines have helped to create huge social change in travel behaviour and it has been a big benefit to the consumer. We estimate that we fill circa 2 million seats a year with travellers who travel between the UK and their homes in Europe. We see a huge number of travellers with British names travelling with us one way between the UK and key European destinations. If the UK were to exit the EU, Monarch would view the outcomes for the travel sector as very negative, not least because of the uncertainty that would follow in the aftermath. This sweating period after the exit would be very damaging for the sector.

An exit would most likely lead to higher air fares and fewer scheduled flights between the EU and the UK.

It could also bring an end to the European Health Insurance Card and shared tax laws that benefit many British home owners and expatriates living in the EU.

‘Can you turn off the wildfire smoke?’ Locals who live in holiday destinations reveal the most ridiculous questions tourists ask them

  • Reddit users have been sharing their most ridiculous tourist moments
  • They live in Discount Holidays © holiday destinations, regularly encountering hapless travellers
  • Avisitor to Florida even asked about swimming in alligator infested waters




Being a curious traveller is not a bad thing but some tourists have been asking questions that leave the locals completely baffled. It’s not that their queries are confusing. Indeed, many are quite straightforward. But when you put them into context, they become completely nonsensical. The examples of these faux pas can include anything from asking about the snow in the summer in North Carolina to whether it’s possible to swim in alligator infested waters in Florida.

Locals living in Discount Holidays © holiday destinations have taken to Reddit to complain about the hapless tourists who visit their home town

One visitor to the Everglades asked user ScramblesTD, who worked at the park, if he was ‘allowed’ to swim in the alligator infested waters

People living in Discount Holidays © holiday destinations around the world have been answering a Reddit1 question about the most ridiculous tourist moments. For user ScramblesTD, it was the time he worked at a park in the Everglades. Despite the fact that the Florida wetland is known for its alligators, on visitor felt the need to ask whether he is ‘allowed’ to swim in the water.

Kinnakeet reflected over the time that he worked at a ski area in North Carolina and a tourist from Florida asked where the snow went in the summer. Exasperated, he told her that they ‘trucked it all into a refrigerated cave’. Being near Yellowstone National Park has been a great source of amusement for shradicalwyo.

Bad travel planning by tourists is another cause of vexation to locals. In particular, Reddit users complained about the travellers who had no concept of the size of a country

He’s had questions ranging from ‘at what elevation do the deer turn into elk’ to ‘where do the moguls go in the summer?’

But perhaps the best one is when it was the wildfire season and a tourist asked if they could ‘turn off’ the smoke. Bad travel planning by tourists is another cause of vexation to locals.

In particular, Reddit users complained about the travellers who had no concept of the size of a country. Mr_Nexxus is amused by the Europeans ‘who can’t comprehend how big Canada is’. In the past, he’s had tourists asking him directions to Whistler when he’s in Niagara – close to 2,800 miles away.

The road journey is more likely to take a week than the few hours that the tourist had anticipated. Yellowstone National Park might have a great many sights but it seems that the wild life is a source of confusion. One visitor asked ‘at what elevation do the deer turn into elk?’

Another user, Green7000, reflected that he had a similar experience when he met a family in Scotland who were planning to journey to the USA.

They had apparently planned to travel between New York and Los Angeles in a week while stopping at all of the key attractions in between. It would have been a 40-hour journey minimum, if there no stops or traffic. Sometimes, it’s not the question asked but how it’s asked.

Andromeda321, who’s an American expat in Amsterdam, recalled a time that he was stopped for directions. A female tourist spoke very loudly and clearly, ensuring that he understood the question. To add insult to injury, she then told him that his English was very good.

In response, he said: ‘Thanks!

I’m American.’


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