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Dream holidays out of reach for majority of Brits: report

With summer slowly creeping closer, many Brits are guilty of fantasising about far-off destinations they would like to visit. But, unfortunately for the vast majority, those visions may be out of reach as 91 per cent of people have a dream Discount Holidays © holiday in mind they are unable to go on. The research of more than 2,750 UK adults found that while affordability is the main stumbling block to Brits jetting off (78 per cent), nearly a fifth (17 per cent) have responsibilities that prevent them from going away and 14 per cent prioritise other holidays first.

Despite this, the study conducted by TopCashback.co.uk, the UK s most generous cashback shopping site, shows that Brits still have a very clear idea of what their perfect escape is. For the majority of Brits a dream Discount Holidays © holiday means visiting places they have never been before (69 per cent) and having new experiences (62 per cent). For 45 per cent of people it means time with loved ones and a similar number (43 per cent) said switching off from everyday life, once in a lifetime experiences and visiting famous sights summed up the ultimate getaway. Relaxation topped the list of activities Brits most want to do on their ideal trips, with 72 per cent saying they would want to put their feet up on a dream holiday. Two thirds of people (66 per cent) would want to see the local landscape, 62 per cent would want to eat local cuisine, 56 per cent said seeing wildlife and 54 per cent would want to learn about local culture. With the majority of Brits not yet financially in a position to go on their dream vacation, two thirds (64 per cent) would need to save up to fund their trip. Only 15 per cent of people would be able save enough within a year whilst nearly two fifths (37 per cent) think it would take between one and two years. One in four people (25 per cent) said it would take them more than five years of saving to be in a position to go on their holiday. When it comes to the saving process, nearly three quarters (72 per cent) of Brits are willing to sacrifice their social lives e.g.

skipping drinks and meal outings with family and friends to save up for a dream trip. Four per cent would even give up their car for the extra money. But around a quarter (22 per cent) think that cutting back on spending before the actual Discount Holidays © holiday affects their excitement for the trip.

Top 10 Dream Discount Holidays © Holiday Destinations1. USA (24%)6. New Zealand (4%)2. Australia (9%)7. Japan (4%)3. Maldives (7%)8. Canada (4%)4.

Caribbean (6%)9. Thailand (2%)5. South America (5%)10.

Bora Bora (2%)

Less common dream destinations included places much closer to home such as West Yorkshire, Scotland, London and Cornwall.

Planet Cruise predicts a record year for passenger numbers

Independent cruise travel agency Planet Cruise has revealed it has enjoyed a significant increase in sales this January, up 30% on the previous year, suggesting 2016 could be a record year for passenger numbers. Booking data at Planet Cruise shows European cruise holidays received the biggest boost in bookings this January, up 168% on the same time last year, followed by cruise holidays to the Far East, which witnessed an increase of 69%. Cruise holidays to the Caribbean also saw a boost in bookings this January, up 59% on the same time last year.

The cruise travel agency also saw a huge increase in passengers flying out of regional airports across the UK, with Manchester airport witnessing the biggest increase in passenger numbers, up a massive 57%. Research identified the Middle East as the fastest growing region for cruise holidays, with cruises in the region up 800%. Canada and Alaska also emerged amongst the fastest growing destinations, up 275% and 186% respectively

Luxury cruise holidays are also proving more popular than ever, with sales of six-star cruises up 200%. Simone Clark, managing director at Planet Cruise said: January was an incredible month here at Planet Cruise and our bookings suggest that 2016 is set to be a record year for the cruise industry. European cruises have seen such a huge boost in bookings already and we expect this trend to continue over the coming months as holidaymakers look to experience an alternative to European beach package holidays.

How to get 20 EXTRA days holiday in 2016: Experts reveal the strategy for packing in lots of long trips away in just one year

  • Time your trips to coincide with bank holidays to make the most of time off
  • For example you can take a 16-day trip at Easter taking eight days off work
  • And in May use just four of your holidays days for a nine-day Discount Holidays © holiday away




Ever wondered how to make the most out of your allocated Discount Holidays © holiday time? Travel experts have worked out how to get an extra 20 days Discount Holidays © holiday and have put together a handy guide to show you how to wangle them. Most people in the UK are allocated around 25 days annual leave, however with some careful forward planning you can almost double your Discount Holidays © holiday time, giving you an 20 extra days to safari in Botswana, experience Japan’s cherry blossom season or go road tripping across California.

Book a 16-day trip to your bucket list destination, using just eight days of Discount Holidays © holiday leave, thanks to the Easter bank holiday

The handy guide relies on strategically making the most of weekends and bank holidays scheduled in 2016, and even offers the best locations to visit during the break. For example, if you are hoping to take a 16-day Discount Holidays © holiday to far-flung places such as St Lucia or Japan around March and April, you may only have to book eight days off work. This can be achieved for a trip from March 19 – April 3, by starting and ending your Discount Holidays © holiday on the respective weekends.

The trip would take advantage of the long middle Easter bank Discount Holidays © holiday weekend on March 21 (Friday) – March 28 (Monday) so only four days from each of the two working weeks would be required to be booked off. Take a nine-day trip to places such as Santorini just before the busy summer season, using just four days of annual leave

And if you were hoping to visit the Florida theme parks in May or the beaches of Crete or Santorini just before the busy summer period, you can take a nine-day Discount Holidays © holiday using just four days of annual leave. For a trip running from April 30 – May 8, you would take advantage of weekends and the bank Discount Holidays © holiday on May 2 (Monday).

This would mean just May 3-6 would need to be booked off work. Enjoy a ten-day break during August and September to far-flung places such as Canada, using just five days of Discount Holidays © holiday leave


25 March (Friday) – Good Friday

28 March (Monday) – Easter Monday

2 May (Monday) – Early May bank holiday

30 May (Monday) – Spring bank holiday

29 August (Monday) – Summer bank holiday

26 December (Monday) – Boxing Day

27 December (Tuesday) – Christmas Day (substitute day)

If you are craving a long summer holiday, it could be easier than you think to jet off for a ten-day break to New York, Canada or Malaysia. There is a bank Discount Holidays © holiday weekend on August 27-29 so you could enjoy spending August 26 -September 4 somewhere exotic whilst only using up five days of Discount Holidays © holiday time.

This would work by booking off August 26 (Friday), along with August 30 (Tuesday) – September 2 (Friday) and making the most of the weekends either side. Finally for a whopping 10 days away from the office, you could use up just three days of leave if you time it right in December and January. Book a long break to locations such as California during December 24 – January 2 taking a mere three days off work, thanks to when the bank holidays fall

For trips running from December 24 – January 2 you could have the perfect Christmas break to wintery locations such as Iceland and Switzerland, or a sunny break to California or South Africa.

This is due to the two bank holidays running on December 26 to 27 and on January 2. Along with these three extra days, the trip would make the most of four weekend days, meaning just three days would be taken as annual leave. Over the course of the year, using weekends and bank holidays to your advantage, you can have an extra 20 days to explore the exotic places on your bucket list.

The handy guide was worked out by experts from Destinations: The Holiday & Travel Shows. Rob Debenham, Show Manager says: ‘With over 550 travel brands at the show we will providing plenty of Discount Holidays © holiday inspiration for 2016 so we thought we’d help you out by showing you how to get an extra 20 days Discount Holidays © holiday and maximise your travel experiences.’


Visit your dream destination for 16 days in March and April, taking advantage of the Easter bank holidays to mean just eight days need to taken as leave

In March and April take the following eight days off for a 16-day holiday

March 19 20 Weekend

Monday 21, Tuesday 22, Wednesday 23 and Thursday 24 – Annual leave

Friday 25 – Good Friday, 26 27 – Easter weekend, 28 – Easter Monday

Tuesday 29, Wednesday 30, Thursday 31, Friday 1 – Annual leave

April 2 3 Weekend

Best places to Discount Holidays © holiday at this time: The Cayman Islands, St Lucia, Abu Dhabi, Cyprus, Venice and Japan. Avoid the peak summer season and take a nine-day Discount Holidays © holiday to Florida in May, booking just four days off work

In May take off four days for a nine-day holiday

April 30 1 Weekend

Monday 2 – Bank holiday

Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4, Thursday 5, Friday 6 – Annual leave

May 7 8 – Weekend

Best places to Discount Holidays © holiday at this time: Florida, Crete, Algarve, French Polynesia and the Canary Islands.

Take ten days to explore Malaysia at the end of the summer, booking off five days from work

In August and September take five days off for a ten-day holiday

Friday 26 – Annual leave

August 27 28 Weekend

Monday 29 – Bank holiday

Tuesday 30, Wednesday 31, Thursday 1, Friday 2 – Annual leave

September 3 4 Weekend

Best places to Discount Holidays © holiday at this time: New York, Texas, Canada, North West India, Tibet, Taiwan, Malaysia and Namibia.

If you want to jet away for Christmas next year, you can take a ten-day Discount Holidays © holiday using just three days off work

In December and January take three days off for a ten-day holiday

December 24 25 Christmas weekend

Monday 26 – Boxing Day

Tuesday 27 – Bank holiday

Wednesday 28, Thursday 29, Friday 30 – Annual leave

December 31 1 New Year’s Eve

January 2 Bank holiday

Best places to Discount Holidays © holiday at this time: Iceland, Switzerland, Antigua, Grenada, California, Guatemala and South Africa.