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Peter Sagan’s move to Bora-Hansgrohe officially confirmed

Bora-Hansgrohe team confirm signing of Peter Sagan for 2017; Specialized will supply the team with bikes

Peter Sagan’s Move To Bora-Hansgrohe Officially Confirmed

Peter Sagan Credit: Graham Watson

Bora-Hansgrohe confirmed the most popular cyclist of our time Peter Sagan1 would ride in their German team for the next three seasons, through 2019. The Slovak world champion rode for the last two years with team Tinkoff, which is closing at the end of 20162 after owner Oleg Tinkov decided to leave the sport. Sagan will join with current Tinkoff team-mates Maciej Bodnar, Michael Kolar and Erik Baska at Bora-Hansgrohe.

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It is a great honour to welcome one of the most popular cyclist of our time in our team, team manager Ralph Denk said. That s why we tried to provide familiar surroundings as far as possible. I think Peter s trust in us proves that we did a good job the last years and have solid reputation in the peloton.

American bicycle manufacturer Specialized is following Sagan from Tinkoff to become Bora s bike supplier through 2019. Currently Bora uses Argon 18, which could sponsor team Astana in 2017. Along with Sagan and Specialized, German kitchen company Bora and bathroom company Hansgrohe both are confirmed for the next three years.

Since we started our sponsorship in cycling our objective was to get to the top of this sport, said Willi Bruckbauer, owner of Bora. Peter will help us to achieve this goal.

Peter Sagan’s Move To Bora-Hansgrohe Officially Confirmed

Specialized Bikes will stick with Sagan on his move from Tinkoff to Bora-Hansgrohe

He is a real star, who achieved almost everything in cycling by being focused, dedicated and by believing in himself. At Bora we share this approach, self-belief helped us to get to where we stand now. And we are proud to go the next steps together with him.

>>> Oleg Tinkov seems to confirm Peter Sagan s move to Bora-Argon 184

Sagan s contract value remains closely guarded, but earlier this season he was asking for ‘ 6 million ( 5.07m), which would have made him the sport s highest-paid athlete. He earns a reported ‘ 4 million now with Tinkoff, which could be close to the amount he will earn with Bora. Bora currently races with a German UCI Professional Continental licence. With Sagan, it should receive one of the top WorldTour licences for the 2017 season that will allow it automatic entry into all the major classics and three Grand Tours.

Watch: Pro bikes of the Tour de France Peter Sagan s Specialized

My goal is a well-balanced roster for the 2017 season, Denk said.

With Peter the classics will be a big highlight for us. But we also want to play a role in the grand tours, therefore we still look for new signings. Bora still has more announcements to come. Inside sources say Polish star Rafal Majka, winner of the three stages in the Tour de France, will join from Tinkoff. Czech Leopold K nig will return to Bora, where in 2014 he placed seventh in the Tour de France, after two years with Team Sky.

And German Tony Martin5, three-time world time trial champion, will make the switch from Etixx-Quick Step.


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Human rights groups appeal to UCI over Bahrain Cycling Team

Questions raised over Prince Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa’s human rights record; letter sent to UCI requesting that Bahrain team’s WorldTour application is rejected

Human Rights Groups Appeal To UCI Over Bahrain Cycling Team

Brian Cookson at the 2015 Annual UCI Congress

The Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD) and European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) have sent a joint letter to the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) requesting that the Bahrain Cycling Team1 s application for a place on the WorldTour is rejected. BIRD and ECCHR have questioned the human rights record of the Bahrain team s owner, Prince Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, and say that his involvement as the head of a cycling team would violate the UCI s code of ethics and would stain cycling as a whole by association . Prince Nasser confirmed last week that he plans to create a WorldTour cycling team, and is reportedly interested in signing Giro d Italia2 winner Vincenzo Nibali from the Astana team to head up the squad.

Human Rights Groups Appeal To UCI Over Bahrain Cycling Team

Prince Nasser posted this message on Instagram last week announcing the team

In their letter to UCI president Brian Cookson sent on June 6, BIRD and ECCHR write in April 2011, in the midst of a violent government crackdown against peaceful anti-government protestors, Prince Nasser formed an investigate committee whose role was to identify and sanction athletes who took part in these demonstrations.

Athletes have made credible allegations that they were subjected to torture in 2011 around this time. Although there is no suggestion that Nasser was personally involved in the torture of athletes, three Bahrainis have alleged that Prince Nasser personally subjected them to torture between April and May 2011.

In October 2014, the UK s High Court confirmed that the Prince had no diplomatic immunity in Britain in relation to the allegations of torture.

>>> Inside story on Bahrain s new WorldTour team: Vincenzo Nibali to head roster3

BIRD and ECCHR request that the UCI investigates the concerns raised over Prince Nasser s human rights record.

Prince Nasser remains in his positions as President of the Bahrain Olympic Committee and President of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sport and with the Bahrain government, which continues to commit human rights violations including systematic torture, the letter said.

The allegations of torture also raise serious concerns over the ethical and moral character of Prince Nasser. If the allegations are true, then Prince Nasser has committed a grave crime which will stain Cycling as a whole by association.

As President of the Ethics Commission, you are responsible for safeguarding principles of the CoE Code of Ethics and the integrity and reputation of Cycling. We believe that the involvement of Prince Nasser in the sport will be in violation of the jurisprudence and principles of the CoE.

As such we ask the Commission to commence an appropriate investigation of this matter before considering the grant of a licence to Prince Nasser, that will include liaison with appropriate stakeholders and that Prince Nasser be refused a licence for his team at the UCI and financial contributions from him be refused. WorldTour team (WorldTeam) licence applications are considered by the UCI Licence Commission.

All applicants must meet a set of criteria in order to have a licence issued: sporting, ethical, financial and administrative.

Cycling Weekly has contacted the UCI for its response.


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Would you pay up to $582 a day to survive on a deserted island?

SINGAPORE – If your kind of Discount Holidays © holiday involves spear fishing and camping out on a deserted island all by yourself, you’re in luck. European travel company, Docastaway, offers to drop daring travellers in the most remote, uninhabited islands of the world – all of which have been renamed to maintain maximum exclusivity for guests. The most Docastaway reveals is that these islands lie in the isolated islands within the Indonesian archipelago. Prices range from 80 euros ($122) to 380 euros ($582) per day, depending on the extremity of the isolation. Unlike Tom Hanks in Castaway or participants in the television series, Survivor, most of the deserted islands already include basic huts and some form of water source such as coconut trees. Although guests are expected to arrive on the island fully prepared with their own gear, Docastaway noted in several blog posts that this was not always the case. Their most recent castaway was Reikko Hori1, a 22-year-old Japanese girl, who was the company’s first solo female client to sign up for the adventure series.

But all the Docastaway crew quickly realised that Miss Hori wasn’t adequately prepared for the trip. The trip was supposed to last 19 days, but Miss Hori only packed a pair of jeans to bring with her to the island. She did not appear to bring any other tools of survival – not even a swimsuit – with her. The crew also noted that Miss Hori had “no sense of danger”. Company founder Alvaro Cerezo said: “She walked barefoot on the sharp coral, just as if she was walking barefoot at home.” He added that Miss Hori had no qualms about sleeping on the jungle floor, instead of building a shelter. This is considered a dangerous move as animals could cross her path at night. Although Miss Hori declined any help that the crew offered, she learnt to cope with the wilderness day by day, even hunting down a large lizard by herself. Docastaway’s trips don’t only appeal to the curious youth, they also attract avid explorers of all ages.

Most notable on their guest list is 66-year-old millionaire Ian Argus Stuart2. Mr Stuart, like Miss Hori, packed light. But unlike her, he made sure to carry a machete and a satellite phone, among other useful articles. He also scavenged on what the tide brought in, even eating a washed up bun and cabbage during his days of isolation. If stories like these sound like the tenth circle of hell to you, fret not – Docastaway also offers luxury trips for those who want an entire island to themselves. Based on the pristine beaches of Philippines and Indonesia, those who opt for luxury trips will have access to resort-like amenities, quick access to civilisation and day trips to other islands. Prices are slightly cheaper for the luxury packages, ranging from 85 euros to 185 euros a day.



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