This travel agent is selling £49 RETURN flights to Thailand

YOU can bag the bargain break of the century at two UK stores tomorrow.

This Travel Agent Is Selling £49 RETURN Flights To ThailandGETTY

THE DREAM: You can fly to Thailand for 49

Budget backpacking Discount Holidays © holiday specialists STA Travel are giving away flights to Thailand for 49 return for one day only. The insane flash sale to Bangkok will take place at two UK stores tomorrow (Thursday Arpil 28). And if you like holidaying on a budget, the ridiculously cheap deal will be right up your street.


This Travel Agent Is Selling £49 RETURN Flights To ThailandGETTY

BARGAIN: YOu could be shopping in the floating markets in Thailand for less than a train tic…

However, nothing that good lasts forever and the offer will only be available to the first 49 customers through the doors of each of the stores. The tickets will be up for grabs at the London Victoria STA (52 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0AG) and the Birmingham city centre branch (37 Corporation St, Birmingham B2 4LS). As you can probably guess, the company expect tickets to sell out within seconds, so if you want a slice of the action you might want to set up camp for the night.

This Travel Agent Is Selling £49 RETURN Flights To ThailandGETTY

CULTURE: Visit the country’s biggest Buddha on your bargain break

The flights, which are cheaper than a train ticket from Manchester from London, are open to people of all ages. And the lucky travellers will save roughly 300 on the bargain return flights. Flights are applicable between May 1 and June 30 (Sunday-Thursday), and depart from London Heathrow or Birmingham airports.

best beaches world trip advisor Carribean in pictures2

STA Travel’s UK country manager Tim Fryer said: We are really excited to be able to bring these amazing fares to our customers, and expect demand will be extremely high so get in line to snap them up.

Bangkok is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world and is the perfect place to start your adventure.

“Whether it s the first stop on a round-the-world trip, the gateway to exploring south-east Asia or the springboard for the chance to hit the beautiful Thai beaches after a few days of living it up in the city, Bangkok is a great city to start from.

Both stores open at 9am on Thursday to find out more go to statravel.co.uk3

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UCI failed to take into account rider fears about disc brakes, claims CPA

CPA says that it attempted to bring riders’ concerns to the attention of the UCI

UCI Failed To Take Into Account Rider Fears About Disc Brakes, Claims CPA

Rider s association the Cyclistes Professionnels Associ s (CPA) has come out in criticism of the UCI, saying that it failed to take into account rider fears about the safety of disc brakes when introducing the technology into the peloton. This comes a week after Movistar rider Fran Ventoso was allegedly injured by a disc brake rotor1 at Paris-Roubaix, an incident which led to the UCI suspending its trial of disc brakes2.

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In a lengthy statement, the CPA set out the action that it attempted to take to bring the possible safety issues of disc brakes to the attention of the UCI, but claims that at numerous points of the process the UCI failed to take its opinion into account. The CPA states that it started canvassing opinion on disc brakes among riders at the 2015 edition of Paris-Nice, well before the first disc brake trials in races last August4, where many riders, not all of them, expressed their fears related to the use of disc brakes (such as burns and injuries from falls).

Watch: what do pro riders really think of disc brakes?

Throughout the 2015 season, the CPA and national associations continued to canvas opinion among riders, before presenting these views to the UCI s Equipment Commission. Rider fears were also emphasised in a series of meetings with the UCI in October and November 2015. However, according to the CPA, the UCI clearly wanted to continue the planned tests without taking into account the CPA remarks and despite the numerous red flags.

>>> Shimano and Campagnolo distance themselves from Ventoso s disc brake injury5

In January 2016, the CPA wrote another letter to the UCI, expressing similar concerns, but also requesting to have a representative on the Equipment Commission. Although this request was granted and the CPA claims that it always highlighted the risks for the riders , the UCI did not stray from its course of introducing disc brakes into the sport. At the time of Ventoso s accident at Paris-Roubaix, the CPA was planning an anonymous survey to know their real views, without pressure from sponsors (bicycle manufacturers) and teams which it planned to present to the UCI.

Going forward, the CPA says that it welcomes the UCI s suspension of its disc brake trial and will work with all the cycling stakeholders for the development in all areas of our sport but on one condition: the riders safety.


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Cycling resolutions: Five things to do in 2016

New Year’s resolutions don’t always have to mean sacrificing things, you can vow to make the best of your time on the bike instead

Cycling Resolutions: Five Things To Do In 2016

It s that time of year when we make a host of wild comments about eating and drinking less in the coming year, losing that Christmas paunch by doing more exercise or cutting out the cigarette you have with your coffee. Come New Year s Day, however, such assertions are soon forgotten as you reach for that extra chocolate from the tub while sipping on your third glass of wine. But if you want to set yourself some targets without giving up too much of the good stuff then set yourself some cycling resolutions. Here s just a few to get you started.

1. Set yourself a challenge

Whether its distance, altitude, speed or time, there are plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself in 2016.

For many riders these challenges will be attempted (and hopefully accomplished) during one of the hundreds of sportives around the country, but who s to stop you from simply deciding one weekend to complete your first century ride?1

>>> Sportive Calendar 20162

An upcoming challenge is a great motivation when it comes to going out on training rides and can often give your Saturday morning pootles a bit more structure and meaning

Just remember to doff your cap to the crowd when you reach whatever milestone you re aiming for.

>>> 17 of the best international sportives to ride in 20163

2. Give your bike a bit of TLC

You ve just got back from a long ride in conditions so horrendous that you ll be regaling the story to family and friends for weeks the last thing you want to do is go back outside to clean your bike. But leaving your pride and joy in the garage/shed/hallway covered in mud for any length of time could reduce the life expectancy of some of its components.

>>> 11 bike maintenance mistakes and how to avoid them4

Obviously, not wanting to contract pneumonia or trench foot comes slightly higher in the pecking order of priorities, so the bike can wait until you re warm and dry. Then get out a sponge, some brushes and soapy water and get the worst of the mud off your frame, chain and wheels. The chain and the cassette are two things to pay a particular attention to after a muddy ride, making sure they are clean and well lubed mean you don t have to worry about doing it before your next ride.

3. Give yourself a bit of TLC

It s not just your bike you have to look after, and to really be at one with your bike you need to uphold your end of the bargain as well. One of the easiest ways to keep yourself in the right condition to get the most out of your machine is to do regular stretching and some basic bodyweight exercises.

>>> Neck pain after cycling? Try these exercises for upper body relief (video)5

These can be done in the comfort of your own home while you wait for your morning coffee to brew or as your dinner is cooking in the evening and don t require any equipment. With the best exercises designed to improve your core strength you will be able to feel the benefits when you get back in the saddle.

>>> Time saving stretches for cyclists (videos)6

4. Learn some basic mechanical skills

If, like me, you ve spent many an hour tinkering with your bike to fix an ailment that a mechanic would be able to sort in a matter of seconds then it could be worth brushing up on a few basic skills to give your machine the once-over before a ride.

Adjusting your brakes7, replacing the cables or tuning your gears8 all seemingly easy things that can make your riding experience better. So pick up a maintenance book, watch some videos online or simply ask your local mechanic to explain the procedure in and hopefully save yourself some bother next time you get the spanner set out.

5. Go on a cycling holiday

Riding the same roads in your area can get a little dull, especially when you ve conquered all of the local Strava segments9, so a change of scenery could be the thing to reinvigorate your passion for peddling. A few days away from your patch can also ease you out of your comfort zone by forcing you to climb hills, or even mountains, that you wouldn t be able to do at home.

Again, doff your cap when you win the race to the top.


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