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Tour of Britain 2016 time trial start times

Full list of riders taking part in the Tour of Britain stage 7a time trial in Bristol on Saturday, including start times

Tour Of Britain 2016 Time Trial Start Times

The Tour of Britain1 2016 stage 7a time trial takes place in Bristol on Saturday morning.

The full list of riders taking part, and their start times, is as follows:

Start time Surname First name Team Nation 10:01:00 WASTYN Emiel SKT BEL 10:02:00 EDMONDSON Alexander OBE AUS 10:03:00 CRONSHAW Matt MGT GBR 10:04:00 HOUSE Kristian ONE GBR 10:05:00 VIVIANI Elia SKY ITA 10:06:00 DOULL Owain WGN GBR 10:07:00 HEPBURN Michael OBE AUS 10:08:00 LATHAM Christopher WGN GBR 10:09:00 STONES Liam NPC GBR 10:10:00 THOMSON Jay DDD RSA 10:11:00 BOVENHUIS Jasper SKT NED 10:12:00 GUNMAN Taylor Karl MGT NZL 10:13:00 DUNNE Conor JLT IRL 10:14:00 KENT-SPARK Oliver SKT AUS 10:15:00 WOOD Oliver GBR GBR 10:16:00 WIGGINS Bradley WGN GBR 10:17:00 APPLEBY Dale NPC GBR 10:18:00 PARTRIDGE Robert NPC GBR 10:19:00 SHAW Damien SKT IRL 10:20:00 WAGNER Robert TLJ GER 10:21:00 RENSHAW Mark DDD AUS 10:22:00 MCEVOY Jonathan NPC GBR 10:23:00 DOWSETT Alex MOV GBR 10:24:00 BLYTHE Adam GBR GBR 10:25:00 MCCORMICK Hayden ONE NZL 10:26:00 RUFFONI Nicola BAR ITA 10:27:00 ARAMENDIA Francisco Javier CJR ESP 10:28:00 MULLEN Ryan CDT IRL 10:29:00 RICHEZE Ariel Maximiliano EQS ARG 10:30:00 COLEDAN Marco TFS ITA 10:31:00 MOSES Thomas JLT GBR 10:32:00 DE BUYST Jasper LTS BEL 10:33:00 VAN ZYL Johan DDD RSA 10:34:00 SIMION Paolo BAR ITA 10:35:00 DIBBEN Jonathan WGN GBR 10:36:00 VAN POPPEL Boy TFS NED 10:37:00 MCNALLY Mark WGG GBR 10:38:00 CAVENDISH Mark DDD GBR 10:39:00 EWAN Caleb OBE AUS 10:40:00 SIEBERG Marcel LTS GER 10:41:00 TONELLI Alessandro BAR ITA 10:42:00 EISEL Bernhard DDD AUT 10:43:00 ALAFACI Eugenio TFS ITA 10:44:00 MEZGEC Luka OBE SLO 10:45:00 ZABEL Rick BMC GER 10:46:00 VON HOFF Steele ONE AUS 10:47:00 GROENEWEGEN Dylan TLJ NED 10:48:00 EISENHART Taylor BMC USA 10:49:00 CURVERS Roy TGA NED 10:50:00 DEBUSSCHERE Jens LTS BEL 10:51:00 LEEZER Thomas TLJ NED 10:52:00 PHINNEY Taylor BMC USA 10:53:00 DOMAGALSKI Karol ONE POL 10:54:00 CULLAIGH Gabriel GBR GBR 10:55:00 SCOTT Jacob SKT GBR 10:56:00 STANNARD Ian SKY GBR 10:57:00 HOLMES Matt MGT GBR 10:58:00 BARBERO CUESTA Carlos CJR ESP 10:59:00 STEWART Mark GBR GBR 11:00:00 THURAU Bjorn WGG GER 11:01:00 MCLAY Daniel GBR GBR 11:02:00 LANGEVELD Sebastian CDT NED 11:03:00 BIBBY Ian NPC GBR 11:04:00 VAN POPPEL Danny SKY NED 11:05:00 ARCAS Jorge MOV ESP 11:06:00 POWER Robert OBE AUS 11:07:00 WISNIOWSKI Lukasz EQS POL 11:08:00 BENITO DIEZ Miguel Angel CJR ESP 11:09:00 SHAW James LTS GBR 11:10:00 MARTIN Tony EQS GER 11:11:00 WILLIAMS Peter ONE GBR 11:12:00 MARTENS Paul TLJ GER 11:13:00 GREIPEL Andr LTS GER 11:14:00 LINDEMAN Bert-Jan TLJ NED 11:15:00 SAEZ BENITO Hector CJR ESP 11:16:00 TXURRUKA Amets OBE ESP 11:17:00 BOEM Nicola BAR ITA 11:18:00 SLATER Alistair JLT GBR 11:19:00 MORENO Javier MOV ESP 11:20:00 VEREECKEN Nicolas SKT BEL 11:21:00 HOEKSTRA Jochem TGA NED 11:22:00 WYNANTS Maarten TLJ BEL 11:23:00 STEWART Thomas MGT GBR 11:24:00 POELS Wouter SKY NED 11:25:00 MARCATO Marco WGG ITA 11:26:00 VLIEGEN Lo c BMC BEL 11:27:00 MOINARD Ama l BMC FRA 11:28:00 TUSVELD Martijn TGA NED 11:29:00 BAUER Jack CDT NZL 11:30:00 RUBIO HERNANDEZ Diego CJR ESP 11:31:00 GASPAROTTO Enrico WGG ITA 11:32:00 VISCONTI Giovanni MOV ITA 11:33:00 DOWNING Russell JLT GBR 11:34:00 BRADBURY Edmund NPC GBR 11:35:00 ZEPUNTKE Ruben CDT GER 11:36:00 IZAGUIRRE Gorka MOV ESP 11:37:00 BONGIORNO Francesco Manuel BAR ITA 11:38:00 PEARSON Daniel WGN GBR 11:39:00 GONCALVES Domingos CJR POR 11:40:00 ZARDINI Edoardo BAR ITA 11:41:00 LAMPIER Steve JLT GBR 11:42:00 SMITH Dion ONE NZL 11:43:00 GEOGHEGAN HART Tao GBR GBR 11:44:00 ROWSELL Erick MGT GBR 11:45:00 CHRISTIAN Mark WGN GBR 11:46:00 MARTIN Daniel EQS IRL 11:47:00 VERMOTE Julien EQS BEL 11:49:00 MARTIN Guillaume WGG FRA 11:51:00 MOSCA Jacopo TFS ITA 11:53:00 SWIFT Ben SKY GBR 11:55:00 ROCHE Nicolas SKY IRL 11:57:00 MEURISSE Xandro WGG BEL 11:59:00 VAN BAARLE Dylan CDT NED 12:01:00 GALLOPIN Tony LTS FRA 12:03:00 DENNIS Rohan BMC AUS 12:05:00 DUMOULIN Tom TGA NED 12:07:00 CUMMINGS Stephen DDD GBR


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Emotional Fabian Cancellara savours emphatic swansong to historic career

“This will leave me without any doubt about retiring,” says Swiss legend after winning second Olympic gold

Emotional Fabian Cancellara Savours Emphatic Swansong To Historic Career

Fabian Cancellara1 (Switzerland) says he put 16 years of experience on the table to win a gold medal in the Olympic time trial2, as he signed off his final season as a professional in the best possible way.

Talk before the event had focused on Tom Dumoulin3 (Netherlands) and Chris Froome4 (Great Britain), but Cancellara produced a vintage display5 to take the gold medal, leading Dumoulin by 47 seconds. Froome finished with bronze.

This was the last time for me to try to win an Olympic medal. It means so much to me, the Swiss rider said. There are just no words. To leave the sport at the end of this season with the gold medal is just a perfect way to end my career. It was a big scream on the podium. This was the last big time trial of my life.

>>> Twitter reacts to Cancellara s time trial win6

Cancellara s palmar s already staked a claim to greatness. In addition to Olympic gold in Beijing 20087, he has four World Championship wins, three wins apiece in Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders, as well as seven stages in the Tour de France. This year he announced his retirement from professional cycling8, and his Rio win was a classic showpiece of his ability to pace himself and produce his best performances when the pressure is on.

It s everyone s own choice when they want to retire, he said. I knew it would be a special year. I ve had many highlights, with the classics, then the Tour de France in Switzerland, and then the Olympic Games.

I am just thankful that I came here healthy, because this is what you need to have.

I am super proud. To win a gold medal in your retirement year, I am super proud. This will leave me without any doubt about retiring.

Watch: Chris Hoy remembers London 2012

If much of the focus ahead of the time trial was on other riders, the 35-year-old had no doubt that he could do it.

I came here to win a medal. That was the clear goal. When we left Switzerland, we knew that we did everything the right way.

I knew it would be one of my last races. I didn t want to fail. I was looking at the details, the right tyres, the right wheels, the right massage. Last night, I had to get out of my room, and went down to be with other people so I didn t want to think about this race. I felt good this morning.

>>> Chris Froome salutes unbeatable Cancellara9

A tough course presented an enthralling all-round test of rider skills: not just pacing the effort across a succession of punchy climbs, but controlling descents down twisting, wet, slippery roads.

It was important to make the right rhythm on the race, said Cancellara. I didn t want to go out too hard, because a one-hour time trial is very long, so you wouldn t have anything left in the end. We paced it perfectly.

It was two laps, and it s the second lap that counts. I just put 16 years of experience on the table. It was a perfect day to make history, and to make another book to look back at what you did.


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Tejay van Garderen will not attend Olympic Games over Zika fears

Tejay van Garderen becomes the first American athlete and first cyclist to withdraw from the Olympic Games because of Zika fears

Tejay Van Garderen Will Not Attend Olympic Games Over Zika Fears

Tejay Van Garderen on stage seventeen of the 2015 Tour de France

Tejay van Garderen1 has withdrawn his name from consideration for the USA team for the Olympic Games this August due to concerns at the risks posed by the Zika virus2 to his pregnant wife. Pregnant women have been warned not to travel to the Games in Rio de Janeiro because the mosquito-borne virus can cause birth defects and lead to developmental problems in babies. But van Garderen, who would have been considered among the favourites for both the road race and the hilly time trial, is not willing to risk bringing the disease back from Brazil.

Although the risks associated with the Zika virus can be minimal and precautions can be taken, my wife Jessica is pregnant, and I don t want to risk bringing anything back that could potentially have an effect, Van Garderen said in a statement through USA Cycling3.

If circumstances were different I would have loved to be selected again to represent the USA, but my family takes priority and it s a decision that I m completely comfortable with.

I hope that I ll be in the position to race at the 2020 Olympic Games.

Tejay van Garderen s BMC Timemachine

Van Garderen is the first American athlete, and the first cyclist, to confirm he will not be attending the Olympics because of Zika. Golfer Rory McIlroy said that he was monitoring the threat of the disease but has subsequently said his fears had eased.

>>> Rio Olympics should be cancelled because of Zika virus, says public health expert4

The World Health Organization revised its guidance for people travelling to countries where Zika is prevalent, stating that people should wait a full eight weeks to have unprotected sex or attempt to conceive a baby, after returning, even if they show no symptoms of the disease. Men who show symptoms of Zika should practice safe sex or abstain completely for at least six months, the new guidelines state.

Last week, 150 public health experts wrote an open letter to WHO calling for the Games to be moved or cancelled, but this was rejected by the organisation.


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