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More details revealed as new Bahrain Cycling Team officially announced

The signing of Vincenzo Nibali will have to wait until August 3, but the team is now officially going ahead

More Details Revealed As New Bahrain Cycling Team Officially Announced

Vincenzo Nibali on stage 15 of the 2016 Giro d’Italia

Bahrain will sponsor a new cycling team, expected to be in the WorldTour, in 2017 with Vincenzo Nibali1 as its star rider. The small Middle East island today said that it would support the team through a group of businesses and partners. Cycling Weekly learned from inside sources in May that Giro d Italia2 winner Vincenzo Nibali will lead the team.

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We are thrilled to be able to announce the Bahrain Cycling Team today, as Bahrain holds a great love for this growing sport, read a press release. As a country we already compete internationally in a range of sports, and we want to continue this though our commitment to international cycling. Starting August 1, the team and Prince Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa should begin to announce its riders. It is due to announce Nibali s signature on August 3.

Sources say that Slovenian Gorazd Stangelj, currently with team Astana, and Croatian Vladimir Miholjevic, who manages the Tour of Croatia, will direct the team. South African Brent Copeland, currently manager of Lampre-Merida, will take the general manager role.

The team is due to ride on Merida bikes and take over Lampre-Merida s WorldTour licence. Lampre s general manager Giuseppe Saronni should apply for a second division licence to continue his team in 2017. Along with Nibali, long-time coach Paolo Slongo will make the jump. Cyclists Manuele Boaro (Tinkoff), Valerio Agnoli (Astana), Sonny Colbrelli (Bardiani-CSF), Giovanni Visconti (Movistar) and Salvatore Puccio (Sky) are linked, as well.

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Prince Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa and the sponsors are worried about the team being too Italian. They are reportedly pushing Copeland to make sure there are more international names to draw attention. South African Louis Meintjes could help. The 24-year-old finished eighth overall in the Tour de France5 and second behind Adam Yates6 in the young rider competition. He should join along with some other current Lampre cyclists

Bahrain s bid for a cycling team with the country s past political problems7, including the 2011 anti-government protests, has raised concern.

However, the UCI licence commission would only consider the concerns if the ethical issues linked to a cycling licence are strong enough.


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UK: Dry, milder spell to come after wet and windy bank holiday

By Adam Douty, Meteorologist
May 2, 2016; 4:30 AM ET

Those looking forward to traveling or spending the bank Discount Holidays © holiday outdoors across the United Kingdom will face bouts of rain and increasingly gusty winds. A cold front moving from northwest to southeast across the Isles on Monday will bring with it numerous showers and several heavier outbreaks of rain. The rain and gusty wind will threaten to cause travel delays on roads and through the air.

UK: Dry, Milder Spell To Come After Wet And Windy Bank Holiday

As a cold front advances to the south and east, steady rain that soaked Northern Ireland and Scotland on Sunday night will advance into North West England and northern Wales on Monday morning. Though the heaviest rain will taper off across these areas on Monday afternoon, showers will linger through the remainder of the day. The heaviest rain will target western Scotland and North West England early on Monday morning, reducing visibility and heightening the risk of vehicles hydroplaning when traveling at highway speeds.

While downpours will lessen by the midmorning hours of Monday, travelers will face additional wind-swept showers and spray from other vehicles into the afternoon. Farther south, blustery showers will spread across the South and East of England on Monday afternoon. While the rain wets roads and causes slower travel, a gusty wind will also bring inconveniences for anyone outdoors and could delay air travel.

United Kingdom Weather Center
MinuteCast for your location
Interactive United Kingdom weather radar123

The strongest winds of the bank Discount Holidays © holiday are expected in western Scotland. Gusts to around 50 mph (80 km/h) are possible with localized gusts to 60 mph (95 km/h) along the coast and on the Hebrides, potentially causing sporadic power cuts and tree damage. There can be isolated gusts of 50 mph (80 km/h) across the rest of Scotland, northern England and northern Wales during the morning and early afternoon of Monday. Gusts of 30-40 mph (50-65 km/h) are expected elsewhere in Wales and southern England. Motorists heading home after the Discount Holidays © holiday may feel these winds tug at their vehicles.

Minor flight delays are also possible. The winds will easily toss around loose lawn items.

“Monday will not start very windy around London,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Courtney Spamer said. “However, winds will increase during the day.”

The winds will create choppy conditions for the decorated boats at the IWA Canalway Cavalcade in London’s Little Venice area.

UK: Dry, Milder Spell To Come After Wet And Windy Bank Holiday

While it will remain breezy across Britain on Tuesday with isolated showers across the north, a turn to largely dry and milder weather is coming during the middle of the week. High pressure will produce a southerly flow across Wales, England and southern Scotland during the middle of the week bringing the return of dry, brighter and mild conditions.

The wind will also slacken making for several pleasant days.

The exception to the dry and pleasant weather will be in northern Scotland as a cold front brings several rounds of showers.


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How Adam Blythe has modified his bike for Paris-Roubaix

Sandpaper in the bottle cage, a larger inner ring and Kinesio tape on his hands – just some of the modifications Adam Blythe has made for Paris-Roubaix

How Adam Blythe Has Modified His Bike For Paris-Roubaix

World champion Peter Sagan led his Tinkoff team on a reconnaissance ride of the Paris-Roubaix1 cobbles on Friday morning, setting off from a Lidl car park in Denain and following the race route over 90km to the Carrefour de l Arbre. Testing equipment was a key objective on the day s outing; with the Paris-Roubaix Challenge sportive taking place on the Saturday before the race, Friday is the final chance the pro riders get to spend some quality time with the secteurs pav s. Sagan s teammate Adam Blythe2, riding his third Paris-Roubaix, talked Cycling Weekly through the modifications that he and his team had made to their machines ahead of Sunday s final cobbled classic.

S-Works Roubaix

How Adam Blythe Has Modified His Bike For Paris-Roubaix

Peter Sagan on the Tinkoff S-Works Roubaix bike training for the 2016 Paris-Roubaix

Tinkoff3 s standard issue model for the classics, with a longer wheelbase and front and rear fork inserts for additional comfort on the cobbles and rough roads of northern Europe. It s just like the bike you would buy in the shop, Blythe said.

Today is just a case of having a feel for the bike, he added. We don t have anything major to look out for, the main problem is getting clogged up, but I just think it s a case of making sure the bike s alright, rather than trying to find any problems.

How Adam Blythe Has Modified His Bike For Paris-Roubaix

Tinkoff training for the 2016 Paris-Roubaix


Tinkoff rode 30mm tubular tyres made by a famous (but tiny) French firm4 and fitted in the Brittany factory with a distinctive tread made by American brand Specialized. They were glued to Roval CLX40 rims.

How Adam Blythe Has Modified His Bike For Paris-Roubaix

With dry conditions, riders can afford to run with tight clearances around the brake calipers and forks. However if rain falls and the cobbles become muddy5, it s a different story. Teams will switch to 28mm or even 25mm in the worst conditions.

How Adam Blythe Has Modified His Bike For Paris-Roubaix

I think 30mm is what Peter rides so if he has a problem then we can give him our wheel and it s the same as what he s had before, Blythe explained. We can change to 28s if it s getting clogged up too much.

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How Adam Blythe Has Modified His Bike For Paris-Roubaix

With team mechanics fitting double bar tape ( I might take it off, to be honest, Blythe said), many of Tinkoff s riders rode with Shimano Dura-Ace Di27 sprint shifters mounted on the tops to facilitate gear changes when riding over the cobbles. Blythe opted for an electronic groupset however Sagan went for mechanical.

How Adam Blythe Has Modified His Bike For Paris-Roubaix

Chain catcher

How Adam Blythe Has Modified His Bike For Paris-Roubaix

A standard issue bit of kit for anyone riding the cobbles in order to stop the vibrations of the road surface shaking the chain off the inner ring, particularly when shifting down from the big ring. Blythe s is made by SRM, whose power meters are used by Tinkoff.

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Unlike the Tour of Flanders, which features steep cobbled climbs, the parcours for Paris-Roubaix is largely flat, particularly in the final hours of racing over the key cobbled sectors. How Adam Blythe Has Modified His Bike For Paris-Roubaix

Tinkoff s riders ran with their standard 11-speed groupset with an 11-25 cassette on the back and 53 tooth big ring up front. I ve put a 44 ring on the inside, explained Blythe.

Sandpaper on the bottle cages

Along with their counterparts on other teams, Tinkoff mechanics have an eye for detail, with little strips of sand paper stuck onto the bottle cages to stop water bottles from rattling around and flying loose on the cobblestones.

How Adam Blythe Has Modified His Bike For Paris-Roubaix

I didn t even know it was there, said Blythe. That s the mechanics job, not mine!

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Everybody wrap ya hands and say yeah!

Many riders opt for varying methods of wrapping their hands to protect against rubbing and vibrations. Blythe had wrapped his fingers and thumbs with blue Kinesio tape.

How Adam Blythe Has Modified His Bike For Paris-Roubaix

It s to stop my fingers vibrating. It s a comfort thing really, he explained.

It s not really about them getting cut up, it s just the vibration that hurts.


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