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Travel Money: Best Tourist Currency Exchange Rates On Pounds To Euros, Dollars On Euro Day

Following on from ourlast1 travel money comparison news piece, here is our latest article with British pound related news, tips and the best Discount Holidays © holiday cash rates table as of 9th March 2015. To give an example of how rapidly exchange rates can change, over the past month the Pound Sterling to Euro (GBP/EUR) exchange rate was trending within the range of lows of 1.2627 to highs of 1.2993. Here are the latest inter-bank fx exchange rates (NB not travel money) for your reference:

On Thursday the Euro to British Pound exchange rate (EUR/GBP) converts at 0.767

The pound conversion rate (against euro) is quoted at 1.303 EUR/GBP.

FX markets see the pound vs us dollar exchange rate converting at 1.415. FX markets see the pound vs australian dollar exchange rate converting at 1.892. At time of writing the pound to new zealand dollar exchange rate is quoted at 2.121.

NB: the forex rates mentioned above, revised as of 10th Mar 2016, are inter-bank prices that will require a margin from your bank. Foreign exchange brokers can save up to 5% on international payments3 in comparison to the banks.

The main focus for FX traders this week will be Thursday s European Central Bank (ECB) interest rate decision. Policy meetings usually coincide with exchange rate volatility, but this particular meeting is expected to cause dramatic price swings for the Euro and other closely connected currencies. So why is this ECB meeting so important? The Eurozone has been battling low inflation for a considerable time, and recent data suggests that deflationary pressures will persist without some form of intervention.

The low rate of inflation can be linked to weak energy prices after crude oil devalued considerably. With that in mind, most analysts expect the central bank to either cut the overnight cash rate, expand asset purchases or use a combination of both. Should this be the case the Euro will soften considerably.

How will a softer Euro impact travel money?

For those travelling to Europe from the UK, a drop in the value of the Euro is beneficial. Since the announcement that the EU referendum will be held on June 23rd the British asset has shed its value markedly. This means that the weak Pound would give you less travel money when exchanged into another currency. Therefore, the likelihood of Euro depreciation will be welcomed by tourists.

Pound Sterling (GBP) Exchange Rates Gain, but Will the Uptrend Last?

Political uncertainty has caused the British Pound to weaken considerably of late. Particularly damaging to demand for Sterling was news that several prominent UK officials, including London Mayor Boris Johnson, voiced support for those campaigning to leave the European Union. However, traders feared that the selloff was vastly overdone which caused the UK asset to recover some of its losses and hold a higher trade weighting. This does not mean that EU referendum uncertainty isn t still a massive issue for investors.

As we draw closer to the referendum date, the British Pound will be far more reactionary to any political developments. In the event of a Brexit , the Pound could depreciate massively.

Planning a trip to the USA? GBP/USD is Still Holding a Weak Position.

Despite the fact that the Pound has made a sharp recovery versus the US Dollar after having dropped to a 9-year low, the GBP/USD conversion rate is still comparatively weak. As a result you will get fewer Dollars for your Pound

The forthcoming ECB interest rate decision will not only impact the Euro. The US Dollar and Euro have a strong connection given that they are the most actively traded in the world. Therefore, if the Euro declines massively in response to ECB stimulus measures, the US Dollar is very likely to climb. That would mean that the GBP/USD exchange rate would soften, giving you even less travel money to play with.

Pound Sterling to Euro Discount Holidays © Holiday Money Exchange Rate Compared

As of 9th March 2016, these are the best providers to buy Euro s:

Best Foreign Exchange 500 euros costs 397.44 + 4.95 delivery Can collect ICE 500 euros costs 393.02 + 4.75 delivery Can collect Travel FX 500 euros costs 398.70 + 4.75 delivery No collection possible TEG 500 euros costs 404.62 + 4.90 delivery Can collect Griffin Financial 500 euros costs 392.16 + 5 delivery No collection possible

So When Should You Take a Discount Holidays © Holiday in 2016?

Whilst political uncertainty does not aid the outlook for the Pound Sterling, this does not mean you should avoid taking a Discount Holidays © holiday altogether. It is just worth noting that you may get a lot less, depending on how much you wish to exchange, with so little known about the UK s future. Thursday s ECB decision could prove critical. If the Euro dives in response it would be a great time to grab your travel money even if you are not planning a Discount Holidays © holiday for some time to come.

The likelihood is that the lack of confidence surrounding the EU referendum will see the Pound to Euro exchange rate gradually decline from the highs following the ECB s meeting. Conversely, if you are planning to visit the US then it would be unwise to get your travel money in the immediate aftermath of the ECB decision. This is because the US Dollar will very likely rally as the Euro declines.

Pound, Euro and US Dollar Exchange Rates: Key Data/Events to Look Out For

Thursday s European Central Bank (ECB) interest rate decision will be the key economic event to look out for. If the central bank surprises traders by easing policy more than has been priced-in, it would be a very good time to stock up on Euro s for travelling. Next week will see a number of ecostats likely to affect travel money exchange. In terms of British data, the Bank of England (BoE) interest rate decision is unlikely to have a huge impact given that policymakers are expected to keep policy unchanged. However, Chancellor George Osborne will be making a budget speech to parliament on Wednesday. This is far more likely to cause GBP volatility.

Influential European economic data will be somewhat thin on the ground next week, but the single currency trade weighting will be mostly determined by the ECB s interest rate decision. With that being said, Eurozone consumer prices data due for publication on Thursday may cause EUR changes. The main focus for traders next week will be the Federal Reserve interest rate decision.

Although the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) are not expected to alter policy at this time, the accompanying statement from Chairwoman Janet Yellen may cause USD volatility. If Yellen suggests that the central bank will be hiking rates soon the US Dollar will advance and the Euro decline. Conversely, any hint that the FOMC want to remain in wait and see mode will cause the US Dollar to dive and Euro to gain.

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Behind the Best of WDW: Part 3

Our incredible team of photographers here at WDW Magazine recently joined forces to produce the most stunning photo book ever created, capturing the most iconic scenes of the 4 theme parks at Walt Disney World. Join us in this series of blogs that takes a look at just a few of the over 200 photos included in the book as we take you Behind The Best of WDW Volume 1.1

Today we re featuring the work of Cliff Wang follow him on Facebook2 for more of his Disney photography!

Behind The Best Of WDW: Part 3Rock n Rollercoaster- Photo by Cliff Wang

Beware of Freeway Congestion Ahead and Life in the Fast Lane as you prepare for the concert of a lifetime at Rock n Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. There s nothing more exhilarating than going from 0 to 60mph in less than 3 seconds. Cliff Wang captures the anticipation of this launch beautifully.

For this shot, I had to steady myself so I could slow the shutter speed down, but also have it fast enough to not cause any blurring. This shot was at f/2.8, 1/15th second exposure, ISO 2000, 27mm.This shot was difficult because I wanted to expose for the ride vehicle, which means the pesky neon light would be over exposed or blown out, but I was pleased with the fact that the ride vehicle was properly exposed. You can even read the unique to vehicle license plate UGOBABE . I love the detail the Imagineers put on these rides.

The license plate isn t the only detail to take in with this photograph. The ivy on the forward wall, the telephone pole, and the weathered brick all add to the realism that makes Disney theming top-notch. Whenever you are in line for an attraction, be sure to examine the queue. Imagineers have not only created convincing details, but sometimes there are sight gags as well. It makes the wait worth it. With a dark ride like Rock n Roller Coaster comes a low-lit queue. How is it possible to get such a clear picture in low light?

This shot is the primary reason why it is essential to have a lens with a wide aperture.

Also, it is a reason that I like to shoot a camera that has a full frame 35mm equivalent sensor like the Nikon D800. The larger sensor allows me to capture shots in low light with reduced digital noise. I can even bump the sensitivity high and still have a usable image after processing.

They say no photography and then there are times where they say no flash photography. This time throughout he queue, we were reminded by a cast member no flash photography- and you should walk this way, because you don t want to miss a thing. While the puns are funny, I heard the key phrase regarding flash . Since I really don t use flash in many of my shots, I found this to be a golden opportunity to break out the camera and get some shots of the initial launch into the tunnel of darkness. Cliff makes a great point when trying to take the perfect shot- make sure you follow the Cast Members instructions.

While we all want to capture every moment of our vacation, sometimes the rule is no photography. It s always important to follow the rules. We love that our photographers play by the rules when capturing the perfect photograph.

Behind The Best Of WDW: Part 3Liberty Square- Photo by Cliff Wang

Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom is such a quaint little area filled with charm and history. Not only can you take a step back in time to the colonial period, but it s also a second location to access Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom- a free, interactive magic-spell game.

This shot was taken with the D800 and the Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8g lens. The settings on this shot were f/5.6, 1/640 sec exposure, ISO 100, 24 mm. This lens is one that is always on me along with the 14-24mm f/2.8. With the wide f/2.8 aperture, not only can I shoot in low light situations, I can control my depth of field and focus on select objects, and throw the rest out of focus. This image is a perfect example of how I can isolate a subject while rendering the background out of focus in a pleasing manner.

Liberty Square in not as heavily traveled as the other areas of Magic Kingdom, which can be used to your advantage for taking unique shots. Cliff explains, While this area of Liberty Square is never crowded, I did have to wait to make sure there were no subjects that were out of place, such as ECV s and other guests. Since the cast members are all dressed in their Liberty Square attire, I didn t mind that they were in the frame.

Behind The Best Of WDW: Part 3Italy Photo by Cliff Wang

The Italy Pavilion in Epcot is tucked neatly between Germany and The American Experience in World Showcase. As Cliff demonstrates in his photograph, this isn t a country that you want to just take a glimpse at as you pass by. The architecture and attention to detail not only make this a wonderful place to photograph, but also a wonderful area to explore. Note the angel that is atop of the bell tower; there are hidden gems everywhere.

This shot was taken mid-day at Epcot.

We all know that at times it could get crowded, so getting a shot with no strollers or pedestrians walking through the frame did take a little bit of patience. A lot of times you re anticipating the person on the left to walk out, and the minute they do, you have a new subject enter to the right. This can be frustrating, but I never hold up traffic or direct other guests, as they are on vacation and have every right to be wherever they want to be. Cliff makes an excellent point at how patience can reward you with amazing shots. Everyone is on vacation and free to explore at will. Although not required, if you see someone attempting to take a shot you always have the option of giving them a moment. And if they are taking a family shot, offer to take it for them to get everyone in the picture.

However, when setting up for your photograph, be sure to explore different ways of capturing the subject. Cliff explains, My shooting style utilizes wide-angle lens more often because of the low amount of distortion it provides. Now I know on this shot, if I had used a tilt shift lens, or even shot it from a different angle, the tower would be straight, but I wanted to give it a unique look by shooting it from an angle, causing the tilt inwards.

Most of my shots are taken with the Nikon D800 body. On this shot, I used the ultra-wide Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8g lens. The settings for this shot were f/8, 1/400 sec exposure, ISO 100, 14mm. The skies were nice and blue and the sun was right over our heads, so I did have to watch my field of view, although shooting into the sun can create some dramatic starbursts.

If you re like my family, we love to take as many photos as we can. That way when we return from Walt Disney World we can relive the moments again and again and reminisce about our time spent in the parks. Until you are able to return to capture amazing memories of your own, you can live vicariously through The Best of WDW-Volume 1. It s just like being there.

Behind The Best Of WDW: Part 3


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Sportful reveals first look at Peter Sagan’s new rainbow jersey

Tinkoff-Saxo kit partner reveals design and construction process of new world champion Peter Sagan’s rainbow jersey

Sportful Reveals First Look At Peter Sagan’s New Rainbow Jersey

There s nothing more exciting for a new world champion1 than their first competitive outing in the rainbow jersey. For 2015 champion Peter Sagan2, that first opportunity will come at the inaugural Abu Dhabi Tour3 on October 8, and kit manufacturers Sportful, who supply Sagan s Tinkoff-Saxo with their kit, have been busy getting the Slovak s new jersey ready.

Sportful Reveals First Look At Peter Sagan’s New Rainbow Jersey

The transfer printing of Sagan s kit (Sportful)

The Italian company posted images on their Instagram account4 of the process it takes to make a custom kit, from drawing the designs, printing on the fabric and preparing for stitching it all together.

Watch: Secrets of the toolbox Tinkoff-Saxo

From the images, it looks like a pretty tasteful design, with none of the sponsors logos trying to outshine the prestigious rainbow bands, which form a 15-centimetre hoop around the torso.

Sportful Reveals First Look At Peter Sagan’s New Rainbow Jersey

The design is freshly printed on some fabric (Sportful)

The UCI have strict rules over the design of a world champs jersey, though it does appear that this design still incorporates the old UCI logo rather than the refreshed design revealed earlier this year. Those rules mean that we won t be seeing Sagan donning black shorts to really maintain the classic look of the kit, with the UCI stating that only team issue shorts or white shorts can accompany the rainbow jersey.

And white shorts are rarely good5.


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