Out of this world experience at Air Zoo

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PORTAGE, Mich. (WOTV) There are new things to see at Air Zoo1! Now is a great time to go to see the classic rides and new flight simulators. Air Zoo covers 200,000 square feet, with more than 70 rare and unique airplanes, spacecraft, rockets, and satellites. The unique museum and educational center offers opportunities for parents and kids to learn together by immersing themselves into the environment and using all of their senses to explore. Air Zoo s newest exhibit explores the Battle of Guadalcanal2. The staff put together the entire exhibit to tell the story of the important campaign in World War II. Visitors can be immersed in the experience by hearing the sounds and seeing the sights of what it was like in the battle. Explore a simulated bunker, see vehicles and artifacts, and even try on a backpack like the ones Marines wore.

Air Zoo is fun as well as informative. A new class, The Living History of World War II, immerses participants by telling them the date is September 16, 1940. Participants fill out a draft card and make decisions based on real-life events. They can see, touch, and even try on real artifacts from World War II. Kids who are interested in science, technology, aviation, or fun activities can participate in one of many educational programs at Air Zoo.

From using forensic techniques to solve mysteries to making fun Discount Holidays © holiday crafts, there is a wide variety of programs for kids of all ages. Click here to see a complete schedule3.


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