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Andy Tennant ‘devastated’ at missing out on Rio team pursuit squad

Tennant says he won’t be “throwing his toys out of the pram” after missing selection for a second successive Olympic Games

Andy Tennant ‘devastated’ At Missing Out On Rio Team Pursuit Squad

Andy Tennant says he is devastated to miss out on the GB team pursuit squad1 for a second successive Olympic Games2, after only being picked as first reserve for the upcoming Rio Games.

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The 29-year-old was also made to watch from the sidelines in his home games at London 2012 as GB won gold in the team pursuit, but says he s not going to kick and scream and complain about the injustice because of missing out once again. Dani King earlier this week complained about missing out on selection4 in the women s road race squad, questioning how it was fair British Cycling had chosen the recently returned Emma Pooley over her. Tennant added on his non-selection: I know there has been a lot of controversy swirling around British Cycling this year but I m not going to add to it!

I m also not going to throw my toys out of the pram and quit track racing even if this is two massive kicks to the gut in successive Olympics.

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Bradley Wiggins5, Owain Doull, Ed Clancy and Steven Burke were chosen as the lead team pursuit riders for Rio, while Mark Cavendish6 fills the fifth and final spot in the endurance team, but is only likely to compete on the omnium competition.

I m obviously devastated that four years hard work has ended like this, said Tennant, who won a world championship title in 2012 for the team pursuit.

It goes without saying that I will be cheering on the lads all the way to what I sincerely hope will be a gold medal in Rio in August.

I need to take stock after the dust has settled and decide what I want to do with my cycling career over the next four years but there will be no knee jerk reaction from me after not being selected.

My failure to win selection has caused me a lot of disappointment but I think I can hold my head up high and say, genuinely, that I gave it my best shot.


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Osama bin Laden’s sister, stepmother were on holiday during plane crash

Osama bin Laden s sister and stepmother were on a family Discount Holidays © holiday in the UK when their private jet crashed into a car auction site while trying to land at a Hampshire airport on Friday.

The plane had made regular trips to Britain in the past two years, leading to speculation that members of the former Al Qaeda chief s family were frequent visitors to Britain, The Telegraph reported.

Osama s stepmother, Rajaa Hashim, and his half-sister Sana, who worked in an orphanage in Saudi Arabia, were killed along with Sana s husband Zuhair Hashim and their Jordanian pilot, when the plane crashed while trying to land at Blackbushe airport, near Yateley, south of England.

The Saudi Arabia-registered plane had ploughed into a car auction site and burst into flames.

Hampshire police said the family were visiting the UK on vacation .

The tragedy on Friday is the third fatal plane crash involving members of the vast and wealthy bin Laden clan.

Osama Bin Laden s father, Mohammed, was killed in Saudi Arabia in 1967 when he was on his way to marry his 23rd wife while the late terrorist leader s half-brother, Salem, died in a crash in America in 1988.

Officials from the UK government s Air Accidents Investigation Branch are examining the scene of the crash around Blackbushe airport, about 40 miles from London.

The private jet, an Embraer Phenom 300 worth 7-million pounds and registered in Saudi Arabia, appeared to overshoot the runway and ploughed into rows of parked vehicles on an adjacent car auction site.

The bin Laden family, which runs a huge construction conglomerate in Saudi Arabia, are not known to have any significant business interest in the UK, but London is a popular destination for many wealthy Saudis for shopping trips and socialising with friends.

Hampshire police said there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding the crash.

Experts believe the investigation is likely to focus on pilot error.

The plane s pilot was Mazen Salem al-Dajah, a Jordanian in his late 50s who was employed by the Bin Laden corporation and had 25 years experience of flying.

First Published on August 03, 2015 3:20 pm

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Holiday luggage contains £1.9 billion of kids’ gadgets

<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Luggage Contains £1.9 Billion Of Kids' Gadgets

Long gone are the days of entertaining kids1 with books, toys and board games. These days it appears children are far more interested in which gadgets they’ll be allowed to take on Discount Holidays © holiday with them. New research shows that on average, children’s holiday luggage2 will contain gadgets worth 1.9 billion this year and each child under seven will take around 364 worth of technology on holiday.

Family gadget insurer Protect Your Bubble3 have revealed that families will pack around 2,215 worth of gadgets in their suitcase this summer despite the fact there’s a one in 10 chance they will get stolen, lost or broken. See also: British holidaymakers waste 684 million on things they forget to pack 4 According to research, over 50 per cent of parents rely on technology and gadgets to distract their children while travelling and nearly half wouldn’t consider getting on a long haul flight without technology to keep the kids occupied.

But, it’s not just older children and teenagers who are relying on technology either, nearly half of children under the age of seven will take tablets worth at least 90 on holiday, while more than a third pack smartphones. Perhaps the most shocking statistic is the amount of time children are spending on these pieces of technology. Kids from the UK will spend, on average, two hours a day playing on their gadgets while on holiday, and more than 10 per cent spend four hours playing.

What happened to splashing around in the sea before heading on to the beach for a game of Happy Families?! Top tips for keeping gadgets safe:

1. Your technology and gadgets are much safer in your hand luggage rather than hold luggage

2. Don’t leave them unattended while you’re soaking up the sun or taking a dip in the pool

3. Lock gadgets away in the hotel room safe or at reception

4. Understand that the single article limit on your travel insurance may not cover the true value of your tech and gadgets

5. Make sure you choose a policy that covers you worldwide as standard

Stephen Ebbett, global director of Protect Your Bubble, advises that parents need to ensure they have the right insurance and says: “Gadgets have become an essential part of the Discount Holidays © holiday checklist. There’s no doubt they are invaluable on long journeys to keep children happy and quiet, and parents sane. But July is our biggest month of year for claims, and it’s no accident this coincides with the summer Discount Holidays © holiday getaway.”

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<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Luggage Contains £1.9 Billion Of Kids' Gadgets


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