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Your 2015 holiday shopping list: books, books, and books!

Your 2015 <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Shopping List: Books, Books, And Books!Samuel Snoek-Brown1

It s been a great year for books, y all. And now that the crunch is on for gift-giving season, I wanted to share some books published in the past year by friends of mine! There is a LOT to love here poetry, prose, anthologies, even a few adult coloring books! So I ve included some blurbs or endorsements so you know what you re getting into, and I ve sorted the whole list by something like genre, as well as a couple of sections for particularly prolific publishers I love. Click the links to zip down to the kinds of books you re looking for, or just scroll through and buy one or two of everything.

I ve even included a few books scheduled for publication early next year they re on pre-order now, so get in early and snap those up, too!

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