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Could BMC halt sponsorship at the end of 2017?

Reports suggest that BMC Switzerland will only remain the title sponsor until the end of the 2017 season

Could BMC Halt Sponsorship At The End Of 2017?

Bicycle manufacturer BMC Switzerland is trying to find a new sponsor for its American WorldTour team so that it can step out of the title sponsor role. Reports at the Tour de France1, where BMC Racing are competing with Richie Porte2 and Tejay van Garderen3 this month, say that the owner Andy Rihs wants to leave as early as the end of the 2017 season. French newspaper L Equipe reported this morning that Rihs told those close to him that his company will end title sponsorship at the end of 2017 and become just the bike supplier.

I m pretty close to Andy, I haven t heard that one. No, Team Manager Jim Ochowicz said of the news.

Ochowicz added that eventually yes Rihs wants to step down in his sponsorship. It s hard for a bike sponsor to carry the whole load. There s a few still doing that.

It s difficult, Cannondale, Trek, Giant are trying to hold up the whole team with the majority of the budget. I don t know what those numbers are for them, but our numbers are petty high.

For a bike company to hold that is not an easy thing to do forever. I d agree with Andy, that the ultimate goal is to find a title sponsor and have BMC as a supplier sponsor like Specialized or someone else.

Eventually that s the goal. The goal is to get someone as a title sponsor and BMC as a supplier sponsor.

BMC Racing4 at one point was reported to be one of the biggest budget teams, now it is reportedly between ‘ 16 and ‘ 18 million.

The average WorldTour5 team budget is around ‘ 14 ( 11.85) million with some outfits like Team Sky6 enjoying 24 million.

Get behind the scenes with BMC Racing

This winter, BMC confirmed it would continue at least through to the end of 2017. Ochowicz, contrary to the report in L Equipe, said that there is no indication of when BMC might leave the title sponsorship role.

We just keep moving forward like any other team. It s imperative that BMC Switzerland continues as a bicycle manufacture because they are our title and their existence seems to depend on our existence as well.

They seem to be doing fine, I m not in the bicycle business, but all indications to me are that they are doing well, the profits are there, and they are making some good movements forward.

That s the whole idea behind this team, it s to help grow this business. This season is the 10th for BMC, which began as a US continental team. It became professional continental, signed Australian Cadel Evans7 in 2010 and after joining the WorldTour ranks, won the Tour de France in 2011 with Evans.


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Why DO the Brits behave so badly on holiday?

As Kerry Katona raises eyebrows for her vacation antics, an etiquette expert examines where we’re going…

  • New photos show Kerry Katona behaving badly at Gran Canaria airport
  • The type of behaviour has become common among Brits abroad
  • Etiquette expert Grant Harrold explains why British tourists act up




Kerry Katona raised eyebrows earlier this week when photos that were taken last month emerged of her reclined on the floor of a car park outside Gran Canaria airport with her tracksuit bottoms around her ankles as she waited for a coach to her hotel. The images prompted speculation that the singer had been drunk as she had tweeted a picture of herself drinking champagne before she boarded the flight. But Kerry isn’t the first Brit to make a spectacle of herself while on Discount Holidays © holiday and she won’t be the last. In light of the pictures, etiquette expert and former Royal Butler Grant Harrold 1sat down with MailOnline Travel to discuss why the Brits act up while abroad.

Kerry Katona lies sprawled across an airport car park with her jogging bottoms around her ankles

Harrold believes that the combination of a stiff upper lip, long working hours and the rise of reality TV combine to create the perfect storm when holidaymakers leave the motherland.

Here, he breaks down what it is about the British personality that makes them behave worse as soon as they step foot on foreign lands – and what we need to do to reverse the problem…

The British work ethic

In the UK we all work really hard, then we save the pennies for the two-week trip that provides a break from the daily grind. People work very hard for their holidays and they are determined to have a good time and let their hair down. The attitude is: ‘I ve paid my money, I ll do what I want.’

Grant Harrold is an etiquette expert and former Royal Butler

The conservative British culture

In the UK, our culture is quite conservative.

We are very black and white about things. We don’t drink during the day, we only drink in the evening or at weekends. But in many foreign countries they drink at different times of the day and the weather is different, so we get confused, caught up in it and can t really cope with it.

Drinking at the airport

When Kerry was going over on Discount Holidays © holiday she enjoyed a drink beforehand and she isn’t alone – British people have got into a habit in recent years of having a drink at the airport no matter what the time is. I enjoy a drink but can’t see the point in getting so intoxicated before the flight that it is unpleasant for others – the last thing you want is someone in a confined space acting unreasonably. I was flying to Nice last year and in the departure lounge at 4am there were people sat in the pub drinking pints of lager.

Why would you put that into your system at that time of day – how on earth are you going to cope with the end of the day? Then as soon as they get to their destination they ll be misbehaving.


Lack of research: The Brits often don’t do any research on the country they are visiting. Too much skin: There are plenty of cultures that discourage sunbathing topless or showing a lot of skin where Brits ignore the customs.

Lack of sunscreen: We’re known for burning ourselves – the Brits have a problem with putting enough sunscreen on in the sunshine. Stay hydrated: We think we can handle the heat in other countries but our bodies aren’t used it. Stay out of the sun and stay hydrated.

Lay off the beer: Instead of drinking water, people drink alcohol thinking it will quench the thirst and that s where it goes badly wrong. Don’t play up to the camera: If someone starts taking photos, Brits often get the urge to do something silly to impress their mates.

Reality TV sets a bad example

Kerry comes across as a really nice person but she should really apologise for her behaviour. The younger generation look up to these people, they take it on board and think that behaviour is ok.

When we have celebrities who go overseas and misbehave, it’s not only embarrassing for them, it’s embarrassing for us at home.

Gentlemanly behaviour is no longer the norm

On my Twitter page, I have been pushing etiquette manners and a lot of the older generation say they are worried about the younger generation.

Our country was famous for gentlemen and we don t seem to have as many as we should anymore.


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The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

Today while celebrating Enkutatash Ethiopian New Year I am being inspired by beautiful Ethiopian Discount Holidays © holiday rituals that I am blessed to be surrounded by and of course actuated to share it with the world through the following photo essay. Enjoy my Enkutatash Celebration.

The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

Embellishing households with Adey Ababa yellow daises which blossom at this time of year in Ethiopia.

The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

Young Ethiopian Boys giving out their Enkutatash Paintings.

The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

Wishing a Happy New Year through colorful rituals.

The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

Young Ethiopian girls going door to door singing Enkutatash Song for New Year.

The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

Greeted by Gospel Singers from the Orthodox Church.

The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

No Ethiopian Discount Holidays © holiday celebration would be complete without Ketema the freshly cut green grass.

The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

Pile of Injera Ethiopian National Staple.

The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

Freshly home baked bread Difo Dabo.

The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

Giving out pieces of bread to Enkutatash singing girls, gospel singers and painting boys.

The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

Enjoying one of Ethiopian Traditional Discount Holidays © Holiday dishes Doro Wot

The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

Another Ethiopian Discount Holidays © Holiday Dish Tibs Stir Fried Meat.

The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

Local drinks to make the celebration complete.

The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

Home brewed traditional beer Tela.

The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

Tej home brewed honey mead a toast to Enkutatash!

The Eloquent Pieces Of Ethiopian New Year Celebration

Relishing coffee through Ethiopian Traditional Coffee ceremony. In honoring treasured Ethiopian regional Discount Holidays © holiday rituals.