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Team Sky: ‘Even without Mikel Landa we showed we’re still in the Giro d’Italia’

Team Sky get a stage win just days after leader Mikel Landa abandoned the Giro d’Italia

Team Sky: ‘Even Without Mikel Landa We Showed We’re Still In The Giro D’Italia’

Mikel Nieve after winning stage 13 of the Giro d’Italia. Photo: Graham Watson

Team Sky lost their chance to win the Giro d Italia1 overall when Mikel Landa fell ill and abandoned on Tuesday2, but it says it showed its riders are still in the race with Mikel Nieve s win on stage 133 in Cividale del Friuli. Nieve escaped with 25 others in the stage through Italy s northeast region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and dropped his last companion, former Team Sky4 rider Joe Dombrowski (Cannondale5) on the second to last climb. He won by 48 seconds over Giovanni Visconti (Movistar6).

We went into the rest day thinking we were in really good position, so to lose the leader the day after is a big blow, Sports Director Dario Cioni told Cycling Weekly7.

At times you re down on the ground, it s really important to show you can react. This win also shows that the team we had here to support Mikel Landa would ve been good enough for Mikel. We showed we are still in the race.

Looking back at the first week of the Giro d Italia

It s a big boost of morale for the team after what happened to Mikel, Nieve added. We had to hit the reset button, so to win the stage so soon after what happened, it gives us some tranquillity.

It was a real blow about what happened to Mikel.

We came here to win the Giro, not just win stages. Well, that s cycling. If Mikel had still been in the race, I would be working for him, not sitting here right now. Nieve won his second stage in the Giro d Italia8 after the Gardeccia mountaintop win in 2011, when the Basque climber raced for home team Euskaltel-Euskadi. Team Sky signed him to support Chris Froome9 in the Tour de France10, but also to fill in at other times.

The team s brass called Nieve at the last minute to support his former Euskaltel team-mate in the Giro when Sergio Henao had to be pulled with biological passport questions11.

I m sure Landa will have sent him a message of congratulations, Cioni continued. Mikel wasn t meant to be in the Giro, we asked him to come because we needed climber. He said yes and we told he would have his chances if they came and we would not try to kill him on the other stages. We lacked our leader, but we come away with one of the hardest stage wins. There are a few more to come, so who knows.

The Giro d Italia faces one of its toughest stages on Saturday with six categorised climbs, five above 2000 metres.

The race travels over the next week to the west and ends in Turin on Sunday.


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Avoid These Vacation-Ruining European Travel Scams

Photography by Ingalls Photo.

There are a couple of things every savvy traveller already knows to keep in mind when going abroad. Google Earth-ing the address of a sketchy hostel and always keeping a second form of ID on you are practically no-brainers to the jaded jet-setter.

But would you think to double-check the cash change that a cabbie gave you back for counterfeit bills? Or that the adorable French gamin asking if you can spare a euro for Unicef is actually eyeing your wristwatch? According to data from insurance agency AIG, these are just some of the weird, country-specific scams that local con artists use to part tourists from their valuables. Some of them, like fake taxi drivers, are fairly universal. But some of them are really crazy. In Italy, for example, it’s apparently common for thieves to slash the tires of a car, then pretend to come along to help the stranded tourist. When you open up the car, your new friends will rob you. AIG put together an infographic to keep travelers informed of what to watch out for when making your way through Europe.

It may be something to print out and tuck in your wallet with your list of emergency contacts.

Stevie Turner interviews author, promoter and publisher Susan Toy …

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Stevie Turner Interviews Author, Promoter And Publisher Susan Toy ...

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