Thousands of Euro 2016 fans face travel chaos after Ryanair is forced to cancel 75 flights over French air traffic control strike

  • Airline grounds jets today and may cancel more Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Air traffic controllers have planned further walk-outs for rest of the week
  • Thousands of fans face travel chaos as they head to France for Euro 20161
  • Ryanair is calling for European Commission to alleviate impact of strikes
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Ryanair cancelled 75 flights today after French air traffic controllers went on strike, causing chaos for thousands of fans travelling to Euro 20163. The disruption for flights due to operate in French air space is set to continue with further walk-outs planned on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Thousands of football fans from the UK are due to travel across the Channel in the coming days to support England4, Wales or Northern Ireland at the Euro 2016 football tournament.

Ryanair cancelled 75 flights today and looks set to ground more on Friday, Saturday and Sunday after French air traffic controllers went on strike, causing chaos for thousands of fans travelling to Euro 2016 (file picture)

It is the 50th French ATC strike since 2009 and the ninth in the past 10 weeks, according to Ryanair. The budget airline’s chief marketing officer, Kenny Jacobs, said: ‘This latest strike action by the French ATC unions is a clear escalation of their attempts to cause as much disruption as possible.

‘And not only will European consumers heading off in huge numbers on their summer holidays be affected, football fans from all over the continent face massive disruption as they get ready for the European Championships, which begin next week.

‘It is also important to note that the tourism sectors in Italy and Spain are continuing to be hit hard by these strikes, with thousands of flights to both destinations cancelled in the past few weeks alone.

‘This means hotel beds lie empty and restaurants remain half-full due to tourists being unable to fly over France to get there.’

Chaos: Commuters wait for a bus to Orly Airport during a railway strike in Paris on Thursday. Workers at the SNCF national rail authority, whose train service will be crucial to football’s Euro 2016 spectators, are on an open-ended strike to protest their working conditions and a controversial government labour reform

Ryanair is urging people to sign a petition calling on the European Commission to introduce measures to alleviate the impact of French ATC strikes, such as requiring the unions to engage in arbitration to resolve their claims and requiring that flights over France are protected.

But Transport Minister Alain Vidalies said all unions other than the CGT had called off the air traffic control strike and said the government hoped to avert disruption ahead of Euro 2016. The walk-out is part of a series of strikes by militant trade unions who have brought much of the country to a standstill in a mass protest against labour reforms. Around half of French train services were cancelled for a second day today after railways workers went on strike, causing transport chaos across France.

Attempts to broaden the protests to the capital’s underground also appeared to have failed, with Mr Vidalies saying traffic was normal on the Paris Metro. Commuters wait for a bus to Orly Airport during a railway strike that halved services on Thursday

CGT-led stoppages were also disrupting refineries and nuclear power plants but the union looked increasingly isolated in its efforts to force the Socialist government to withdraw a labour law reform that would make hiring and firing easier.

‘There’ll be no disruption of the airways this weekend,’ said Vidalies, who said four of the five unions who had given notice of a June 3-5 strike had agreed to call it off. Six out of 10 high-speed TGV train connections were operating and other inter-city links were cut to a third of normal, said the state-owned SNCF railway company, a stronghold of the CGT union, which is one of France’s two largest unions.

But a smaller union was expected to call off its participation in the strike after securing government assurances of help with the SNCF’s ‘ 50billion ($56.04 billion) debt.

President Francois Hollande has rejected CGT demands that he scrap a bill that the union says will undermine labour protection by giving companies more scope to negotiate in-house deals on pay and conditions.


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My Valentine's day experience!

Cosy weekend with family and friends

here1. This thing in my own village where I live was a very small ceremony and not comparable to what we have in our town. We still went thou because the ceremony came to our own streets, so it would be a bit silly to not go right? My best friend came over again and we went to watch it together.

It was a cold day, but it was still a nice afternoon and we had to laugh a lot at what we saw. They threw a lot of candy as well so we grabbed as much as we could! To end the day, we went to a restaurant in the evening. This time it was my mom to be surprised because this was my dad s idea. And yes, I could come along because I am just one sad person without a boyfriend, haha!

We had some delicious food thou, I can enjoy food so much. Luckily I don t have to pay attention to my weight thou! Ready for some foodporn?

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