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Richie Porte: ‘It was a disaster and we just have to pretend it didn’t happen’

The BMC Racing co-leader laments his bad luck on stage two of the 2016 Tour de France

Richie Porte: ‘It Was A Disaster And We Just Have To Pretend It Didn’t Happen’

Richie Porte (centre) finishing stage two well down on his rivals. Photo: Yuzuru Sunada

Richie Porte1 s Tour de France turned pear-shaped quickly when a rear wheel puncture in the final kilometres of only the second stage to Cherbourg-en-Cotentin cost him 1-45 on his rivals. The Australian, who co-leads BMC Racing2 with Tejay van Garderen after helping Chris Froome3 for years, relied on the service of Mavic as the flat happened at 4.5 kilometres to race in a technical uphill finish. The mechanic worked quickly, but given the importance of the incident for Porte s overall hopes, the change seemed to take hours.

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Porte arrived to the bus in the team s red and black kit with the grit of the day and the pain of the time loss showing on his face.

It was a disaster but what can you do? Porte said to a bank of television cameras. You are sitting second wheel in perfect position I don t know what the hell I hit, but next thing the rear tyre went down.

It s a disaster, but I don t know what you really can do. I mean I just move on, I suppose. Disaster struck Porte in the 2015 Giro d Italia5 when he punctured in the final kilometres and took an illegal wheel change from a rival6 that cost him a two-minute penalty. A crash later in the race forced him to abandon and give up hopes of winning the Giro for Team Sky7.

It is kind of like last year in the Giro, but it probably would have been quicker to take the two-minute penalty than the wheel change I got, explained Porte.

It s all far from over but it s quite a hard one to take.

We just have to pretend that it never happened and wait of the mountains to come.

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Questions were asked before the Tour about who was leading BMC Racing even if the team said that Porte and van Garderen would both fight for the classification. Porte now admitted the leadership swings towards van Garderen. I suppose it does. Obviously Tejay s not lost any time on the main GC guys.

I think that s a knee-jerk reaction on his part, American van Garderen said at the other end of the bus. I still see us as equal co-leaders. He ll certainly still have support on the road and I think he just needs to stay positive and not lose focus.

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Alberto Contador9 (Tinkoff) also must not lose focus, but it may be hard for the two-time Tour de France10 winner.

For a second day in a row, he crashed. On stage two, he fell on the his left shoulder and knee, opposite the other side he injured in a high-speed crash on the opening day of the race. After the fall at 120 kilometres to race, he re-grouped himself slowly and appeared at one point, ready to give up. He re-joined the peloton, but in the last kilometres, slipped behind 48 seconds as the road tilted upwards to the finish where his teammate Peter Sagan won11 in a group with Froome.

Richie Porte: ‘It Was A Disaster And We Just Have To Pretend It Didn’t Happen’

Alberto Contador at the end of stage two of the 2016 Tour de France. Photo: Yuzuru Sunada

I lost time that I didn t want to lose, Contador said. I tried to minimise the maximum amount of time I lost. Cycling is like that, and the Tour is unfolding like that for me.

Physically, it s a setback. I cannot pedal like I want to. Nevertheless, I know that s a consequence of my falls. I want to maintain a high morale.

I am still standing, but I am banged up.


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PM: Cost of holidays and travel to rise if the UK left the EU

  • weaker pound to hit family holidays
  • Treasury analysis shows 230 rise for a 4 person Discount Holidays © holiday to the EU
  • costs could rise this summer after a leave vote
  • cuts to mobile phone roaming charges not guaranteed

The cost of a 4-person Discount Holidays © holiday to Europe this summer could rise by 230 following a vote to leave the European Union.

The Treasury’s analysis1 of the immediate impact of a vote to leave, published on Monday, estimates the value of the pound will fall by 12%, making travel in Europe and the rest of the world more expensive.

With the pound expected to fall dramatically immediately after a vote to leave, travel costs such as accommodation, food and drinks would be higher for families travelling overseas.

New Treasury analysis shows that on average, after 2 years, a 4-person Discount Holidays © holiday travelling together would spend 230 more during an 8-night Discount Holidays © holiday in Europe.

The fall in the value of the pound would therefore affect all Discount Holidays © holiday expenditure abroad that is paid for after a vote to leave the EU on 23 June.

A vote to leave would also affect the cost of holidays to popular destinations outside the EU, such as Florida, with sterling expected to depreciate against other currencies including the US dollar.

Prime Minister David Cameron said:

All the evidence points to the value of the pound falling after a vote to leave the EU. A weaker pound means people’s hard-earned savings won’t go as far on holidays overseas.

The choice facing the British people on 23 June is increasingly clear: the certainty and economic security of remaining in the EU, or a leap in the dark that would raise prices – including the cost of a family holiday.

On top of the immediate effects of a weaker pound on the real-world cost of goods and services for those travelling abroad, there could also be a impacts on other arrangements that have benefitted British holidaymakers if the UK were to leave the EU.

Cost of travel

Cheap flights within the European Union could also be jeopardised if the UK leaves the EU’s single market.

Low cost air fares fell by more than 40% between 1992 and 2000, following the introduction of a single market for aviation which allows any EU airline to operate routes from and between any EU airport.

Outside the single market, the UK would lose this benefit which has increased competition and driven down costs for passengers.

Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive of easyJet said:

For easyJet and our passengers membership of the EU has been a good thing. The common aviation area created by the EU allows any European airline to fly anywhere in Europe.

This has kept all airlines’ costs low and has enabled low fares airlines like easyJet to expand.

If the UK were to vote to leave the EU any new, more restrictive aviation arrangements would add cost and therefore fares would rise. And a weaker pound would mean the cost of a Discount Holidays © holiday abroad – including food, accommodation and drinks – would be more expensive.

That is why we think our customers are better off in Europe.

Roaming charges

The cost of mobile phone roaming charges has already been cut to nearly zero in Europe, with the UK leadership securing a better deal for consumers.

The maximum surcharge for outgoing calls is now no more than ‘ 0.05 (about 4p) per minute, incoming calls are no more than ‘ 0.014 (less than a penny) per minute, texts are priced ‘ 0.02 per message (about a penny) and data is priced ‘ 0.05 per megabyte (about 4p).

From June 2017 all roaming charges across the EU will be completely abolished, after the UK led the charge in securing agreement across Europe as part of the single market in telecoms.

These arrangements, which benefit millions of British travellers every year, would not be guaranteed to continue were the UK to leave the European Union.

Gavin Patterson, chief executive of BT Group, which owns EE, said:

Because of the UK’s membership of the EU, BT and EE have been able to offer our customers lower charges, including inclusive roaming plans and data charges that are over 90% lower for Britons travelling on the continent.

Voters need to think very carefully before turning their backs on an institution that helps to ensure benefits like that are delivered.

Membership of the EU also helps BT’s international division sell services to business customers and large organisations across Europe, something which helps us to create jobs.

Vittorio Colao, chief executive of the Vodafone Group, said:

The end of roaming charges – which was driven by the EU – and Europe-wide offers from operators like Vodafone – the European leader in 4G – mean that everyone can use their mobiles anywhere in Europe without having to worry about excessive costs.

Britain will benefit from being part of a borderless European single digital market as it will create new opportunities for economic growth. Consequently, we believe it is better to be a shaper and leader from within, rather than being just a commercial neighbour.

Other benefits enjoyed by holidaymakers travelling to Europe would also be at risk, including free healthcare within the EU and the ‘booze cruise’ enjoyed by thousands of day trippers every year, with customs controls likely to limit duty free.

Notes to editors

The analysis conducted by the Treasury uses data on the average spend per Discount Holidays © holiday visit of a UK resident published by the Office for National Statistics in the International Passenger Survey2.

The Treasury’s analysis of the immediate economic impact of leaving the EU estimated a decline in the value of sterling of around 12% in the 2 years following a vote to leave.

A range of other economic forecasters have projected a decline in the value of sterling in the event of a vote to leave the EU.

Treasury estimates of impact on the cost of a Discount Holidays © holiday to the most popular Discount Holidays © holiday destinations for UK travellers based on a 12% decline in the value of sterling

Numbers rounded to nearest 5:

  • EU average, 8 night stay for 4 people, cost up 230
  • Spain, 9 night stay for 4 people, up 225
  • France, 8 night stay for 4 people, up 210
  • USA, 14 night stay for 4 people, up 620
  • Portugal, 10 night stay for 4 people, up 325


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IHG® Rewards Club Members Receive Exclusive Rates By Booking Direct

IHG® Rewards Club Members Receive Exclusive Rates By Booking Direct

3 May, 2016

IHG Rewards Club Members Receive Exclusive Rates By Booking Direct

IHG1 (InterContinental Hotels Group), one of the world s leading hotel companies, today announces the global roll out of Your Rate by IHG Rewards Club, an exclusive rate offered to IHG Rewards Club2 members when they book direct. It is part of the on-going evolution of IHG Rewards Club, the world s first and largest hotel loyalty programme, with over 92 million members worldwide. IHG Rewards Club already offers industry leading benefits that include no blackout dates on Reward Nights, mobile check-in and extended check-out times.

From this month, Your Rate by IHG Rewards Club will launch at IHG hotels in the Americas and Europe, and will be promoted as part of major brand campaigns in both regions. It will be rolled out across the remainder of IHG s estate in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and China later in the year. The new member benefit will be tailored to reflect the local dynamic in individual regions and markets. IHG s decision to launch Your Rate by IHG Rewards Club follows a successful pilot of exclusive member rates in Europe and the Americas in 2015. It is supported by extensive consumer research into what IHG Rewards Club3 members are looking for from a loyalty programme, namely that they belong to a special club with preferred pricing for members.

Keith Barr, Chief Commercial Officer, IHG, said: IHG is a consumer driven company and we are committed to ensuring that we provide a superior and personalised experience for our millions of guests around the world.

Offering exclusive rates to our most loyal guests who know and trust IHG s family of brands is a key part of this. The launch of Your Rate by IHG Rewards Club is another important milestone for our loyalty programme, which last year launched a new top-tier membership rate, Spire Elite, alongside a series of other benefits.

Exclusive hotel rates will be available when members book direct via IHG branded websites, the IHG App or phone reservations through IHG s global call centres. Over the coming weeks, these rates may also be booked by select travel partners on behalf of any IHG Rewards Club Member through eligible channels. For more information about IHG Rewards Club or to become a member, please visit www.ihgrewardsclub.com4


Media enquiries:

Mark Debenham:

+44 (0) 1895 512097

Jovana Lakcevic:


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