Students Trend Boys Men’s Casual Canvas Crossbody Chest Bag Cycling Bike Hiking Shopping Bag For iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad Mini (Beige) Discount Holidays Deal Luggage Offer

Students Trend Boys Men's Casual Canvas Crossbody Chest Bag Cycling Bike Hiking Shopping Bag For iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, iPad Mini (Beige)

  • TopThe Students Men’s Casual Canvas Retro Hiking Cycling Shopping Shoulder Bag Messenger Bag
  • Hiking Cycling Single-Shoulder Bag
  • 100% Brand New

Portable Bag shouler bag, Crossbody Bag.
100% brand new.
Suitable for: Work Travel Cycling Camping Sports Bag.
Style: one shouler.
Closed: Zipper
Internal Structure: zipper pocket cell phone,you can put phone iphone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 4,3,2, S5, S4, S3, S2, the daily you can put in also.
Color: Black, Beige
Style: Fashion, Relax, Adult, travel, hiking
Gift To: Buy this durable fashion bag gift to your Boy Friends, your family member.

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Pro peloton reacts to disc brakes at Eneco Tour

In favour, dead against, or just plain indifferent; here s what the professional peloton had to say about the introduction of disc brakes at the 2015 Eneco Tour

Pro Peloton Reacts To Disc Brakes At Eneco Tour

Bernhard Eisel’s disc brake-equipped Pinarello Dogma F8

Disc brakes were used for the first time in professional road raing on Tuesday1, when two riders on Team Roompot trialled the equipment on stage two of the Eneco Tour. As part of the UCI s project to test the technology in the pro peloton2, Team Sky s Bernie Eisel also trialled the brakes3 on his Pinarello Dogma during Wednesday s stage three4. However the issue of disc brakes in professional racing remains divisive. What did riders and mechanics at the Eneco Tour make of their introduction this week?

It s working perfectly!
Bernie Eisel (Team Sky)

Trust me I was the last one that wanted to use disc brakes. They gave me them to try, and see, and then I could still complain about it.

At the moment it s working perfectly, no rubbing, nothing. For the moment, no complaints at all.

This stage three was the first time I ve ridden with them. In the first 50 to 60km I had to figure out how it worked, but at the end it s just super easy. After three or four corners of hard braking you know how it works.

Pro Peloton Reacts To Disc Brakes At Eneco Tour

Bernhard Eisel s disc brake-equipped Pinarello Dogma F8

A recipe for disaster
Greg Henderson (Lotto-Soudal)

A lot of the crashes already are caused by guys, say 20 places in front of you touching their brakes a little bit, and then by the time it gets 20 back it becomes a lock on, an accordion effect.

If you have guys who just touch the brakes and they lock on, as far as I m concerned there are going to be more crashes in the peloton.

I can tell you I ve been cut by chainrings so many times; in a crash there s always a mark on your leg or your arm where you look at it later and go, yup, that was a chainring. So now you ll be able to add, oh yeah that was a disc brake.

It s a nice idea, it looks good, it looks different, but as far as I m concerned I don t think it s safe in the pro peloton.

>>>New contract is close, but nothing signed yet, insists Tom Boonen >>>5

It doesn t change a thing.
Tom Boonen (Etixx-Quickstep)

I don t think anybody noticed. Everybody is acting like it s the biggest deal of the century, but it doesn t change a thing.

The one thing that limits brake power is the tyre of the bike, it s not the brake. With a rim brake I can brake as hard as the disc brake, because when the wheel jams, the wheel jams.

I prefer disc brakes, I think it s safer to use disc brakes, but I don t know what the fuss is about. Let all teams be free, give them the choice to use them or not this season.

Primeur voor ons @EnecoTour De @IsaacCycle van @timkerkhof en @BerdendeVries zijn uitgerust met @SRAMroad hydro discs

Team Roompot (@TeamRoompot) August 11, 201512

Every time you put the wheel in you have to set the calipers up.
Filip Tisma, mechanic (Team Sky)

The main challenge is to make both levers feel the same, front and back. Just everything is different, wheels and everything.

You have to go back to basics and make sure everything is correct.

The plan at the moment is just to change the bike, not to change the wheel if there is a puncture. It s not about time, but every time you put the wheel in the bike you need to set the calipers up. So if you do it in a rush, in the race, it s impossible to get it correct.


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Busman's Holiday

One of the pleasures of exploring our coastal northwest is the chance to see other kitchen gardens growing in this climate. Recently we traveled by ferry and bicycle from Lopez Island to Vancouver Island, BC, the Olympic Peninsula and Whidbey Island and back to Lopez. As we pedaled along bike trails and quiet roads, we saw flourishing vegetable and fruit gardens on a much larger scale than ours and delighted in the farm stands, farmers markets and restaurants that they supply. On the bike route from the Sidney, BC ferry terminal to Victoria, we stopped at Mitchell s1, a sixth generation family owned and operated farm that has been growing on the Saanich Peninsula for over 150 years. From our bikes we could see their fields stretching up one side of the valley and in their store we saw some of the over 50 varieties of fruits and vegetables they grow. Their website offers a great series of vegetable photos.

The next day, biking from Port Angeles to Sequim, we stopped at Nash s Farm Store2, a highlight for me because I ve admired Nash Huber ever since reading about him years ago in the Puget Sound Consumer s Cooperative (PCC) newsletter. Unlike Mitchell Brothers, Nash Huber didn t start with family land but with the PCC Farmland Trust3. Working with the trust he has saved acres and acres of farmland from development and farms many of them now4, supplying his farm stand, farmers markets and restaurants with his produce. He s especially famous for his carrots. I spotted him at the back of the store and one of the staff said proudly, Yes, that s our Nash. In addition to farm stands open daily, there are farmers markets5 all along the Olympic Peninsula.

Most are open only on Saturday but we were lucky to find the wonderful Wednesday Port Townsend Farmers Market6 open at Polk and Lawrence streets in the uptown section of Port Townsend. Dharma Ridge7, Finnriver8, Midori Farm9 and Red Dog Farm10 were just four of the many farms offering gorgeous fruits and vegetables. After seeing the beautifully grown produce from all of these farms and talking with their proud farmers, we imagined future bike trips to visit each of them.

Busman's Holiday

Busman's Holiday

As travelers, we didn t have a kitchen for this amazing produce but there are wonderful restaurants that serve this abundance. In Victoria, we ate at Olo11 a word that means hungry in Chinook Jargon. We were hungry when we arrived but not when we left. Their menu12 featuring locally grown vegetables and fruit, island-raised beef and fish from local waters reveals why. One side dish I repeated as soon as we got home was farro served with fava beans. It sounds simple but the subtle visual treat of light brown farro and bright green fava beans and the combination of chewy, nutty grains and soft, earthy beans, were perfect. Olo served this side with lingcod but it makes a fine meal on its own.

In Sequim we ate at Nourish13, Garden to Plate, Sequim s Gathering Place . It is located at the very top of a long hill but definitely worth the effort to get to on a bike. We sat outside and enjoyed the views of their gardens, Sequim, the Strait and in the distance Lopez Island. My delicious NW Nicoise Salad substituted grilled NW wild salmon for the usual tuna and added lots of vegetables and greens to the classic potato and egg. Inspired by their salad, I made a version of it for a picnic the other night adding green and yellow beans and sliced red and gold cherry tomatoes to roasted potatoes and grilled salmon. And in Port Townsend we ate lunch and then breakfast the next day Sweet Laurette Caf and Bistro14, another inspiring farm-to-table focused restaurant. The breakfast Farmers Market Scramble, dictated by what is fresh and organic from our farmers this week added a saut of many of the beautiful vegetables we d seen the day before at the Wednesday market to softly scrambled eggs, just the thing to set us up for the final day of biking.

Heading home on the ferry later that day, we admitted that a bike ride around our Lopez Island and the other San Juan Islands would have given us similar experiences of farms, farm stands and markets and farm-to-table meals but branching out to see what s around us reminds us of the amazing variety and abundance of farming in our region. We re ready to explore more.

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