North Korea’s ‘Six Star’ Hotel Ryanggang Hotel Slaughtered On TripAdvisor

Kim Jong-un is on a relentless drive to attract tourists and much needed foreign currency – to North Korea.12

So it will have no doubt gone down like a lead balloon to see one of the country s top hotels mauled on TripAdvisor.3

Pyongyang s first class 4 Ryanggang Hotel has been pelted with a series of scathing reviews, revealing the sad truth behind what impoverished locals proudly describe as a six-star 5 dwelling.

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Old and cold , was one allegation, while one visitor from Germany wrote: Horrible place, but I guess still on the upper side of NK hospitality. Beds are wooden plates with a cushion on it. Warm water in the morning and evening for an hour each. No fruits available, but that s for most of the country. Another tourist from Abu Dhabi branded it a Soviet retro hotel , reporting: Concrete, cold water showers, rock hard beds and power cuts are all to be expected at this Soviet retro hotel. Think of it as a form of military training and you ll love it. None of the light switches worked and what was that crazy broken enigma machine between the beds?

Loved the DPRK and this hotel fitted in perfectly. Would recommend it for an authentic DPRK experience. A series of images showing dark, dank corridoors, stained tablecloths and filthy bathrooms have also been uploaded.

Given Kim s predilection for sentencing to death mostly anyone who fails to deliver his vision (including the manager of a fish farm6 who was executed after a number of baby terrapins died, and an official who made the grave error of falling asleep7 during a meeting with the Dear Leader,) the poor reviews are bound to be of concern for the current hotel staff. Remarks upon the scarcity of delicacies such a fruit and eggs at the breakfast table are unsurprising in a country with a population of 24 million people facing chronic food shortages. According to a United Nations report, nearly a third of children under the age of five showed signs of stunting, particularly in rural areas and there have even been rumours of some famine-stricken North Koreans being forced into cannibalism.8

This is in contrast to the Kim s import of luxury goods9 including alcohol and watches which totaled $645.86 million in 2012 alone.

There are just eight hotels open to foreigners, all of whom must travel via China, in Pyongyang.

Last year the leader of the rogue state expressed his wish to attract ten times as many tourists to the country by 2017.10

There are currently 100,000 tourists visiting per year, but if Kim s plan succeeds, that figure will reach one million by next year, and two million by 2020.


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The 25 cheapest holiday destinations in Europe

The 25 Cheapest <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Destinations In EuropeAntalya is one of the cheapest cities for a break in Europe, with the average hotel room priced at 34.30/night.muratart/Shutterstock1

Travelling around Europe can be expensive. But there are a number of affordable cities you can visit, according to recent data from airport transfer website Hoppa2 that reveals the cheapest places for a Discount Holidays © holiday on the continent. The website looked at the average cost of various travel including a night’s stay in a hotel room, dinner for two, a 1-kilometre taxi ride, a cup of coffee, a pint of beer, and a bottle of wine in 48 European cities.

From big-name beach destinations to lesser known cities, here are the cheapest places for a break:

Note: The total costs next to the name of each city below represent the average daily amount you can expect to spend in each destination, according to Hoppa.


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Bank Holiday traffic: Delays expected to be worst for a DECADE this …


Traffic is expected to be twice as bad this weekend as Brits make a last-minute dash to get away for the long weekend

MOTORISTS hoping to get away for the weekend are facing the worst bank Discount Holidays © holiday traffic in a DECADE as warm weather, rail delays and a last-minute Discount Holidays © holiday rush are set to spark travel chaos. Experts say twice as many vehicles as a normal weekend are set to hit the road between Friday and Monday prompting possible tailbacks of up to two hours on busy roads.

Bank <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Traffic: Delays Expected To Be Worst For A DECADE This ...

PA:Press Association

Traffic is expected to be twice as bad as normal this weekend as Brits flock away for the long weekend

The southeast is expected to be hit with the warmest weather, as temperatures soar to 29C this week. It is thought the M25, M27, M5 and M6 will be the busiest motorways despite highway chiefs preparing to temporarily lift or complete more than 370 miles of roadworks by the end of the week.

These emergency measures are not thought to be enough to prevent gridlock in the busiest areas.

Bank <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Traffic: Delays Expected To Be Worst For A DECADE This ...

PA:Press Association

Rail delays and warm weather are set to add to the traffic woes for those getting away for the weekend

Traffic is also expected to be particularly bad around busy airports, with large numbers of families taking last-minute summer holidays before the kids head back to school next week. Almost 248,000 people are expected to fly out of Heathrow on Friday 25 per cent up on the transport hub s daily average. Manchester is also preparing for the busiest 24 hours of the year, with 103,000 people expected to pass through.

Congestion will not be helped by national rail delays and disruptions across the country. It comes as Network Rail prepares to shut down large swathes of the rail network as they carry out 940 engineering projects as part of a 30 million upgrade.


Blackwall Tunnel closed: M25 traffic delays cause chaos for London commuters


Shocking moment road rage driver punched and kicked a car waiting at traffic lights


Futuristic traffic light tech will ensure you NEVER wait at a red signal again


Eurostar Bank Discount Holidays © Holiday strikes called off from midnight to allow further talks


Cabinet minister declares war on union ‘bullies’ as rail strikes threaten to ruin Bank Holiday

BANK Discount Holidays © HOLIDAY CHAOS

Virgin Trains East Coast workers to walk out on August Bank Holiday

Great Western services around Bristol will be disrupted as the Severn Tunnel launches a six-week shutdown. The service runs between south Wales and London Paddington.

South West Trains, Greater Anglia, Virgin Trains west coast, London Midland, Southeastern and Great Northern are also expected to be struck by problems. Inrix, which supplies traffic data, said drivers could face the worst bank Discount Holidays © holiday congestion in a decade . Greg Hallsworth, UK traffic analyst, told The Times1: A perfect storm of conditions will lead to increased traffic as carmaggedon blights the long weekend.

Bank <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Traffic: Delays Expected To Be Worst For A DECADE This ... National rail services are set to be hit by heavy delays and cancellations this weekend sparking more problems for drivers

With some good weather forecast and potential rail disruption, holidaymakers could find roads gridlocked far more than usual.

We could see delays of more than 120 minutes for some of the worst-affected roads this weekend.
Tailbacks of up to 90 minutes are expected between junctions 9 and 21 of the M25 causing problems for commuters trying to get to Heathrow, Gatwick and the West country.

Holidaymakers heading to Devon and Cornwall are also expected to be hit with issues on the M5 southbound past Bristol.

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