Italian teams ‘forced pro riders to pay to race’

On-going investigation in Italy centres on the practice of certain cycling teams to charge riders to join them, and charge them again if they want to leave

Italian Teams ‘forced Pro Riders To Pay To Race’

Italian teams Androni, Wilier-Southeast and Bardiani required professionals to pay to race according to an ongoing investigation with testimony from Olympic gold medalist Elia Viviani1 (Sky). On Friday morning, Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera lifted the lid on an Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) investigation. The case, after being closed twice by the Italian cycling federation (FCI), is going ahead thanks to the work of a CONI prosecutor.

Viviani did not have to pay to race, but confirmed in his June 14 testimony that Bardiani asked for money from Marco Coledan, the article read. Coledan, now with American WorldTour team Trek-Segafredo2, has denied the claims. But at least six other cyclists admitted to paying or to having to find sponsors to pay for their contracts.

The newspaper exposed the practice in both cycling and football last November. The practice has been easier to uncover in the two-wheeled sport.

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The prosecutor called the managers of the teams Androni, Wilier-Southeast and Bardiani Gianni Savio, Angelo Citracca and Bruno Reverberi to testify. They risk a one-year to life ban, according to the article. They are accused of also signing professionals not for their sporting merit, but for the money they could bring to support the team. In addition, riders would have to pay in order to leave the team.

Cyclists parents or their family s business would be forced to cough up the cash to pay for a dream career as a professional. Italian Viviani, winner of the ominum gold medal4 in the Rio 2016 Olympics ahead of Mark Cavendish5, was CONI s star witness.

I remember, Viviani testified, that Coledan was surprised to learn that to break free from Bardiani he would have to pay a penalty. Because he said he received minimum wage, and no one had said that to free himself he d have to pay a sum of money.

The amount of this so-called penalty usually did not appear indicated with certainty and as a specific number.

The fee in what the article described as a 2+1 contract, or two years plus one big penalty went from ‘ 10,000 ( 8,450) to ‘ 15,000 ( 12,750) up to ‘ 40,000 ( 34,000).


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Amber Rudd confirms holiday visas are on the table in Brexit negotiations

Brits could be forced to pay for visas to go on Discount Holidays © holiday in Europe as a result of Brexit1 negotiations, Amber Rudd confirmed today. The Home Secretary admitted the ‘ESTA’ style travel permits will be on the table when the Tories cut a deal for Britain leaving the EU. She said reports the European Commission is considering plans for a visa programme to operate across the Schengen free movement area is a “reminder” that the UK is in a “two way negotiation” with the EU as it seeks its divorce from Brussels.

She agreed that people would be “surprised” if they had to apply for a short-term visa to visit countries like France but insisted such a scheme could be rolled out.

Amber Rudd Confirms <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Visas Are On The Table In Brexit Negotiations Amber Rudd said Discount Holidays © holiday visas would be on the table

She told the Andrew Marr Show on BBC One: “I think they (British citizens) would be surprised.

“I don’t think it’s particularly desirable but we don’t rule it out because we have to be allowed a free hand to give the best negotiation.”

Control over who comes to the UK was a central issue during the EU referendum2 campaign. Ms Rudd said the UK will be able to control its borders post- Brexit3 but stressed any measures introduced would have to be “reciprocal”. She said: “Once we leave the European Union we will have complete control over who comes into the UK from the EU and who doesn’t, with one or two provisos of course.

“First of all, it’s going to be reciprocal, we are going to have to work out what’s in the UK’s interests as well going to the European Union and what works for our economy and making sure that we get the right balance.

Amber Rudd Confirms <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Visas Are On The Table In Brexit Negotiations

“Looking across the whole spectrum is what’s going to be the guiding principle.”

She also reaffirmed the Tory manifesto commitment to cut immigration to the UK to the tens of thousands.

“I’m completely committed to making sure that we reduce it and yes, tens of thousands, although it will take some time,” she said. Ms Rudd said it is “too early” to outline the specifics of how the Government will achieve its target but she repeated the Prime Minister’s rejection of an Australian-style points system.

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However, she suggested a work permit system is being considered.

“Whether we look at a work permit system or another system is something that my department is looking at closely at the moment,” she said. She said a work permit system “certainly has value” and “we are not ruling anything out at the moment”.

Ms Rudd also addressed her comments from the referendum campaign when she said Boris Johnson was not the person you want to drive you home at the end of an evening out. Following the suggestion that Mr Johnson was now driving Brexit4 in his role as Foreign Secretary, Ms Rudd said: “Boris is not the driver. Theresa May is the driver.

The rest of us are in the car.”

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Brexit impact so far


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Team Sky apologise for close pass incident involving cyclist and team bus: ‘it is unacceptable’

Team Sky issues statement after a video is published online of the driver of their team bus passing very close to a cyclist in Wales

Team Sky Apologise For Close Pass Incident Involving Cyclist And Team Bus: ‘it Is Unacceptable’

Team Sky have reacted to a video posted online of their team bus1 driver passing very near to a cyclist on a Welsh road, branding it unacceptable and apologising for the incident. According to Sky, the driver of the vehicle has already been spoken to . Cyclist Andy Rolfe posted a video on Twitter of the incident, in which the driver of the Sky bus is seen passing very closely to Rolfe just as a white tanker lorry approaches them on the other side of the road.

Team sky s bus almost taking me out, sorry about the language, but this needs to go viral for the safety of cyclists

Andy Rolfe (@AndyRolfe65) September 8, 20163

Note: Video contains bad language

What is shown in the video is unacceptable and we are sorry, said a statement issued by Sky on Thursday.

We ve already spoken to the driver and we ll be discussing this with him again in more detail.

We will also be speaking to all staff and reminding them of their responsibilities.

Encouraging people to get out and on their bikes is a huge part of what we stand for as a team.

>>> Team Sky bus involved in alleged close pass with cyclist (video)4

We are a team of cyclists and we all know how important it is for us as a team to set an example when it comes to ensuring cyclists are able to use the roads safely.

The bus is being used by Sky during the Tour of Britain, which visited Wales on Wednesday for a stage between Denbigh and Builth Wells in Wales.


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