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Chris Froome: Data leak only confirms what I previously said

The Tour de France champion says the WADA data breach that saw his information posted online only confirms what he has said in the past

Chris Froome: Data Leak Only Confirms What I Previously Said

Tour de France1 champion Chris Froome2 does not take issue with his data being leaked by Russian hackers3 over night and says that it only confirms his previous statements on Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE).

Team Sky s star and Bradley Wiggins4 were part a group of 25 athletes who had their data stolen from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and published by hackers known as Fancy Bears . It was the second such leak this week involving athletes from the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics5.

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I ve openly discussed my TUEs with the media and have no issues with the leak, which only confirms my statements, Froome said. In nine years as a professional, I ve twice required a TUE for exacerbated asthma, the last time was in 2014. Froome did not deny that the four leaked certificates from the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) were his. In its second data dump, Fancy Bears (Tsar Team APT28) published data on 25 athletes, including five Brits.

It published six PDF certificates for Wiggins and four for Froome, concentrated on the 2013 Crit rium du Dauphin 7 and the 2014 Tour de Romandie. According to the leaked documents, the UCI s medical chief Mario Zorzoli approved corticosteroid prednisolone 40mg per day for one week in 2013 and again in 2014.

Already last year, Froome replied to a person on Twitter about his exception certificates or TUEs, saying I have had 2 during my career.

I have had 2 during my career RT @jknight5978: @chrisfroome9 Are you willing to release details of all your TUEs for the last few years?

Chris Froome (@chrisfroome) March 11, 201510

Froome said at the finish of the 2015 Tour de France that he avoided asking for a TUE to help with an infection that he had because he did not want to create problems. He told The Sunday Times: After everything we had been through in this year s Tour, it just felt that if we go down this route, we are opening the door for a whole new wave of criticism and aggression.

In an interview this summer, he expanded on TUEs.

I think the grey area most people are referring to are TUEs, using substances that aren t banned but do give a performance gain, Froome told the Scotsman11. I ve applied for two TUEs in my seven years as a professional. Each was a week long. For two weeks in seven years, I ve taken something for medical reasons. I feel quite strongly that you shouldn t be taking anything that you don t medically need.

Team Sky, agreeing with Froome, explained today that the leak showed that they went through the proper channels for the exceptions.

The Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) process, as set out by UKAD, is a means by which an athlete can obtain approval to use a prescribed prohibited substance or method for the treatment of a legitimate medical condition,’ Sky said in a statement.

Applications made by Team Sky for TUEs have all been managed and recorded in line with the processes put in place by the governing bodies.

Team Sky s approach to anti-doping and our commitment to clean competition are well known.


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Giro d’Italia 2017 route: Sardinia start for 100th edition

The 100th edition of the Giro d’Italia in 2017 will stay within Italy’s borders and feature as many of the race’s classic climbs as possible

Giro D’Italia 2017 Route: Sardinia Start For 100th Edition

The 2017 Giro d Italia1 will start in Alghero, on the island of Sardinia, organiser RCS Sport announced on Wednesday, September 14. The island will host three road stages, before the 100th edition of the race heads to the mainland. The last visit to Sardinia was in 2007, when the race took off with a team time trial won by the Liquigas team. This time around, there will be no time trial on Sardinia. Instead, there are three road stages: stage one from Alghero to Olbia over 203km, stage two from Olbia to Tortol over 208km, and a shorter 148km trip from Tortol to Cagliari on stage three.

All three stages feature classified climbs, but are likely to end in bunch finishes. As the race did when it visited Ireland for the Big Start in 2014, the opening stage will take place on a Friday (May 5) with a rest day the following Monday (May 8) to allow for the transfer of riders and equipment ready for stage four. The full route of the 2017 Giro d Italia will be announced on October 25 in Milan.

Giro D’Italia 2017 Route: Sardinia Start For 100th Edition

Giro d Italia 2017 stage one profile: Alghero to Olbia, 203km

Giro D’Italia 2017 Route: Sardinia Start For 100th Edition

Giro d Italia 2017 stage two profile: Olbia to Tortol , 208km

Giro D’Italia 2017 Route: Sardinia Start For 100th Edition

Giro d Italia 2017 stage three profile: Tortol to Cagliari, 148km

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The Giro organiser told Cycling Weekly earlier this year that it will hit as many of the country s 20 regions as it can while travelling from the south to the north. It wants to pay respect to the host country and the cities that hosted the first Giro in 1909: Naples, Chieti, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Genoa, Turin and Milan.

Giro D’Italia 2017 Route: Sardinia Start For 100th Edition

Vincenzo Nibali wins the 2016 Giro d Italia (Watson)

The Giro may swing by its other big island of Sicily with a stage to Messina before heading over to the heel of the boot in Puglia. Giovinazzo and Alberobello, famous for the cone-like trulli homes, will host stages. Making a nod to the Italian and Giro greats Gino Bartali and Fausto Coppi, it will pass through Tuscany s hills and Florence and up to Piedmont, where Coppi trained in the Tortona hillsides. A possible temptation for Chris Froome3 (Team Sky) and Tom Dumoulin4 (Giant-Alpecin) could be the long time trial through the Franciacorta hills near Brescia.

RCS Sport is continuing its trend with local wine producers after similar stages in the Barolo, Prosecco and Chianti hills. The meat of the race will be through the Alps where this year, Esteban Chaves5 (Orica-BikeExchange) won the queen stage6, Steven Kruijswijk (LottoNL-Jumbo) crashed into a snow bank7 in the leader s pink jersey and Vincenzo Nibali8 (Astana) rebounded to claim a second Giro title. Italian fans continue to hold Marco Pantani close to their hearts despite his drug problems. The Giro should visit two of his stomping grounds with summit finishes at the Oropa Sanctuary and the Piancavallo ski resort in the Dolomites.

Giro D’Italia 2017 Route: Sardinia Start For 100th Edition

Italian fans salute on stage ten of the 2016 Giro d Italia

The last race day should be in Bergamo, host city of the 2016 Il Lombardia9 this October 1. The race could cover a stage similar to Lombardia with around 4000 metres of climbing ahead of the rest day and two days later, take off for a summit finish on the Stelvio Pass at 2757 metres via the Mortirolo Pass10. Local media reported in recent weeks that the Giro s finish could be in Rome, but insiders are uncertain and say Milan seems more likely geographically. The 2017 Giro d Italia would instead pass through Rome on its way north early in the first week.

Milan, after all, is where the 1909 Giro began and where Luigi Ganna won the first title and RCS Sport s home.

Piazzale Loreto, Arena Civica and Vigorelli Velodrome could host the finish, but for confirmation of this and the rest of the Giro, fans will need to way until October 25.


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Sick leave: European court confirms holiday can be carried forward

Sick Leave: European Court Confirms <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Can Be Carried Forward

Victor Frankowski/REX/Shutterstock.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) reiterated that if sickness prevents a worker from taking annual leave, his or her annual leave can be carried forward into the next Discount Holidays © holiday year. Bethan Odey summarises the case.

Sobczyszyn v Szko ‘a Podstawowa w Rzeplinie


Ms Sobczyszyn, a teacher in Poland, is entitled to 35 days annual leave under the country s Teachers Charter. From 28 March to 18 November 2011, Ms Sobczyszyn was on sick leave to allow her to follow a course of treatment prescribed by her doctor. On 27 April 2012, Ms Sobczyszyn claimed her entitlement to annual leave that she had accrued during 2011, but was unable to take because of sickness absence.

Her employer refused to allow her that Discount Holidays © holiday entitlement. The refusal was on the basis that:

  • under the leave roster for 2011, she was to take her annual leave from 1 to 31 July 2011; and
  • her entitlement to annual leave had been forfeited during her sickness absence.

Reference to ECJ

Ms Sobczyszyn brought proceedings against her employer. The Polish national court stayed proceedings and asked the ECJ for a preliminary ruling. The Polish national court asked the ECJ whether or not the Working Time Directive means that a teacher who has taken convalescence leave under the Teachers Charter also obtains the right to annual leave in the year in which the right to convalescence leave is exercised.

ECJ decision

The ECJ s answer was that the Working Time Directive must be interpreted as precluding national legislation or a national practice from refusing an employee, at the end of convalescence leave, the right to take his or her paid annual leave in a subsequent period. The ECJ looked at the differing purposes of annual leave and sick leave. It highlighted that the purpose of the right to paid annual leave is to enable the worker to rest and to enjoy a period of relaxation and leisure.

This is in contrast to the right to sick leave, the purpose of which is to enable the worker to recover. The ECJ referred to its previous decisions in Pereda v Madrid Movilidad SA1 and ANGED v Federaci n de Asociaciones Sindicales and others2. In those cases, it was held that a worker who is on sick leave during a period of previously scheduled annual leave has the right to take that annual leave during a period that does not coincide with the period of sick leave.

Implications for employers

This decision reinforces the position that, if a worker is unable to take annual leave entitlement because of sickness, he or she can carry forward annual leave into the next Discount Holidays © holiday year. This decision further strengthens the argument that the current wording of reg.13(9) of the Working Time Regulations 1998 is incompatible with previous interpretations of the Working Time Directive. Regulation 13(9) provides that statutory annual leave entitlement can be used only in the year to which it relates, and therefore cannot be carried forward into the next Discount Holidays © holiday year.

Following Brexit, there is uncertainty as to whether or not the UK courts and tribunals will be bound by future ECJ decisions.

It seems unlikely there will be any movement in the near future towards amending reg.13(9) to ensure that it is compatible with EU law.

Sick Leave: European Court Confirms <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Can Be Carried Forward

About Bethan Odey

Bethan Odey is a senior associate at DLA Piper.


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