What to check for when booking ski holiday insurance

Avoid taking a tumble on your winter sports insurance1 this winter here, we guide you through the small-print pitfalls.

As the old saying goes, the devil is in the detail and it s certainly true of insurance. At best, we might cast a quick eye over the general levels of cover but how many of us actually read the small print? Yet the conditions and exclusions which lurk in the policy we buy can cost us dear. Here are some questions to ask when choosing a winter sports policy before signing on the dotted line.

What should I check first?

The conditions governing cancellation and curtailment. If you re ill, your costs should be covered but if you have to abandon your Discount Holidays © holiday because a dependent is ill (whether it’s the person you are planning to travel with or a close friend or relative at home), your claim could be refused.

What To Check For When Booking Ski <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Insurance Make sure you check terms to ensure the whole family is covered

Any conditions regarding cover for ski pack ?

Ski pack is the term for pre-paid lessons, lift passes and equipment hire. If you are ill or injured and can t use this, make sure you ask for a doctor s certificate so you can prove your claim later.

When does piste closure mean piste closure ?

If you can t ski or snowboard due to lack of snow, too much snow, high winds or risk of avalanche2 you should be able to claim on insurance, but you’ll need to check your policy wording. You may find that a high percentage or all the ski lifts and schools have to be closed to qualify, or your tour operator may reserve the right to transfer you to an alternative resort which is miles away.

What To Check For When Booking Ski <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Insurance Avalanche danger can cause pistes to close Credit: Bigstock

Some insurers waive this cover when a policy is bought within 14 days of departure as the conditions may already be predicted to be poor.

What about cover for lost or damaged equipment?

A range of get-outs may apply to this part of the policy. Cover could be waived while the equipment is in the care of an airline or even when you re actually skiing. Unlocked skis left outside a mountain bar or restaurant3, or skis left within view on a car roof rack are also unlikely to be covered.

What about off-piste?

Some policies exclude off-piste skiing4 and snowboarding entirely, some require policy-holder to be with a companion, and some require the companion to be a professionally-qualified guide. You also need to show that you followed the resort s off-piste rules, taking sensible notice of local advice and weather5.

What To Check For When Booking Ski <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday InsuranceSnowboarders play football on the snow Play! 01:35

How about the ski school slalom race at the end of the week?

Most specialist insurers will cover these fun races, but not all. Check before you take part. The same applies to terrain parks.

Surely I can rely on my cover if I injure myself on the slopes?

Well yes, you d think so, but but all travel policies will contain exclusions relating to use of alcohol, so steer clear of over-indulging at lunchtime.

And apr s activities?

Tobogganing and ice-skating (on a public ice-rink) are usually covered but snowmobiling, dog-sledding and parapente may not be. Watch out for high excess charges on claims arising from high risk activities too.

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Dominvs Group sells three UK hotels off guide price of £12m

The Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Darlington, Discount Holidays © Holiday Inn Dumfries and the Mercure Sheffield Parkway were all sold in an off-market deal with joint agents, global investors JLL and property specialists Christie + Co. The group comprises 229 guest bedrooms, with the Sheffield and Darlington properties sold freehold, and Dumfries as a long leasehold. The move forms part of Dominvs wider strategy to grow their established portfolio and development pipeline, the group said, while Christie + Co suggested the sale was evidence of the continuing appeal of the UK regional hotel market to overseas investors, thanks in part to a fall in the Pound Sterling.

Gavin Wright, director of JLL s hotels and hospitality group, said: This is a significant deal post the EU referendum result. All three hotels benefit from being operated by well-known brands and offer stable and steady income. Jeremy Jones, head of hotels brokerage at Christie & Co, said: This portfolio sale follows on from a number of recent high profile sales processes.

It is further evidence of the appetite from both domestic and overseas buyers for good quality regional UK hotel assets.

You might need a £50 visa for holidays in Europe after Brexit – Liverpool Echo

Holidaymakers may have to fork out 50 to go away in Europe after Brexit.

European Union1 countries could force Brits to apply for visas if the government clamps down on immigration to the UK, a minister has admitted. Home Secretary Amber Rudd said Britain was engaged in a two-way negotiation with the EU – and could not guarantee visa-free travel abroad would be protected. People from many non-EU countries currently have to apply in advance for a 50 visa for a short trip to the continent.

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There are now fears that similar rules could hit British tourists when the UK leaves the EU. Liverpool-born Andy Burnham2, Labour shadow home secretary, said the move would make it harder for cash-strapped families to go on Discount Holidays © holiday abroad.

You Might Need A £50 Visa For Holidays In Europe After Brexit - Liverpool Echo Border Force check the passports of passengers arriving at Gatwick Airport.

He said: This is yet another example of the drift and confusion as a result of the Government s failure to plan for Brexit. Ministers should not just accept there s a cost of 50 for the average family to go on holiday.

The Home Secretary s words will not have reassured ordinary families about the cost of Brexit. She seems to be sympathetic to an idea that will put a flat 50 tax on the average family Discount Holidays © holiday in Europe.

Tory ministers might think nothing of that, but it would make it even harder for ordinary families to afford a holiday.

Norway doesn t have the charge, so why should we? I challenge the Home Secretary to rule it out.

Post-Brexit fall-out

But Ms Rudd told the BBC: I think they (British citizens) would be surprised.

I don t think it s particularly desirable but we don t rule it out because we have to be allowed a free hand to give the best negotiation.

Once we leave the European Union we will have complete control over who comes into the UK from the EU and who doesn t, with one or two provisos of course.

First of all, it s going to be reciprocal, we are going to have to work out what s in the UK s interests as well going to the European Union and what works for our economy and making sure that we get the right balance.

Looking across the whole spectrum is what s going to be the guiding principle.

Whether we look at a work permit system or another system is something that my department is looking at closely at the moment,


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