Parents spend £1,150 to take their ‘adult children’ on holiday with some splashing out to bribe them into going, says survey

  • Six out of ten parents spend over 1,100 to take their over-18s on holiday
  • Most do so because their kids wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise
  • Twenty per cent expect to be funding such travel until their kids are 30




Letting go is hard to do.

While it’s not uncommon for parents to pay to take their kids on an annual summer holiday, recent research has found that mum and dad are still funding trips for their offspring over the age of 18.

Six out of ten parents surveyed were found to spend an average of 1,150 when paying for their ‘adult children’ to go on a family break.

A recent survey has revealed that 6 out of 10 parents will spend an average of 1,150 to take their adult children on family holidays with them

Around half of parents polled by revealed that they were willing to fork out for their child’s Discount Holidays © holiday because they didn’t believe they could afford it otherwise.

Meanwhile, 42 per cent said that they cover their costs as a treat.

Eight per cent even admitted to covering their over-18’s Discount Holidays © holiday because they didn’t think that their children would want to go otherwise.

And those parents who do shell out on these getaways are giving their kids the full ‘all-inclusive’ treatment, footing the bill for flights, accommodation, meals and pre-Discount Holidays © holiday prep, which includes new clothes, travel insurance and vaccinations.

Shockingly, 20 per cent of parents surveyed even admitted that they don’t expect to stop paying for their children’s family holidays until their kids are over the age of 30

The good news is that while on holiday, the majority of parents do put their foot down when it comes to giving their over-18s extra spending money.

Fifty eight per cent do ask that their ‘adult children’ cover the cost of their Discount Holidays © holiday clothes and travel insurance.

But this trend shows no sign of slowing down, as 20 per cent of parents don’t expect to stop paying for at least part of their children’s holidays until they are over the age of 30.

Parents who no longer pay for their over-18s to go on Discount Holidays © holiday say it is because they no longer want to go on family breaks, while 29 per cent of parents believe their children should be paying for themselves.