Term-time holiday decision welcomed by Staffordshire families

PARENTS have widely welcomed a decision that means they will not be fined for taking their children on term-time holidays of 10 days or fewer. Staffordshire County Council made the decision in light of a recent Isle of Wight case when a father was fined 120 after he took his daughter out of school for a Discount Holidays © holiday in term time. He successfully challenged the authority which imposed the fine, as the High Court decided his punishment was unlawful.

The Staffordshire authority has decided holidays of 10 days or fewer over two consecutive half terms will not be viewed as a reason to administer a fine.1

Mail readers reacted to this on social media.

Netty Webster wrote: “Whether taking the kids abroad or to our beautiful country, they are getting real experiences, learning different cultures, geography, history, and about local food – all first hand.

“This is way more valuable than reading from a book.

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Term-time <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Decision Welcomed By Staffordshire Families

“Some families struggle to get time off during peak times, I experienced this myself a few years ago.

“Kids are not completely going without education when taken out of school.”

Many mums and dads feel the current system restricting term-time holidays is too strict. Trips taken in school holidays can cost thousands of pounds more than those during term time. Sharon Taylor said: ” If the prices didn’t go up in the school holidays then families wouldn’t have to go away in term time.”

Steph Greenhalgh has a similar view.

She said: “Maybe prices of holidays should be cheaper when children are off might help stop parents taking their children out of school.

“I know I can’t afford a Discount Holidays © holiday in the six weeks.”

Staffordshire County Council3 says that in the light of the Isle of White judgement it has temporarily changed its policy ‘until a full-scale review of guidance is completed, and the legal case resolved in the Supreme Court’.

Head teachers will continue to determine all requests for leave in term time, and will only approve those that are for ‘exceptional circumstances’.

Cases where a child has more than 10 days of unauthorised absence over two half terms in a row will be referred to the county council by schools. Councillor Ben Adams, the county council’s education lead, said the authority’s decision was a ‘common-sense approach’ in light of recent rulings. Marie Smyth wrote on the Mail’s Facebook page: There’s no better education than life.

As much as the classroom provides one sort – going out and travelling provides wider life knowledge.”

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Term-time <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Decision Welcomed By Staffordshire Families

A ‘common sense approach’

STAFFORDSHIRE County Council felt it had to act to offer some ‘clarity’ to parents following the Isle of Wight court case. This is while a full review takes place. Councillor Adams said: “We recognise that the recent ruling in the Isle of Wight case has led to some uncertainty for parents.

“In order to give them some clarity, we are taking a common-sense approach while we take a closer look at our guidance.

“We are clear that there is a direct link between regular attendance and improved performance in the classroom, and parents have a duty to work closely with schools to ensure their child attends regularly.

“However, we also understand that with the rising cost of holidays and work commitments, taking holidays out of term time isn’t always possible for a lot of parents.

“Some authorities have suspended fines altogether; we didn’t think this was right for Staffordshire as we have seen the majority of parents responding well to the rules and not taking their children out of term time.

“We want to ensure parents and head teachers have as much clarity as possible while the review takes place, so they can continue to ensure their children stay in school and get the most from their education.”

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Term-time <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Decision Welcomed By Staffordshire Families


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Holiday travel advice after European terrorist attacks

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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has updated its travel advice after the terrorist bombings at an Istanbul Airport yesterday (Tuesday, June 28). Holidaymakers and business travellers planning to journey to Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, France or Belgium should make note of these warnings. Anyone near or travelling into Ataturk International Airport should follow the advice of their travel agent or airline getting in contact if need be.

A FCO spokesman said: “It is likely some attacks will target western interests and tourists from western countries, particularly in the major cities.

“To date most attacks in Turkey have taken place in the south and east of the country and in Ankara and Istanbul. There is a heightened risk of terrorist attack against the aviation industry in Turkey.”

More than 2.5 million Britons visit Turkey each year and local police have a good record of disrupting potential attacks. After several terrorist attacks in recent months there is still a national state of emergency imposed in France. The French Government has warned travellers to be vigilant in public places and follow the advice of local authorities. The state of emergency will last until July 26.

Spanish police have intercepted a number of attempted attacks in public places but a threat remains as authorities believe a number of nationals have successfully travelled to join extremist groups. Due to conflicts in Iraq and Syria travellers are being warned to be cautious visiting Greece and Cyprus. Even though there is not a specific threat, the area is thought to be hostile due to migration and political conflict. There is a cap on the amount of money one can withdraw from a cashpoint in Greece due to ongoing economic problems.

A high threat of terrorism has been recorded in Belgium, whose government has assessed the probability of an attack as ‘serious and real’. Following explosions at Brussels airport and Maalbeek metro station in Brussels on 22 March, police operations are ongoing and transport and the mobile network may be subject to disruption. You are advised to remain vigilant and follow the instructions of the Belgian authorities. Security operations are likely to be carried out at short notice.

You should remain vigilant, stay away from crowded places and follow the instructions of the Belgian authorities and not comment on police operations on social media.


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Bank holiday travel: Roads clear for now but long rail delays

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There are no major incidents to report across Lincolnshire roads this morning, but delays could be possible later in day as bank Discount Holidays © holiday motorists2 hit the roads. For people catching a Virgin East Coast train from a Lincolnshire station, long delays are expected due to a person being hit by a train at York. Those heading to Boston may experience delays3 as the May Fair moves into its second day.

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High Street northbound in Lincoln5 is still closed due to the ongoing work to build a pedestrian footbridge over the railway line between St Mark Street and A57 Wigford Way. Right turns onto the High Street have been banned and some changes to traffic lights and road markings are in place. All shops and businesses are open as normal and access is still available to the railway station.

On the A631 Lincolnshire there are temporary traffic lights on the High Street in Glentham at the Caenby Road junction.

Three-way temporary traffic lights remain on the B1191 Moor Lane at Timberland Road in Martin. These will be in place until June 29. There is a speed restriction of 30 mph due to temporary traffic lights and resurfacing work on the A52 Wainfleet Road between Warth Lane and Low Road in Skegness.

There are also temporary traffic lights on the B1200 Mar Dyke East between Three Bridge Lane and Fishmere Gate Road at Saltfleetby.

Northern Rail are putting on a replacement bus service between Lincoln Central, Gainsborough and Saxilby and Sheffield due to ongoing engineering works.

Bank <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Travel: Roads Clear For Now But Long Rail Delays


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