Friends raise money to bring tragic Scot’s body home after holiday insurers refuse to stump up

FRIENDS of a tragic Scot who died on Discount Holidays © holiday are raising money to bring his body home, claiming insurers have refused to pay up. Alexander Forrest, who is thought to be 20 and from Edinburgh1 , suffered “severe head injuries” and died while on Discount Holidays © holiday in Magaluf. Alexander is believed to have fallen from the third floor balcony of a hotel on August 31, just four days into his Discount Holidays © holiday on Majorca.

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According to friends, his insurers are refusing to pay the 4,000 cost of flying his body back to the UK. So they have set up a Just Giving page which has already raised 3,470 towards the target in under 24 hours. Writing on the page, Josh Candy said: “Alexander Forrest went on Discount Holidays © holiday to Magaluf in Majorca with 2 friends.

“Unfortunately due to a horrendous accident Alex hasn’t made it home. On the 31st of August 2016 Alex was found and pronounced dead. Alex had suffered severe head injuries and died instantly.

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“As of Wednesday, Alex’s mum had to be flown out to Magaluf to try get Alex home.

After obstacle after obstacle, Alex’s travel insurance will not pay out to get Alex home. (Jet2’s Rock Insurance).”

Josh, who is believed to have been on the holiday, added: “We now as a group of close friends want to raise as much as we can to support his mum to get Alex home.

Friends Raise Money To Bring Tragic Scot's Body Home After <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Insurers Refuse To Stump Up Alexander’s pals are trying to bring his body home

We all understand it’s a lot of money to raise. Anything and everything, anyone and everyone can afford to donate would be amazing.”

Friends left their own heart-felt tributes on Facebook2 . Dean Rutherford wrote: “R.I.P Alex, quite shocked to have heard what happened. Never thought it would happen so much an amazing man.”Will never be the same walking into Daniel’s house on a weekend and not seeing you there having a drink!”

Max Robertson said: “Alex Forrest sleep tight old friend. Will never forget you.”

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And John Wilson commented: “He was the happiest boy I’ve ever met. God only takes the best bro.”

Another of his Discount Holidays © holiday pals, “Daniel Mo”, posted a picture of Alexander on Discount Holidays © holiday wearing pants with the caption: “Words can’t yet explain how I feel but here is a picture of when Alex realised he’d brought pants instead of boxers. His face says it all.

Love you brother.”

A spokeswoman for Jet2holidays said: “We would like to offer our sincere condolences to Alexander’s family and friends at this difficult time.

Friends Raise Money To Bring Tragic Scot's Body Home After <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Insurers Refuse To Stump Up The Just Giving page set up to bring Alexander home

“We were only made aware today that Alexander is still in Majorca, and we understand that the insurance company is still investigating this tragic incident.”

As this is a private matter between the insurers and the Forrest family, we cannot comment on that investigation.

“However if, for any reason, the insurance company cannot arrange for Alexander’s body to be returned home we will arrange this ourselves, at no cost to the Forrest family.”


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Thailand…Tourist or Startup paradise?

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Bangkok has been voted the world s top destination four years in a row, according to Travel & Leisure magazine. Along with that, Thailand is ranked second for tourism in southeast Asia. However, an interesting phenomenon is occurring. Thailand is becoming more than just a tourist paradise – it is also a startup paradise.

Is Bangkok ready to become the next global startup hub ?

Today, Thailand is ready to accept startup founders and entrepreneurs more than ever. In fact, the Thai government believes 2016 will be a golden year for its startup industry. Although its startup scene is still young, Bangkok is said to be one of the fastest booming startup scenes in the world. It is no longer the underdog of the global startup hub. The Thai government launched a 20 billion baht fund, equivalent to USD $570 million, to support the growth of local startups.

Their goal is to establish 10,000 startups within the country by 2018. It will also finance some 2,500 existing startups. The fund will be allocated between two industries: tech startups and general startups. Main industry startups in Thailand excel in e-commerce, with fintech at a close second, logistics as third, payments fourth, and gaming fifth.

10,000 does not sound like much unless you know the growth figures of the Thailand startup ecosystem between 2012 and 2016. In 2012, there was only one Venture Capital firm, one accelerator, and zero startups existing in the market. In 2016, there are now over 60 VCs with 6 accelerators in the country – and more than 72 startups funded. The following are 10 successful startups in Thailand: Southeast Asia is still a blue ocean market with less than 1% of online-shopping today; however, it is said that the region will eventually become the third largest e-commerce market in the world after China and India.

The kingdom of Facebook users

A little fun fact: Thailand’s population is 67 million with 147% of mobile penetration rate. There are 35 million active Facebook users2 spending average of 2.35 hours per day on the site. This is a tremendous amount of time compared with the US consumer (the average spends 40 mins on Facebook per day3). Thai people spend nearly 5 times more than US Facebook users. Facebook recently parented with 2c2p4, a Thai payment processing startup, in order to develop its social commerce capability by letting customers purchase within Facebook. Their intent is to reduce the fear of online shopping through its services. Southeast Asia is on its way for growth and development potential. Thailand will no longer be a paradise solely for tourists – but also for aspiring entrepreneurs.

This article was written by Taiki Beaufils, social media manager at D8ii Limited, a UK startup based in Bangkok. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily state or reflect the views of Thailand Business News Twitter: @taiki124

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