August bank holiday 2015: when’s your next day off?

The August bank Discount Holidays © holiday is nearly upon us, marking the end of the summer Discount Holidays © holiday season and the last official day off work before Christmas. This year’s August bank Discount Holidays © holiday falls on the very last day of the month and, according to the meteorological division of the year, the last day of summer1 too. According to current long-range weather forecasts2 for the August bank Discount Holidays © holiday weekend, much of the country can expect fine, dry and warm conditions but there’s plenty of time for that to change. Below is a run-down of the dates of all remaining UK bank holidays of 2015:

31 August 2015, Monday summer bank holiday

The summer bank Discount Holidays © holiday was first enshrined in the Bank Holidays Act 1871. The Discount Holidays © holiday actually falls towards the end of the summer which is why the weekend can be something of a washout.

25 December 2015, Friday Christmas Day

The penultimate Discount Holidays © holiday of the year is Christmas Day, which is celebrated in many different ways around the world3. Finns share a festive sauna, while in India families decorate a banana or mango tree and in Japan it has become customary to tuck into a festive feast of KFC on Christmas Day.

28 December 2015, Monday Boxing Day (substitute day)

Boxing Day was previously known as St Stephen’s Day. Many historians believe that the holiday’s current name may have come from the church practice of opening alms boxes the day after Christmas to distribute donations to the poor, Mental Floss4 notes. Historically, UK employers also offered workers and servants gifts or cash on 26 December and gave them the day off. While the gifts may have dried up in many modern workplaces, the day remains a bank holiday although this year it falls on a Saturday, so the bank Discount Holidays © holiday is marked on 28 December.



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