Dedicated tour operators, no more single supplements and holidays to suit all …

  • Singles Discount Holidays © holiday tour operators offer many dedicated packages for all ages
  • One Traveller organises European breaks and long-haul treks for over-50s
  • Adventure tour company, Contiki, specialises in trips for 18-35 year olds

By Katie Amey for MailOnline[1]

Published: 16:26 GMT, 17 June 2015 | Updated: 19:08 GMT, 17 June 2015




Travelling by yourself doesn’t need to be a lonely experience.

In fact, many solo travellers believe that going off on their own actually allows them to appreciate their surroundings more without the constant distraction of family and friends complaining at each stop along the way.

And, as evidenced by the recent surge in singles tour operators and dedicated Discount Holidays © holiday packages, this particular travel trend is only growing in popularity.

Dedicated Tour Operators, No More Single Supplements And Holidays To Suit All ...

Singles holidays are on the rise with 1 in 3 Britons expected to travel solo this year alone

A recent study from 101 Holidays found that one in three Britons will embark on a solo Discount Holidays © holiday this year.

And it’s not just young people who are looking to spread their wings – the average age of a solo traveller is 54.

According to the research, 58.3 per cent of single holidaymakers are female and they prefer active, exotic trips, such as walking holidays and African safaris.

Men, on the other hand, are more likely to book a cycling or sailing trip.

Dedicated Tour Operators, No More Single Supplements And Holidays To Suit All ...

101 Holidays found that men are most likely to book a solo cycling trip, while women prefer exotic journeys

It’s not surprising then that many Discount Holidays © holiday companies, including Cox & Kings, Caribtours and Journey Latin America are offering incentives to attract people who are single, divorced or widowed – such as dedicated holidays for people travelling alone and, increasingly, the scrapping of single supplements.

Specialist singles tour operators, in particular, have seen a surge in demand for short breaks in Europe and also for far-flung, once-in-a-lifetime destinations.

And for those who are a bit nervous about an impending solo journey, some tour operators have even set up online forums for travellers to share tips and tricks.

Dedicated Tour Operators, No More Single Supplements And Holidays To Suit All ...

Recently, many specialists singles tour operators have popped up given the demand for solo getaways


1. New Zealand

2. Norway

3. Switzerland

4. Costa Rica

5. Austria

6. Vietnam

7. Chile

8. Japan

8. Sweden

10. Indonesia

Courtesy: Travel + Leisure

Unsure of where to go? Travel + Leisure has compiled a list of the best countries to travel to alone.

The magazine used data from the Happy Planet Index, which looks at environmental impact and human well-being in 151 countries, and the Global Peace Index, which ranks 162 nations on, what else, their peacefulness.

New Zealand, with its lush landscape and Lord of the Rings-inspired tours, comes in at the top spot, while Norway and Switzerland are ranked second and third.

Costa Rica and Austria round out the top five.

Interestingly, neither the United States nor the United Kingdom makes the list, though Asia is well-represented, with Vietnam, Japan and Indonesia all included in the rankings.

Dedicated Tour Operators, No More Single Supplements And Holidays To Suit All ...

Travel + Leisure recently revealed New Zealand to be the top destination for men and women travelling alone

While you could opt to travel without the help and support of a tour company, there are plenty of dedicated operators to assist, should you prefer a group holiday.

And one advantage of going with a singles specialist is that there’s a dedicated host to provide information and encourage people to mix.

But the specialist you choose will entirely depend on the type of getaway you’re looking for.

Dedicated Tour Operators, No More Single Supplements And Holidays To Suit All ...

One benefit of booking your travel through a singles specialist is the dedicated host on hand for the duration

Dedicated Tour Operators, No More Single Supplements And Holidays To Suit All ...

Some dedicated solo travel operators organise group beach holidays to Turkey or Greece (pictured)

Among those dedicated singles specialists, Friendship Travel caters to those seeking a beach getaway in Turkey or Greece.

Average group size is about 20 and the youngest in the group will usually be in their mid-30s.

Similarly, Just You offers an extensive list of trips to over 40 countries around the world – from weekends away to adventurous treks. Group sizes vary, particularly on long-haul journeys, but there will also be more than 12, as well as a British host.

Meanwhile, One Traveller, caters to the over-50 set and recommends that first-timers try a trip to Budapest or Prague first before committing to far-flung locations such as Sri Lanka or Thailand.

Dedicated Tour Operators, No More Single Supplements And Holidays To Suit All ...

Other tour companies focus more on long-haul treks, such as a multi-week itinerary through Chile (pictured)



Cox & Kings Escorted Group Tours ([2]) offers tours in groups of between 12 and 25, complete with private guide and first class accommodations.

A Caribtours Singles Holiday ([3]) boasts attractive rates for solo travellers looking to explore the Caribbean or Indian Ocean.

With 16 years of experience, Friendship Travel ([4]), organises singles holidays that are relaxed, friendly and unstructured – everything from house-parties to city breaks and ski holidays.

Just You ([5]) has an extensive portfolio of Discount Holidays © holiday options, though all will include a group of at least 12 and a Tour Manager to guide you.

A favourite among the over-50 singles set, One Traveller ([6]) offers a wide range of Discount Holidays © holiday options, though recommends a short weekend jaunt for first-timers.


Contiki ([7]) caters to intrepid 18-35s looking to explore anywhere from Asia to South America and everywhere in between.

Overland travel operator, Dragoman ([8]) can set itineraries that range anywhere from 10 days to four months and that take enthusiast trekkers to the furthest corners of the globe.


Martin Randall Travel ([9]) specialises in all-inclusive cultural holidays and high-end trips to music festivals.

For those intrepid singles looking for adventure, operators such as Contiki and Dragoman, offer tours for a mix of couples, friends and solo travellers.

For the younger crowd, Contiki offers everything from island-hopping to tours of Japan with large groups (up to 50 people) between the ages of 18 and 35.

Camping enthusiasts will love the overland treks offered by Dragoman, where trips to Burma, Thailand and South America range anywhere from 10 days to four months.

Or for a more artsy travel experience, Martin Randall Travel specialises in all-inclusive cultural holidays and trips to music festivals.

To help you make friends, communal meals are hosted by lecturers, who also lead the group through the spectacular sights on offer, and by the company itself.

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