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Pearl of the Far East THAILAND

Pearl Of The Far East THAILAND

Are you looking for an interesting and exciting adventure ?

Do you wonder about a new culture ?

Do you want to see some of the most beautiful beaches and landscapes of the world ?

You can find all of these answers in THAILAND ! Thailand is one of the most important and famous tourist destinations of the world because of its different culture, beautiful islands and beaches. For my opinion , every people must see Thailand once in a lifetime .

I m sure that it will be an unforgettable experience for you.

Pearl Of The Far East THAILANDTemple of Golden Buddha, Bangkok

In this writing, you may find some basic and short information for a traveller about Thailand.

Thailand is known as Kingdom of Thailand officially and Siam formerly. It becomes neighbours to Burma , Laos , Cambodia and Malaysia. It s between Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand.

Bangkok is the capital of the country, most crowded and touristic city.

Thai is the native language and Buddhism is the most common religion. Currency is Baht.

Pearl Of The Far East THAILANDSiam Square , Bangkok

Temperature is 30 degrees all the year around. So, Thailand has lots of tourists all year but it will be better for you to check the weather conditions before going to Thailand because it has a tropical climate.

It means to have a high chance to meet rain within today more than one , especially in Monsoon Season.

There are three main seasons.

  • Monsoon Season
    • Starts July Ends October. Rainy Season. Intermittent and frequent rain.

      This season is unfavorable for Discount Holidays © holiday but the prices of the hotels and flights are cheaper because you have a high chance to meet rain in a day frequently.

  • Cool Season
    • Starts November Ends February. Dry Season. Low moisture. Best time period for a holiday !

      Hotel and flight prices are high.

  • Hot Season
    • Start March Ends June Very Hot Season. High moisture. Hot temperature and moisture can be disadvantages for you but price of hotels and flights are more suitable than the dry season.

Pearl Of The Far East THAILANDChaweng Beach at Koh Samui End of October.

Quite and peaceful.

The international airports in Bangkok are Suvamabhumi Airport and Don Meung Airport. However, Suvamabhumi airport has an airport subway link to the city center. So, you reach the city center within 30 mins and very cheap price !

If you prefer to visit more than one country in your holiday , Thailand location is close to Singapore and Hong Kong by direct flights and suitable prices.

Bangkok Singapour about 2 hrs 30 mins by a direct flight

Bangkok Hong Kong about 3 hrs by a direct flight

Singapore Hong Kong about 4 hours by a direct flight

Bangkok , Pattaya , Koh Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi , Koh Pha Ngan , Koh Tao are the most famous Discount Holidays © holiday routes for tourists.

Bangkok has a rich culturel side like lots of temples and luxury side like lots of big shopping malls. Koh Phuket and Koh Samui are famous for couples for their beautiful beaches and lively nightlife. Koh Pha Ngan is famous for Full moon parties .

Koh Tao and Koh Phi Phi are suitable for diving.

Pearl Of The Far East THAILANDA temple in Koh Samui

Thailand is also famous with Thai boxing and pearl shops. It is an interesting experience to watch a Thai box closely. Pearl shops are very famous.

You may buy beautiful pearls as a gift by a successful deal.

They have a little bit problem with English pronounciation. It is sometimes really hard to understand their words but don t worry. It is not a big problem.

Thai people are respectful, genial and helpful. You will meet in the middle 🙂

Thai people don t generally have kitchens in their home because they eat outside before they go home after work. It is really cheap against to restaurants.

However it causes a very bad smell wontless for tourists. If you don t prefer to eat Thai food, you may find some famous fast food restaurants at shopping malls or badly you may eat pizza 🙂

Pearl Of The Far East THAILANDThai food

In Thai kitchen , you may always find fish , sea food, rice and egg derivated foods. As a meat , you may find chicken and pork.

They re cooked with mostly curry and some spice. It causes bed smell in the streets for unused people and it takes time to used to. The main properties of Thai foods are hot sauces and spice.

It is necessary to be careful if you don t like spice too much. It may cause stomach problems . It is better for you to bring medicene with you.

Finally , that s the important trick for the tourist ! Always higgle Higgle with especially Tuk tuk drivers, taxi drivers, sellers in bazaars and shops.

Start under the half of the price and be stable ,

Thank you for your time

Regards ,

Pearl Of The Far East THAILANDMy husband and me at Koh Samui

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stanbul, stanbul, T rkiye

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