Disneyland is totally different from Disney World

I ve been scheduled to write this post for a week now, but I ve had writers block, but this weekend I was inspired so here we go.

Disneyland Is Totally Different From Disney WorldA wise old owl oversees the castle at Disneyland Photo by Mike Billick

I am an uber planner. Over on Dad s Guide to WDW, I write all the time about my Walt Disney World plans. I start planning WDW trips a year or more in advance.

I love planning WDW vacations and have for years.

So when we first started talking about going to D23 and staying a few extra days to experience Disneyland and Disney s California Adventure, I was pumped. I was ready to start planning. This was back in February so we were just a little over 180 days until the trip.

Panic time.

A few of my friends that had been to Disneyland kept telling me that it was very different than Disney World when it came to planning. I was skeptical. I was ready to put my best WDW Planning hat on and get started.

They told me Disneyland is totally different from Disney World.

The first thing I did was to run to the WDW ADR calculator to find the when the 180 day date so I could make ADR s.

It was only a few days away so off to go on the Dining Plan. Only one more thing to do, check out the process to make ADR s.

So I go sign up on the Disneyland site and get started. I decided to do a little test.

What day could I make reservations for?

60 days? What s that? Yep, you can only make reservations 60 days in advance.


So, let s look up the hours so we can plan our park days. What? Only 2 months of hours.

What s going on?

I had heard that Disneyland planning was different from Walt Disney World planning, but I didn t know just how different.

Remember Carl, Disneyland is totally different from Disney World.

I went in and told my planning partner (my wife, Mrs. Mom) that we couldn t make ADR s until 60 days and that the park hours wouldn t be available until about that time. What are we going to do?

How are we going to plan our days? This is crazy.

I told her Disneyland is totally different from Disney World.

So we spent the next couple of months whining about not being able to plan anything. We picked out restaurants and made some tentative plans for days in the parks and we waited.

And waited. Finally the day came when we could make ADR s. I bounded up early in the morning so I could make the reservations.

Oops, 7 am in California is 9 am in Oklahoma. More waiting.

Finally the clock struck 9 and I could make reservations. Look at all those available times.

I made reservations for the first day and then for grins took a look at some earlier days just to see what was available. I was shocked. Other than character meals most of the restaurants had availability all summer.

Even during the week of the 60th celebration (last week) there was plenty of availability.

Yep, Disneyland is totally different than Disney World.

Next was park planning, but after the ADR experience, I got into the procrastination mode. Finally this weekend we started planning our days at Disneyland. We re 3 weeks from our trip and we are just now making our PLAN for Disneyland.

THREE WEEKS and we are just starting to plan.

The bottom line Disneyland is totally different from Disney World.

Come see us at D23

Disneyland Is Totally Different From Disney World

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