Holiday Hotel Bookings for Las Vegas Started Early This Year

Every year it seems like the holidays start sooner and sooner. There is a lot more truth to this than you might think. A recent study found that 67% of people already have their Discount Holidays © holiday plans confirmed before Labor Day.

Not everyone stays home for the holidays, either, especially those who live in more frigid climates.

The number one destination for Discount Holidays © holiday travel in 2014 was Las Vegas, and with hotels already being booked for December during summer 2015, this year looks to be no different.

Apart from Las Vegas, most travelers reserve their Discount Holidays © holiday hotels in Montreal, New Orleans and Paris. These locations are expected to experience higher volume of leisure traveler s during the Christmas and New Year. Notably, the year 2016 begins on a Friday, which is going provide a double treat to the travelers eventually proving a weekend as well a New Year mood.

Every year, Discount Holidays © holiday travelers are learning the same mistake when they attempt to book a hotel too late in the year only to find that there are no reservations available by November, if not earlier.

Travelers and vacation planners who plan for this Christmas and New Years Eve 2016 by booking ahead will save much more than those who do not when considering the inflated hotel prices around the end of the year.

Leading the pack in Discount Holidays © holiday hotel booking is Travoline, who allows travelers reserve hotels starting July 2015 from wide choice of hotels with up to 25% instant discount.

Lodging is one which is equally important like booking the flights. The rates may tend to go high during the weekends and season times. So it s wise to reserve the hotels prior to some four months to get the ultimate discounted rates.

said Ms. Nishanthi, Managing Director of Travoline. Last year there were hundreds of enquiries received from the travelers at the last minute. Though Travoline was able to address the maximum and make some arrangements, but still few reservations were declined due to non-availability of hotel rooms.

So this year, in order to get our customers the best hotels rooms, we opened the online hotel reservations for the month of December earlier this year, whilst we continue to offer the discount sale month-on-month from July.

By reserving the hotel at the earliest one can get up to 60% savings on the hotel rooms if reserved for futures dates.

She added.

For Discount Holidays © Holiday and New Years Hotel Bookings Discount and Deals, visit www.travoline.com1


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