Reddit thread asks locals to review famous tourist destinations

  • Redditors posted their advice and warnings about tourist traps
  • They took aim at ignorant tourists who confuse well-known landmarks
  • Holidaymakers were offered plenty of advice on how to avoid scams

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Published: 10:07 GMT, 31 July 2015 | Updated: 10:46 GMT, 31 July 2015




There are few things more thrilling than visiting one of the world s iconic tourist attractions, but the experience can be a letdown when the sight doesn t live up to the hype.

To help tourists to manage their expectations, an amusing Reddit thread has lifted the veil on some of the most underwhelming destinations or attractions on the planet – and some of the silliest questions asked by holidaymakers.

User nineonestreet asked people around the world to provide an insider s guide to the sights in their hometowns, and the poll revealed tourist traps that should be avoided, scams to be aware of, how to stay safe, and how to avoid being ripped off at restaurants.

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Reddit Thread Asks Locals To Review Famous Tourist Destinations

Redditors took aim at visitors who confuse landmarks, with one writing ‘Tower Bridge is not London Bridge’

With more than 20,000 comments on the Reddit2 thread, some of the most surprising revelations relate to cities or landmarks that are visited by millions of holidaymakers every year.

Fed up with ignorant tourists, a user named ccelesticaa offered this advice for visitors to Edinburgh: The Queen does not live in Edinburgh Castle. The Royal Mile is a mile long.

‘The 1 o clock gun going off is not someone shooting someone, it just means it s 1pm. It s pronounced Edin-bruh.

User kenmcfa added: And don t rub Greyfriars Bobby s nose for luck.

It s not a tradition, some tour guides made that s*** up a few years ago and it s wrecking the statue.

Reddit users also took aim at tourists who don t know their landmarks.

Iswearitsreallyme wrote: The US Capitol building is not the White House .

A_defectat_pacepa added: And Tower Bridge is not London Bridge .

A user named jakjg, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, criticised visitors to one of the largest shopping malls in the world, writing: The Gap and Victoria s Secret stores at the Mall of America are the exact same as the ones in your regular mall back home.

Holidaymakers were also offered plenty of advice on how to avoid local scams from the petitions in Paris to extortionate restaurant prices in Rome.

Reddit Thread Asks Locals To Review Famous Tourist Destinations

Fed up with ignorant tourists, one user told tourists the Queen does not live in Edinburgh Castle’

Bird narrowly misses being shot by guns at Edinburgh castle

Reddit Thread Asks Locals To Review Famous Tourist Destinations

A user named Ftumsh, who lives in the Italian capital, wrote: If you want an ice cream, buy one to take away. The price is regulated by the city and you pay the same no matter where you area.

If you sit down in their seats they can charge you what the hell they like, hence the recent $65 ice cream scandal. However, it is the best ice cream in the world.

The thread also took aim at those who go to foolish lengths to see wildlife in their natural habitat at exotic or remote locations around the world.

User hendix501, who claimed to be a ranger at a US national park, wrote: This is not Disneyland, these places are wild and can be very dangerous and help could be hours away if you get hurt.

Use your heads and remember that just because you are on vacation doesn t mean that you can t be seriously injured or even killed.

Mus_maximus had this advice for visitors to Canada: Don t taunt the moose. Don t feed the moose. Don t get near the moose.

They look like doofy horses, but they re bad-tempered, weighty and strong.

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