1st Annual Vacation Cost Index Highlights Destinations Where Canadians Can Save Big On Travel


24, 2015 /CNW/ – With many Canadians looking to save on winter travel due to a jittery economy, online travel agency DiscountMyFlights.ca1 has launched a new tool aimed at helping Canadians find exciting, exotic locations to vacation for less. The tool offers Canadians incredibly surprising, useful estimates for the total cost of a vacation to 119 different countries around the world, including flights, hotels, food and drink, transportation, activities and souvenirs based on the number of adults and children traveling and the total number of days vacationing. Among the many surprises, Canada ranks as the 69 th cheapest destination to vacation in (assuming a flight would be required) for couples on a two-week vacation, over $3,000 more expensive than the cheapest country, Vietnam.

Though Canadian couples and families will not be surprised that Mexico comes in as the cheapest vacation spot for most 7-day trips. “Canadians are looking to save on travel now more than ever, and we’re not sure they’re aware just how cheap some destinations around the world can be,” said Don Power, Marketing Director for DiscountMyFlights.ca. “Countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and India, while quite far away, can be incredibly affordable and offer a fascinatingly different culture than what most Canadians are used to on one or two week vacations.” The tool is available and free to use for all Canadians, and will be updated annually to account for changes in currency, flight prices and other fluctuations. About DiscountMyFlights.ca2 Founded in 2014, DiscountMyFlights.ca is an emerging online travel agency in Canada with only one mission: help Canadians find the absolute cheapest price online. We work with countless airlines and travel agencies to compile Canada’s largest up-to-the-minute database of deals on airfare to destinations around the world and within Canada. DiscountMyFlights.ca is a part of the DiscountMyFlights Group, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, with offices in the UK, Australia and the USA.

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