Balinese Police forced to stand humiliated in the sun for hours as punishment for involvement in failed Australian tourist extortion scheme

  • Balinese police officers stood in the sun for hours as punishment
  • Eight officers admitted to receiving a bribe from a group of Australians
  • They attempted to extort $25,000, in return the men would not be jailed




A number of Balinese police officers accused of extorting Australian tourists have been forced to stand in the sun for hours as punishment.

The punishment was handed down in an attempt to humiliate the officers who reportedly tried to con a group of Australian men out off $25,000.

Eight police officers, including the head of the detectives and the Kuta Police Chief, have admitted to being behind the dodgy plot.

A group of 16 Australian men, including nightclub owner Nick Russian (left) Daniel Beckwith (centre) and Simon Phan (right), were assaulted and forced to pay a $25,000 bribe by security guards and police in Bali

A Balinese internal investigation into the claims revealed the Australians – who were in the country for a bucks party – were told they would be hit with indecency charges after a stripper was found at their party, if they didn’t fork over the cash. The 16 men have claimed a violent brawl also broke out, during which they were pistol-whipped and tasered. The investigation was reportedly launched after Indonesian authorities in Australia requested Bali Provincial Police look into claims two of the men were escorted to ATMs and asked to withdraw $25,000, or face up to 10 years in jail.

‘We will take strict measures. This has already tainted the organisation’s name, especially the Bali Provincial Police,’ Bali Provincial Deputy Police Chief, General Nyoman Suryasta said.

The buck’s party was to celebrate the upcoming wedding of former model Mark Ipaviz and fianc e Amanda (pictured)

When asked if the extortion had happened General Suryasta replied: ‘Correct.’

He confirmed confessions had been made but the sum of $25,000 had not been admitted.

‘Only lots of (money) bills. What’s clear, they have violated the ethical code. It’s unjustified.’

The group of 16 men from Melbourne travelled to Bali for the buck’s party, the wedding of Mr and Mrs Ipaviz took place a few weeks later (pictured on their wedding day)

Kuta’s police chief Ida Bagus Dedy Januarta holds a signed statement during a press conference. Ida Bagus Dedy Januarta and 20 of his officers are facing an internal affairs investigation over the raid

General Suryasta said an internal affairs trial date would be set.

The heaviest penalty for violation of the professional ethics code was expulsion from the force and the lightest penalty was an apology, he said.

The group of men from Melbourne included nightclub owner Nick Russian and celebrity hairdresser Joey Scandizzo.

Seven Balinese police officers have now admitted to receiving a bribe from the group who were detained after hiring strippers, the officers will go on trial

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