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Rumors of HSBC going hat in hand to Central Banks around the world for a bailout are likely true. They are heavily invested in China and the recent problems there have gutted their portfolio. Last Friday, the last day of the month, HSBC withheld payroll payments until the open of business on the first day of September in order to make it through the August reporting cycle. I doubt they will make it through September.

Thousands of people have been left without their salaries because of an IT glitch at HSBC that means employers who use its business banking accounts cannot make payments.

Some 275,000 individual payments failed to go through on Friday leaving potentially hundreds of thousands of people without their pay on the Friday before the bank Discount Holidays © holiday weekend. End

The bankster rumor mill seems to be pointing to the US Fed as giving HSBC a secret bailout arranged by Stanley Fischer, the Vice Governor of the US Federal Reserve and former head of the Bank of Israel.

I wonder if he s going to celebrate the Jewish Shemitah on the 13th! I have a Special Friday Road Trip posted for Private Road Members. This week I have an update from a Higher Source that may well become the first chapter in my 3rd Conversation with God about Gold and Silver book

Friday Road Trip: Deep In The Trenches

Me: God. Can you answer a few questions while we are deep within the trenches in the battles for our freedom?

God: Of course Bix. Anytime.

Me: Am I right that this is the final battle?

God: No. Life goes on and there are more challenges that you have set up for yourself to overcome in the future.

Me: I know that but what about the destruction of our current financial system? Is it time for that to begin?

God: Yes, there is no way around the collapse now so you will experience it over the next few months.

Me: How can we be sure that the collapse is big enough this time to totally destroy the system this time?


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Our financial system is literally teetering on the edge of the abyss as we speak.

All the pieces are in place to destroy the system and then it s up to us to reboot. Hopefully we are strong and wise enough to fix the problems. May the Road you choose be the Right Road. Bix Weir


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