Check out the pros’ Worlds TTT rides on Strava

Alex Dowsett, Niki Terpstra and Michal Kwiatkowski all uploaded their team time trial rides to Strava after Sunday’s World Championships

Check Out The Pros’ Worlds TTT Rides On Strava

The Movistar Team in action during the 2015 UCI World Championships TTT

Virginia is playing host to the 2015 UCI Road World Championships1, and Sunday September 20 saw the men s and women s team time trial events. Velocio-SRAM were successful in a tightly fought women s event whilst BMC defended their title2 by seeing off Etixx Quick-Step in second and Movistar in third. Etixx teammates Michal Kwiatkowski3 and Niki Terpstra along with Movistar s Alex Dowsett4 all uploaded their rides to Strava.

Interestingly, they all held the Battlefield Rd. (North 3/3) segment5 KOM at the point of upload, with Terpstra holding it coming away from the event.

Check Out The Pros’ Worlds TTT Rides On Strava

Strava6 is becoming increasingly popular with pros as more and more upload their rides to the sharing site.

Some teams appear to have a blanket ban on the sharing of training files but many are freer with their activities and are happy to give fans an insight into their training and racing.

Check Out The Pros’ Worlds TTT Rides On Strava

Kwiatkowski s effort appears to be the most popular with more than 2300 people giving him Kudos compared to Terpstra s 1100 and Dowsett s 900.


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