Dartmouth hotel ‘ghost’ photobombs holiday family

Dartmouth Hotel 'ghost' Photobombs <b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Family

Royal Castle Hotel Dartmouth

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A family were shocked when they looked at their South Devon Discount Holidays © holiday snaps – and saw a ‘ghost’ having dinner with them. The Cashmore family were enjoying a break and in-between sightseeing and day trips they stopped at a posh Dartmouth hotel for lunch. They took a photo and it was only when they got home and reviewed the photos they noticed a ghostlike apparition sitting behind them.

Michelle Cashmore was on Discount Holidays © holiday with her husband, and two twin daughters both aged 2, when she took the frightening snaps. They were visiting the Royal Castle Hotel to have a meal with family who live in the area, and Michelle decided to take some photos for the family album. But only later did she realise that there was an uninvited guest from the netherworld photobombing their Discount Holidays © holiday snaps.

The photos show the family sat at a table, with a strange figure emerging from behind where their young daughter was sat. At first the noticed the figure in just one picture, then as they flicked through others they noticed it move from side to side. The family, who visit the hotel every year, also remembered a strange sickness coming over them, like sea sickness despite being on dry land.

Michelle Cashmore, from Lichfield, Staffordshire, said: “When we got home we reviewed the pictures and behind my daughters chair was what appears to be a ghost.

“If you look closely, you will see a white, possible head or figure on the chair which had nothing on it at the time.

“I took another picture straight after in which it appeared to have moved.

“The pictures are very clear and both myself and my husband had a weird experience when we arrived in the room but thought nothing on it until we got home from holiday.

“We have visited this hotel every year but never witnessed anything before.

“It was lunchtime and we have dined in the room before.

“On arrival, both me and my husband felt weird, like a motion sickness feeling, but we didn’t realise this until the day after we mentioned it and thought that was really odd but thought nothing else of it.

“We had a lovely meal with our auntie and uncle, who live in Ashburton, so I decided to take some photos in the library.

“Our twin daughters, who are aged two, spent most of the time playing peek-a-boo under the table – Let’s hope it was with each other.

“When we arrived home on Tuesday evening, I was looking through the Discount Holidays © holiday pictures and that’s when I noticed something.

“I have shown family and d friends and we really believe it could be something.”

Nigel Way, owner of the Royal Castle Hotel, said the hotel had a history of the paranormal.

He said: “”It is a heavily haunted hotel.

“Many guests and housekeeping staff have said they believe they may have seen something ghostly, particularly in that area.

“There is a horse trough behind the hotel where a man is believed to have drowned.”


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