DBS Marina Sailing Programme (FREE) + Survival Tips

Update 6th Sept 15 ->

We went again this afternoon so that hubby can have a chance to sail with the kids. The entire afternoon s event was cancelled due to bad haze level that went beyond healthy range. We found out that Singapore Sailing used another scale that is different from NEA s website. Hubby said that it could be SG Sports had to consider the strengthnous exercise ALL Singapore sportsmen had to carry out, and hence had to give additional mark up from NEA s website. It sounded reasonable to us as well. Earlier I noted that there was no Q system nor registration desk and the queue was messy. Today, there was a foldable table brought up from the floating pontoon once registration starts.

However shortly after, the staff-in-charge actually mentioned to another that they are not allowed to set up a table there and quickly had to keep it again. Today, we learnt from the staff that under 7-yo is not allowed on the sail boats. The reason is not because of height/weight, but insurance. Their insurance does not cover participants out of 7-70 yo range. My last trip, it was a walk-through for didi and we didn t realize the consequences. From a few of my friends feedback yesterday, it was also a walk-through for them. However today, the under 7s were rejected.

So do take note on the age restrictions. OMB s basement toilet was also closed today. Perhaps it is closed on both Saturday and Sunday. OUE Bayfront has a handicapped toilet but we were told it s only for ladies. Thanks to my friend s reminder and familiarity with her territory , we ended up walking back into the tunnel from OMB towards Raffles MRT direction. There is a public toilet located in between Asian Chopsticks and 7-Eleven. The entrance to the toilet has side walls tiled with bright green colour.


DBS Marina Sailing Programme (FREE) + Survival Tips

We were glad that we had the chance to complete our experience on both the SM40 and SB20 in one afternoon. We had plenty of time for photos, and learnt a little more about controlling the sail boats, chatted with the sailors while truly enjoying the scenery and wind without the camera.

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