Dream Big | Merovee

Dream Big. Like Really Big.

Dream Big | Merovee

Your Wildest Dreams in A Free Ka . And the Sexy, Cecil, Lion.

The video was created by The Joker and Big Machine Records.

Dream Big | Merovee

Dream Big | Merovee

It would appear to be about Him n Her.

Dream Big | Merovee

Dream Big | Merovee

And next Sunday, the BBC are showing Lady Chattanooga s Lover .

It would seem even the smallest of our decisions have meaning. From a young age I have supported Crystal Palace football club.

Over the years, we have had an up and down existence but in 2010, Crystal Palace nearly went out of existence when the club went into administration . Crystal Palace fans thought a deal had been agreed to sell the club but at the last minute a glitch suddenly emerged and according to the law, the deal had to be confirmed before a certain date, otherwise the club would fold, and it coincided with a weekend with a public Discount Holidays © holiday on a Monday. The weekend was very traumatic as trying to get bankers and accountants to work on a Bank Discount Holidays © Holiday was a problem and eventually after a group of Crystal Palace supporters turned up at Lloyds Bank, the boss man for the banks got scared and told his team to get the deal done and Crystal Palace 2010 were formed.

It felt very much like a Near Death experience as Crystal Palace were called to the Light and the voice said Go Back . And like similar Near Death tales, since then Crystal Palace have gained new confidence and now The Eagles are flying and at the date of writing are second in the Premier League. But the question I ask myself now, was it only Crystal Palace who went through the Near Death Experience, or at a level I can t see, was it me going through a NDE at a soul level, as well ? Is out there a projection or reflection, or both ?

And not only was Crystal Palace 2010 formed, a new team of Cheerleaders emerged ( the only Cheerleaders in the Premier League ) and we are now supported by the Christ Alls or The Crystals. Crystal Christ All Power.

Dream Big | Merovee

The original Crystal Palace was all glass but it burned down in 1936.

Dream Big | Merovee

Last Saturday, The Special One was outwitted by Super Alan Pardew as Crystal Palace beat the champions Chelsea 2-1. And Chelsea fans Roary and Soph were not happy. Something s got to give .

She sells shells by the sea shore.

Anyway, the moral of the story is we are always together. And I don t think there will be a let up in the weirdness anytime soon.

Dream Big | Merovee

Fear Begins Here .

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