EuroMillions mystery British winner scoops £35million jackpot

  • Total EuroMillions jackpot was 35,170,063 and 70 pence
  • Jackpot won by a mystery British person on Saturday night
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By Sara Malm for MailOnline1

Published: 11:19 GMT, 27 September 2015 | Updated: 12:05 GMT, 27 September 2015




A British man or woman has scooped more than 35 million on the EuroMillions draw. This was followed up by another UK player, with a 5 million bounty on the Lotto draw on Saturday night. The huge Euro prize was won by a ticket holder with the winning numbers 13, 14, 23, 30 and 37 and the two lucky stars 2 and 8.

EuroMillions Mystery British Winner Scoops £35million Jackpot

Big win: A British man or woman has scooped more than 35 million on the EuroMillions draw this weekend

The total jackpot was a massive 35,170,063 (and 70p). Five other players also won 1 million and a luxury trip around the world on the same draw. That was followed up by the Lotto draw which saw one ticket holder scoop 5,142,260 with the numbers 9, 17, 31, 33, 41 and 42.

The lucky Briton may wish to turn to previous winners for inspiration on what to do – and what not to do – with their new fortune. Earlier this month, EuroMillions winners Matt Myles, 27, and Jane Park, 18, revealed that thanks to the choices they made after winning, money has brought them happiness.

EuroMillions Mystery British Winner Scoops £35million Jackpot

Mystery: It is not yet know who the British person who scooped the 35millon jackpot is

Matt, from Hereford, was 27 when he scooped 1m on the EuroMillions last April, and Jane, from Edinburgh was only 17 when she hit the 1m jackpot – the first time she’d ever played the lottery. Mr Myles, from Hereford, celebrated his victory last year by taking a 22-country, champagne-filled tour of the world with a group of 13 friends – later boasting he had slept with 87 women.

Upon winning, he invested half of the cash and said he would be ploughing much of the remainder into establishing a property business with friends. True to form, he appears to have calmed down since his initial splurge and now lives with his girlfriend at his 250,000 house in Hereford. Miss Park, from Edinburgh, insists that after splurging 5,000 on more than 50 designer handbags and treating herself to a chihuahua and a boob job, she too is now leading a relatively normal life.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning in July, she said she prefers to fly economy, go to Mediterranean Discount Holidays © holiday resorts with her friends and has moved back to the estate where she grew up.

Speaking about her wealth, she said: ‘It s never going to change me. I would rather sit in economy than premium.

‘Money can’t buy you love, true friends or a family but it does bring a degree of happiness,’ she said. ‘I can do things I have never done before.’

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