Holiday destinations that limit tourist numbers

<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Destinations That Limit Tourist Numbers

Visiting a remote place1 or a picture-perfect Discount Holidays © holiday destination may be top of your travel bucket list2 – but not everywhere is open to crowds of tourists. A surprising number of the world’s most incredible places have a limit for the number of people who can visit. Largely to protect precious environments and preserve pristine beauty spots, tourist caps may not be overly favoured by travellers, but they are essential for fragile ecosystems, disappearing world wonders and endangered3 wildlife to survive.

See also: 15 places to visit before they disappear4 The Galapagos Islands5, for example, allow only 1,708 people at any given time to protect the unique ecosystems. Controlling the number of tourists that flock to the islands to witness the unique giant tortoises, tame sea lions and abundant birdlife, contributes greatly to the National Park’s protection.

In Peru6, a maximum of 500 permits are issued each day for the Inca Trail. This number includes 200 permits for tourists and 300 for cooks, porters and guides. Ancient site Machu Picchu, where the trek ends, is under major threat from mass tourism and limiting the number of hikers is crucial for the UNESCO World Heritage Site7‘s preservation.

See also: Is this the most crowded beach in the world?8 There are also surfing waves, gorilla treks and forest hikes that restrict tourists, while some of the most popular Discount Holidays © holiday destinations, including Barcelona9 and the Canaries, which have attracted record numbers of visitors recently, are considering tourist caps. From eight visitors per day to 18,710, take a look at some of the world’s most beautiful places that limit the number of tourists.

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<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Destinations That Limit Tourist Numbers


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