Holiday Homes at Kasauli by “V” Are Family

<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Homes At Kasauli By “V” Are FamilyOver the last few years, during my extensive and busy travelling schedules I have found a trend change and seen more people opting for Homestays (staying with a host family to get a homely atmosphere). This trend is now shifting towards a modified and luxurious version Discount Holidays © Holiday Homes. People who love to vacation with friends, families and groups are choosing to stay in properties which are complete in itself in terms of bed rooms, living room, dining room etc.

We recently tried to explore such a Discount Holidays © holiday home at Kasauli being run and promoted by V Are Family, and discussed the concept the team. As Indians, we like to travel as one large joint family. Most often, we are not looking for luxury but a home like place where a caretaker can take care of all our simple needs. We may simply look for a place where we are allowed the space and privacy to have a good time with our family. While we can be restricted to do so in a hotel, it is possible in Discount Holidays © Holiday Homes.

A lot of organisations today are shifting their attention to organise Discount Holidays © Holiday Homes, and V Are Family , one of the premieres in Discount Holidays © Holiday homes offer unique homes which define a whole new concept of defining leisure holidays, customized for today s vacation requirements. They currently are offering short and long term homes in Kasauli, Goa and farmhouses on the outskirts of Delhi. These Discount Holidays © holiday homes are perfect for family vacations with kids. In today s world it is difficult for us to keep track of our loved ones at all times. We are busy all throughout the week and dispersion of families and nuclear format has become the norm. The preference and luxury of being with our family and loved ones is only possible on a holiday. And that s where the Discount Holidays © holiday homes by V Are Family network comes into picture.

Designed for groups of family and friends, travelling with children, adults and seniors, these Discount Holidays © holiday homes are fully furnished, stocked and are an economical, practical option for families and large groups who would otherwise have to pay for more on a hotel room. Sharing a house lets you strike a compromise between togetherness and privacy.

<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Homes At Kasauli By “V” Are Family

The most unique concept is that you are all together at all times, you have a fully furnished living room , well equipped kitchen, and private rooms for the night rest. The team at V Are Family can take care of your kitchen too by stocking up all the necessary groceries and veggies and also provide you an experienced cook. You also get an option to do your own cooking. Other features included with the Discount Holidays © Holiday Homes holidaying are benefits of space, privacy and added amenities. Discount Holidays © Holiday homes offer additional space for less cost per night versus the typical hotel room. With V Are family you can also avail of the option of additional rooms, which means more people can come along and stay in the same cost.

The Discount Holidays © holiday home is fully inclusive of the dedicated space and staff at your disposal.

V Are Family s network of vacations homes are all exclusively managed. They hand pick the homes, after a thorough analysis of the overall experience they offer. They are all fully furnished, furbished, technology enabled and equipped on a standardized platform that is best in class. Free Wi-Fi and HD Cable TV are available throughout the property. Currently at Kasauli, V Are Family is managing three different Discount Holidays © holiday homes, Wind Chimes, MistAir, and Chalet 319.

Wind Chimes is a 3 bedroom independent villa nestled on a small ridge amongst some of the finest pine forests in the region of the Kasauli Hills. It is a quaint small hill villa with an old world charm surrounded with the tranquil, serenity and beauty of fragrant pines, lush valleys with small step farms and rolling forested hilltops at 5000-6000 feet above sea level.

<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Homes At Kasauli By “V” Are Family

Mistair is a 5 bedroom independent villa situated on the very top of a hill and on a small ridge amongst some of the finest pine forests in the region of the Kasauli Hills. It is a larger than life hill villa with many outdoors areas to enjoy and is surrounded with the tranquil, serenity and beauty of fragrant pines.

The unique feature of this home is the room located at the Attic. The view from the entrance and the gardens of the home was awesome and a perfect place to chill out after excursion to the nearby tourist areas of Kasauli town.

<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Homes At Kasauli By “V” Are Family

Chalet 319 is an independent two bedroom duplex, located within a larger resort complex in Kasauli. It resonates the warmth and comfort of a typical hill lodge that fronts a 180 degree rolling view of snow peaks and landmarks including Churdhar, The Lawrence School Sanawar, and Shimla. Its open terrace overlooks a beautiful valley below. The elegance of the owner is evident in the beautiful layout of the home. Exquisitely chosen and handpicked furniture and kitchen appliances make this home a must for smaller groups and families.

<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Homes At Kasauli By “V” Are Family

All these homes have provisions for extra beds, have a fully equipped kitchen, ample parking space, Fireplace, Dining tables, and other facilities like washing machines and clothes dryer, music system, Satellite TV, power backup etc. While at the property we were treated like Maharajas and while we talked to the staff during our stay, we were told that this is the normal procedure and every guest was treated in the same manner.

We were really impressed in the personalised services and vowed to come back again with our families.

Besides enjoying the delicious food cooked by the expert chef and relaxing ourselves in the luxurious villa, we also went around the town of Kasauli. The local market, lower mall, sunset point, old shops in the Tibetan market and also enjoyed some amazingly delicious Momos at a local shop run home style by a Tibetan family.

<b><i>Discount Holidays ©</i></b> Holiday Homes At Kasauli By “V” Are Family

The properties of V Are Family are divided into three categories according to the need of the customer Hill Vilas, Beach Bungalows and Farm Houses.

V Are Family are located at D 925 New Friends Colony, New Delhi. The link to the website is ant they can be contacted at +91-9810138738. 1


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