Jammu not a tourist hub due to delayed projects, says CCIJ

JAMMU: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jammu(CCIJ) has said that Jammu region has failed to find place in the tourism map of the country because of undue delay in taking up the already sanctioned tourism projects by the State government.

“Jammu has not been able to find place in the tourism map of the country as the government has failed to start work on the already sanctioned projects like Gandola, Artificial Lake2, Mubarak Mandi Heritage Complex3, and Multi storey parkings. “The government is also not taking any new initiative to identify the new tourism related circuits in Jammu,” Rakesh Gupta, President CCIJ said. He said that if Jammu becomes a tourist hub, it will boost the economy4 of the region. Gupta pointed out the complete “failure” of the railway authorities to modernise the present Jammu Railway Station and creation of three additional platforms because of which no new train could be sanctioned for Jammu. He said that the CCIJ has urged the defence ministry and the director general of BSF5 to start a Wagah Border6 like ceremony in Suchetgarh sector along the international border, so that it attracts large number of tourists.

“The ceremony at Wagah border attracts large number of tourists, if a similar ceremony is held in Suchetgarh sector ,where all the required infrastructure is in place, it would help boost the economy of Jammu region and the state,” Gupta said.



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