Mother’s anger at Thomson after she claims the holiday company refused to pay back the full deposit for a trip cancelled because her baby son was…

  • Christine Frayn-Elliott booked family Discount Holidays © holiday to Sa Coma in Majorca
  • But two weeks later her one-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer
  • She alleges Thomson initially refused to pay full deposit back
  • Grandparents’ money withheld as they are ‘not immediate family’
  • Thomson has since apologised and ‘resolved the matter with both parties’




A young mother has claimed Discount Holidays © holiday company Thomson refused to pay back the full deposit on a family trip away after she was forced to cancel when her 16-month-old child was diagnosed with cancer. Christine Frayn-Elliott, 26, had booked a week-long stay for June 2016 in the Sa Coma Playa in Majorca with husband James, 38, and their children Jaden, one, and Lacey, four. Also staying with them were Christine’s parents, who wish to remain anonymous. The trip was organised with two bookings between the six of them.

Christine Frayn-Elliott was forced to cancel a Discount Holidays © holiday booked for next year after her son Jaden was diagnosed with cancer – but Thomson allegedly refused, initially, to pay back the full deposit

A total of 600 was paid in June this year as an up-front deposit to guarantee the hotel stay for the family from Swanwick, in Derbyshire, 300 for each booking. However, just two weeks after booking the holiday, Christine received the devastating news that her child, Jaden, had been diagnosed with cancer, with a tumor in his back. After dealing with this bombshell, a further two weeks later she decided to ring Thomson to explain the situation and cancel the holiday.

Jaden needed to be booked in for at least a year of hospital treatment and chemotherapy. Christine, with husband James, Jaden, and daughter Lacey, has been left shocked and upset by the incident

However, as Christine explained, getting the deposit back in such extenuating circumstances threw up a major challenge. Speaking to MailOnline Travel from Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham, where Jaden began intensive chemotherapy 10 days after being diagnosed, Christine said: ‘I rang them up and explained what had happened, and was told to send an email and they would get back to me.

‘But then I was told there was nothing they could do about it, and they wouldn’t be able to pay back the deposit.

‘After speaking with other people, including a friend who works in the travel industry, I thought, “this isn’t good enough”, so I got in touch again.

‘For three weeks of going round in circles, eventually I got my deposit of 300 back, but unbelievably they said they wouldn’t pay back the deposit for my parents’ booking as they were “not immediate family”.’

Christine’s two children are pictured with her parents, who were also booked to go on Discount Holidays © holiday to Majorca

Despite the fact that the family, who made two separate bookings, were travelling together, Thomson initially only offered 300 of the 600 total deposit back. This left a sour taste in the mouth for Christine, who says that her parents will not be able to go on the Discount Holidays © holiday as they are ‘her help’.

‘What’s got me is the principle. How can they be so removed from such a terrible situation. We were all traveling as one family, and now have to cancel the Discount Holidays © holiday because my boy is seriously ill,’ added Christine, who works as a receptionist in a leisure centre.

‘Any human emotion has gone out the window. Thomson came across as just like a machine, and the whole thing has been very upsetting.’

Christine Frayne-Elliott booked the 2016 Discount Holidays © holiday to Sa Coma in Majorca in June this year

The mother described how she was told by the Discount Holidays © holiday company to produce a doctor’s note to confirm that her son had cancer, but 300 of the deposit was still retained.

‘It’s gone beyond being about the money now,’ she added.

‘I can’t believe how they have acted in the situation, and everyone I speak with feels the same. Things are already bad enough without the stress this has caused.’

Thomson have since fully resolved the matter with Ms Frayne-Elliott. It said in a statement emailed to MailOnline Travel: ‘We would like to apologise to Ms Frayn-Elliott for any inconvenience caused. Ms Frayn-Elliot s party were spread across two separate bookings.

‘The refund had been applied to one party after we were made aware of the exceptional circumstances by the lead passenger.

‘We can confirm that the matter has now been successfully resolved for both parties.’

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