Moving to Australia-My Experience and Advice

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I follow a couple of people on social media that are moving to Australia and it s been bringing back so memories for me about the daunting feelings but excitement of leaving Ireland. Today I thought write about my move to Australia and hopefully give people an insight into my experience and provide some advice and tips for anyone planning the move. This is my personal story so obviously not everyone s experiences will be exact same but most people will experience most of the feelings I ve had since moving and also will share some of the experiences I ve had too . Most of my time in Australia has been filled with adventure and opportunities. With everything comes the tough times too so my story will hopefully prepare you for those and make your experience so much more enjoyable.

Moving To Australia-My Experience And Advice

First off I would like to start by saying that if you re thinking of making the move then just do it! You will have the trip of a lifetime. If leaving for a long time is not for you then you can always have the best Discount Holidays © holiday you ve ever had and then be home in a day. I ve moved to Australia twice! Deciding to move to Australia the first time was actually a really easy decision for me. It was a time in Ireland that was nothing but doom and gloom and leaving college when the economy was so bad was disappointing. The prospects of travelling , having all these new experiences and of course warm weather was in my sights and sounded nothing short of amazing to me.

Moving To Australia-My Experience And Advice

I really liked my job but I struggled to settle in Ireland after a J1 Summer in America. After a year of being back in Ireland many of my friends began to move to Australia. A couple of my friends and I decided to make the move ourselves and the tickets were soon booked. It didn t feel real for a very long time. I don t think it felt real until the month we left.

Packing and preparing for the move was very daunting. I felt such a mix of emotions from scared feelings and worry, to excitement and happiness, to stress about packing and sad about my goodbyes to family and friends. The last month was also a really fun month because you re catching up with everyone! You ll go to so many dinners and drinks and you ll probably have a going away party too. Once you finally arrive you will probably feel extremely excited, a little warmer (lol) and possibly have another big wave of emotions like I did. It really was a rollercoaster! I personally found it hard to settle and struggled with homesickness in the beginning.

My friends didn t feel the same so it s important to realise that everyone will experience homesickness at different stages and it s ok to feel it in the beginning too. Everyone I know got passed these homesick feelings and come to realise that moving was the best choice they ve ever made. My advice if you re thinking of moving to Australia or anywhere else would be that you need to be prepared! Preparation is key to avoid tough times. Make sure you save a lot of money to set yourself up with a flat-share or apartment. It may be difficult to find a job so having enough money to keep you going is really important. When you arrive set up the essentials like a bank account and sim card.

This will help with apartment hunting, job search and also keeping in touch with home. In my first year I lived in Melbourne, Sydney and in regional South Australia in a place called Waikerie. I had some amazing times and also experienced some of the toughest of my life. You grow up a lot living on the other side of the world, away from people and places that are familiar. You ll be surprised that strangers will often be some of the kindest that you ll ever meet. You ll be shocked at how much you ll grow as a person and you ll become so much more independent.

Moving To Australia-My Experience And Advice

After finishing my regional work in November 2011 I flew home to Ireland. I was going through a tough time and I needed to go home, focus on myself and get ready to come back again. I don t really remember much of that Christmas at all but I found work and settled back into life home again easily. I think I always knew that I d go back to Australia because I didn t feel like I had experienced all the things it had to offer. Australia is huge and so many opportunities are there if you embrace it. Leaving for the second time was in some ways harder and in a lot of ways much easier.

I knew what to expect and I was prepared. I knew I d miss people a lot and that I d have my homesick days but I was ready for opportunities. One of the biggest things this time was that I saved so much more for this trip.

Moving To Australia-My Experience And Advice

My boyfriend and I have settled in Melbourne. The biggest positive of moving to Australia is that it has opened so many doors for our careers. We have found really great jobs and have learned so much in the last two years. Apart from this we have seen some of the most amazing places we ll ever see and one of the best parts is that there is so much more out there that we still need to see! In the last two years I ve been to Sydney so many times.

It s a perfect weekend getaway because you have city life and so many beaches. I ve also travelled to Tasmania and New Zealand on holidays. One of the best parts about living in Australia is that there s so many things to see and do right on your doorstep.

Moving To Australia-My Experience And Advice

Immigrating has made me appreciate so many things in life and has taught me about what really matters. You may think you appreciate your friends and family now but I think once you leave you notice all the things you took for granted and you appreciate everything so much more. I think I ve become so much closer to my family even though I live so far away. Since moving I ve met so many amazing people who I know will be friends for life. I ve become so much stronger as a person because I ve had to do so many things independently.

My decision to move here is one of the best choices I ve ever made.

Moving To Australia-My Experience And Advice

If you re thinking about moving to another country or have any questions on moving to Australia comment below or email me. I d also love to hear about your experiences if you ve moved to another country. I plan an doing a travel post every Thursday so you ll know everything there is to know about moving to Australia, getting visas, getting jobs and travelling around too.

Let me know what you d like to hear about.

Louise xxx

South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia

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