Old Trafford and the Emirates are football’s biggest tourist attractions as …

Foreign tourists who took in a football match1 while visiting Britain last year spent 684million.

Manchester United s2 Old Trafford and Arsenal s3 Emirates Stadium were the biggest draws for the 800,000 visiting fans, both receiving 109,000 international visits. While the overall average spend by international visitors as a whole was 636, the figure rose to 855 for those who included an afternoon or evening at the football in their itinerary. The research was carried out by the Office for National Statistics4 on behalf of VisitBritain as part of the International Passenger Survey.

Almost three quarters (73%) of visitors who gave their primary journey purpose as watching sport said they had attended a football match.

Julian Finney/Getty Old Trafford And The Emirates Are Football's Biggest Tourist Attractions As ... Visitor friendly: Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium

The country at the top of the table for where the soccer fans came from was the Republic of Ireland with 121,000 people. Norway took the runner-up spot with 93,000 visitors, while Sweden was third with 58,000. North west England was the region that received the highest proportion of football-driven visits, with one in 10 tourists in the area going to a game.

This was followed by one in 20 in the North East and one in 40 in Wales. Of the 800,000 who went to a game, 40,000 were business travellers.

Tom Dulat Old Trafford And The Emirates Are Football's Biggest Tourist Attractions As ... Visitors welcome: Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore

VisitBritain has a partnership with the Premier League5 to encourage visitors from around the world to come to Britain and watch a live match. The league s chief executive Richard Scudamore said: The Premier League is proud of its role in promoting Britain across the world.

There are 1.2 billion people across the globe who are fans of the league and we want to engage with as many of them as possible.

Tourism minister Tracey Crouch said: It s fantastic to see the positive role football is playing in showcasing key destinations in many different regions of the UK.


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