Parents prepared to pay average fine of £210 for taking children on holiday during school term, survey finds surveyed almost 2,000 parents with children aged between 4 and 16 to find 82 per cent are willing to pay an average penalty fee of up to 210, as a majority of 66 per cent claimed their actions would have no effect whatsoever on their child s education in the long-run.

With an increase of 104 per cent on last year, the travel agency said the number of parents pulling pupils out of school looks set to more than double. Managing director of, Chris Clarkson, said parents act too quickly in terms of taking their kids out of school during term time for a holiday, despite there being really good deals to be had during school holidays. He added: Sometimes, by the time you pay a fine, it could have worked out cheaper to go away in the actual Discount Holidays © holiday time that gets provided.

Urging parents to think before they act, he said: Don t act too impulsively and make sure you shop around for deals.

You might be pleasantly surprised and your child might not have to miss any school at all.

The results also showed how parents in different parts of the country were more likely than others to take their children abroad during school, with those from the North West specifically Liverpool the most likely to do so compared with the South West (Bristol) who were the least likely:


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